Ovestin — cheap analogues in Russia and instruction manual

The Ovestin: manual and cheap Russian counterparts

Yeast infection treatment drugs of local action – ointment, cream, suppositories, vaginal capsules and tablets – is a gentle method of therapy, as the use of these means does not give a systemic effect on the entire body. One of the most effective drugs to treat candidiasis is Ovestin. The medicine has various forms of release, which are prescribed for the treatment of lung, moderate and severe candidiasis. Consider features of use of the drug, special instructions and its analogues in Russia.

  • The composition, form and indications
  • Contraindications and possible side effects
  • Instructions for use Ovestin
  • Similar medication
  • Bipol Clio for the treatment of thrush
  • Astrocat: application features

The composition, form and indications

Release form of the drug is vaginal gel, tablets for oral administration, suppositories for intravaginal administration. Composition depending on method of production:

  • The main active ingredient of the pills is estriol. As auxiliary components in the annotation set of potato starch, povidone magnesium, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate;
  • Ovestin suppositories have the same active component, optionally in witepsol S 58;
  • Vaginal ointment. The active substance is estriol. A number of additional components are presented cetilovy alcohol, glycerin, stearic alcohol, lactic acid, purified water, etc. components.

FYI, estriol is a female hormone, the so-called short effect. It helps to restore the epithelial tissue of the mucosa, normalizes microflora of the vagina, improves local immunity. All these properties prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, including fungi.

In medical practice there is a high degree of efficacy in the fight against the urogenital diseases. Thanks to the curative properties of the patient note that is offset by the itching, excessive vaginal dryness, eliminating the burning sensation and other unpleasant symptoms.

Indications for use:

  • A yeast infection of any severity (only in combination with other medicines);
  • Form of atrophic vaginitis;
  • Atrophic changes of the mucosa due to aging changes in the female body;
  • The pain during urination;
  • Urinary incontinence;
  • Infertility due to cervical factor;
  • Prevention of urogenital pathologies.
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    As the main active ingredient is a product of metabolism, it is excreted through urine. Along with the feces is only a minor component of no more than 2%.

    Contraindications and possible side effects

    The use of Ovestin is not always advisable because of the existing concomitant diseases or pathological conditions that are an obstacle to the use of any form of drugs.


    • Hypersensitivity to candles, lotions or ointments;
    • The time of childbearing;
    • Of cancer, affecting mammary glands;
    • The suspected cancer in the breast;
    • A malignant tumor is dependent on estrogen;
    • Vaginal bleeding of unclear pathogenesis;
    • Porphyria;
    • Acute liver disease.

    Should know: the drug is in the form of candles can cause itching and burning of local character. In some cases patients complain of soreness or tension of the mammary glands. Typically, these adverse reactions are observed in first few days of treatment. Their appearance signals exceeding the required dosage.

    In the annotation to the medication says that you can develop other negative phenomena. These include breakthrough bleeding, spotting. When observing such symptoms you must see a doctor. The doctor may reduce the dosage or find a similar vehicle without such adverse reactions.

    Instructions for use Ovestin

    Ovestin – a powerful drug drug that requires strict observance of instructions for use. Strictly prohibited to change their own dosage and frequency of use, which the doctor recommended.

    Regardless of the dose forms vaginal cream, suppositories or tablets, the tool is used only once in 24 hours. Features instructions for use:

  • Vaginal cream is inserted vaginally using a special applicator, which is available in the package. At the beginning of therapy cream inserted into the vagina every day, preferably before bedtime. When symptoms of thrush disappear, switching to prophylactic treatment is 2 injections a week. The duration of therapy correlated with the degree of fungal infection. Applicator before and after use should be washed under running water, treat with antiseptic solutions.
  • Tablet form with a yeast infection is almost never assigned. However, let’s consider the dosage: 2-4 tablets a day. The duration of treatment varies.
  • Candles are inserted into the vagina once a day. When symptoms of thrush subsides, to provide supportive treatment as cream.
  • Overdose accompanied by nausea, repeated vomiting, bloody discharge from the vagina. If such symptoms should seek medical help as required symptomatic treatment.

    Important: estrogen can cause water retention in the body, so patients who have a history of heart failure and kidney disease, carefully controlled.

    If the introduction of the suppository was missed, with an interval between doses of less than 36 hours, it is required to enter the candle. Continues treatment as usual. In a situation when the break has exceeded 36 hours, the use Ovestin continues in the normal way, the missed dose to make up for not recommended.

    To purchase a drug in any form at the pharmacy. You want to buy with a prescription of a medical professional. It is strictly forbidden to apply during childbearing. The price of the drug varies from 15 to 20$.

    Similar medication

    Clearly, the cost of the drug scares a lot of patients, so they want to know what are the cheap counterparts Ovestin? The analogs include such Russian drugs – Bipol Clio, Astrocat – vaginal suppositories. Note that the price is important, but it is better to turn attention to therapeutic effects of drugs.

    Bipol Clio for the treatment of thrush

    Release form – vaginal suppositories. Active substance is estriol in a dosage of 500 mg. helps to improve the local immunity, which is a key factor to successfully fight thrush.

    Prescribe one suppository per day. The duration of treatment up to 2 weeks. A day you cannot enter some candles, even if you skipped the introduction. It is impractical to use the following pathological conditions:

    • Arterial or venous thrombosis;
    • Embolism;
    • Violation liver function;
    • Hormone-dependent neoplastic growths of the mammary glands in the uterus;
    • Uterine bleeding of unknown cause;
    • Atherosclerotic changes in the body.

    Note: if the use of funds provoked the disruption of the liver, jaundice, increased blood pressure, occurrence of severe headaches is a testimony to the immediate cancellation of the treatment.

    Astrocat: application features

    The drug is a large list of indications. It is recommended in complex therapy of thrush, and is used during menopause, excessive dryness of the vagina, on the background of the pain syndrome during intercourse. For the treatment of candidiasis, a course of therapy lasts for about one week. The patient is required to enter the suppository intravaginally once a day.

    Cannot be used in the following situations:

  • Pregnancy, lactation.
  • Oncologic pathology.
  • Ovarian cyst.
  • Embolism, the formation of blood clots.
  • Pathology liver and kidney the acute form.
  • At the beginning of the therapeutic course side effects. These include a burning sensation in the vagina, hyperemia of the external and internal genital organs, swelling, and breast tenderness, nausea and vomiting, headaches. Usually these disturbing clinical manifestations independently leveled on the third day of treatment. If not, you need correction therapy.

    Ovestin is an effective drug that helps to get rid of symptoms of yeast infection and suppress pathogenic activity. The independent use is the high probability of harm, until the development of hormonal imbalance of the body.

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