Panavir: instructions for use of spray, gel, suppository, and solution for injections

Panavir: instructions for use, method of issuance, effect and analogues

Herpes is one of the most unpleasant viral pathologies, which manifests itself externally. This virus causes a lot of trouble to their «owners». Among the modern means from herpes and other viruses has proven itself the Russian drug Panavir. Below are the instructions for use of Panavir in any of its forms.

  • The benefits of the medication
  • Active and auxiliary substances
  • Release form
  • Effect on the virus
  • Drug use and overdose
  • Panavir in pregnancy
  • Analogues of the drug

The benefits of the medication

The drug has a number of advantages to the consumer compared to other drugs herpes. Medication has the following positive aspects:

  • Tool because of its nontoxicity can be used as preventive and as curative;
  • Panavir actively stops the virus from multiplying and thereby removes the symptoms;
  • The medication stops the pain and eliminates itching;
  • Restores the mucous membranes of the mouth and genitals;
  • Additionally can be used with influenza, SARS, during the recovery period after removal of warts and papillomas;
  • Convenient for patient release form, including candles Panavir, spray, intravenous solution and gel Panavir;
  • Available cost of the drug and its continued availability in pharmacies of Russia.

Active and auxiliary substances

The main active substance of Panavir is derived tuber of Solanum (polysaccharide). This substance refers to a complex molecular structure, which is composed of glucoside with the same formula. As additional components, depending on the method of production tools used solid fat, castor oil, purified water, sodium hydroxide and lanthanum nitrate, and polyethylene glycol. Part of any form of drugs alcohol and hormonal components are not included.

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Release form

For the convenience of the patient, the drug Panavir is produced in various forms. In the pharmacies you can find these options:

  • Vaginal and rectal suppositories. Sold in cartons of 5 pieces in one blister.
  • The solution for injection. Packaged in vials or ampoules with a capacity of 5 ml.
  • Gel. The tool is Packed in aluminium tubes with a capacity of 3-30 gr. Panavir gel according to the instructions for use can be used only externally.
  • Spray Panavir Inlayt. The tool has the shape of a bottle, equipped with a special sprayer. Capacity of bottle 40 ml.

Effect on the virus

The active ingredient of the drug is devastating for viruses, inhibiting their reproduction. Thus, the development and further spread of the virus in the human body stops. The drug works as profilakticheskoe remedy for herpes and other similar infections. Early use of the drug in all its forms, at first, barely noticeable symptoms of the disease, allows to further their manifestation.

Important: match Panavir alcohol is permitted. First, alcohol will neutralize the therapeutic effect of the drug. Second, the kidneys and the liver is the toxic effects from a combination of ethanol and auxiliary components of the drug.

Drug use and overdose

The dosage and treatment course should choose the attending physician. But, according to the instructions to the drug, the General recommendations are as follows:

  • Candles vaginal. Suppositories are used 5 days and one for night. Candle enter deeply into the vagina after taking a hygienic shower. Rectal suppositories introduced into the rectum. The multiplicity of their application in day and duration of therapy determined by the physician after diagnosis.
  • The solution for injection. Make an injection only intravenously, avoiding the too rapid introduction. Mix the solution with other injectable drugs is prohibited. The rate of injection is determined by the physician.
  • Spray Panavir Inlayt or Sex. Sprayed in the mouth or on the genital mucosa to one or two taps.
  • Gel. Used only externally, applying a thin layer to the affected skin. The course of treatment is 10 days. The multiplicity of applications per day sets the doctor.

Overdoses of Panavir in any form is not identified to date. However, pharmacists are advised to adhere to the dosage use of the drug specified in the instructions.

Panavir in pregnancy

Panavir spray according to the instructions for use and preparation in the form of an ointment/gel can be used topically during pregnancy in all trimesters, as the direct counter to this is no. But in any case it is necessary to assess the potential benefit to the mother and the risk to the fetus. To use solutions for injection during pregnancy and lactation is strictly prohibited. Gel to use during lactation is possible, but only with the permission of the attending physician and very carefully. In the treatment with Panavir during gestation and breastfeeding you need to be under the supervision of a doctor.

Analogues of the drug

Sometimes patient feels the need for a replacement drug. In this case, you can purchase the analogues of Panavir:

  • Genferon®. Is approximately similar to the composition of Panavir, but only comes in a suppository form.
  • Kipferon. Analogue Genferon®.
  • Acyclovir. The drug is available only in tablet form, but it actively works against herpes virus and others like him.

When replacing the drug, it is desirable to obtain the support and consent of the attending physician. And in any case to use medicines recommended by the doctor, even if they are available.

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