Orangemen — instructions for use of tablets and cheaper counterparts

Drug Orangemen and the instruction on its application

Fungal infection is very closely joined to the life of modern people, indeed, to catch her in any place with high humidity. Infected by fungus, even if not respecting the rules of personal hygiene in public baths, pools and gyms. Most often, the fungus affects the nails and human skin, this manifests itself in unpleasant peeling, color change and the formation of ulcers. Fungus is a very resilient infection, but pharmaceutical companies offer to combat it the drug Orangemen instruction manual which is included in the package.

  • The features of the drug
  • Part medications
  • Indications for use
  • Way
  • Side effects

The features of the drug

Drug Orangemen is an antifungal means broad-spectrum. It is effective against fungi and yeasts Trichophyton, Microsporum, Epidermophyton floccosum, Cryptococcus neoformans, Pityrosporum and Candida spp.

The manufacturer produces a drug in the form of capsules and solution for injection. Capsules have a gelatin shell of blue color that contains micro granules. The tool is available in carton, with plates 15 pills each. Capsules Orangemen well absorbed by the body, the maximum concentration observed after half an hour after administration, excreted in 24 hours urine and feces.

Part medications

Its medicinal properties the drug has received thanks to the unique content. Part medications include Itraconazole. This is the active substance that can disrupt metabolic processes in the cells of the fungus, which in consequence killed. As additional components, the composition of the tablets includes:

  • sucrose;
  • starch syrup;
  • Indigo Carmine;
  • propyl;
  • titanium dioxide;
  • polymer;
  • methylparaben.

Not recommended to use the remedy for fungus in combination with indirect anticoagulants and enzymes of the cytochrome, as the components included in the composition of Oronamin able to increase the effects of these drugs, and disrupt the functionality of the liver. Reduce the absorption of the drug in the blood antacid medicines and blockers of histamine receptors. If necessary joint appointment should be clearly adjusted mode of use, with no less than 2 hour intervals.

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Indications for use

Prescribed medicine for removing fungal infection from the body. Doctors prescribe Orangemen manual which is included in the carton, for the treatment of:

  • tinea;
  • systemic mycosis;
  • of onychomycosis;
  • meningitis triggered by cryptococci;
  • fungal keratitis;
  • candidiasis of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • pityriasis versicolor;
  • deep miscelaneo candidiasis.

The effect of therapy depends on the patient’s age, concomitant diseases, and thoroughness of the implementation of medical recommendations.

Despite the fact that Orangemen counterparts it available to patients without prescription, to buy it at your own discretion and use of control, is strictly prohibited.

In addition to positive effects, have active components included in composition of the drug, and contraindications, among which we can mention:

  • chronic heart failure;
  • fructose intolerance;
  • the deficit of sucrose;
  • children up to 4 years;
  • pathology of the liver;
  • hypersensitivity to Itraconazole.

It is not recommended to prescribe a medicine to women in the period of gestation of the baby, the use of the drug is possible only with serious fungal infections that threaten the mother’s life and the positive effect of the drug justifies the risk of malformations in the fetus. Oronamin can distort the quality and taste of maternal milk during lactation, so use it when breastfeeding women, it is not necessary.

I would also like to note that in the treatment of Alunminum, girls and women of childbearing age need to use a barrier contraceptives. A child conceived during the period of treatment of fungi, can have defects, and there is a high risk of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage in the early stages.


When nail fungus and the skin to consume the drug only after consultation from the doctor. Before the reception, it is important to carefully read the user manual in order not to overlook some item of contraindications and side effects. The dosage appointed by the doctor depending on the disease, the patient. As a rule, appoint:

  • gynecologic candidiasis — 2 capsules for 3 days;
  • pityriasis versicolor — 1 capsule(200mg) for 7 days;
  • ringworm of the skin — 1 capsule(200mg) for 7 days;
  • keratitis — 1 capsule(200mg) 20 days;
  • fungus of the hands and feet — 1 capsule (200mg) for 7 days, then 1 capsule (100mg) for 7 days;
  • candidiasis of the oral cavity — 1 capsule(100mg) 15 days;
  • with the defeat of aspergilli — 1 capsule(200mg) for 30 days;
  • systemic candidiasis — 1 capsule(200mg) 21 days;
  • meningitis — 2 capsules(200mg) 21 days;
  • kriptokokkoz — 3 capsules(200mg) for 30 days.

Duration and dosage, your doctor may adjust in its sole discretion, based on the results of repeated tests and the patient’s condition. Each body is special, so some patients are quick to react to the antifungal agent, and some are waiting for the longer, accordingly, it is necessary to prolong therapy.

It is very important to eat the capsule after a meal, this allows you to better absorb the drug. Need to swallow the capsule whole, don’t bite the shell if it to dissolve in the stomach, the effect will be noticeable much faster.

Medication you can drink plain water, but it is not recommended to use fruit juice and coffee, these beverages inhibit the absorption of the drug by the body and can distort it.

Side effects

In most cases, the drug and analogue Orangemen — generics are well absorbed by patients. Side effects occur when not respecting the rules of accepting and ignoring the list of contraindications. If the instruction to the drug were ignored, and the drug was used at the discretion of the patient may be observed:

  • nausea;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • vomiting;
  • constipation or diarrhea;
  • headache;
  • skin rash;
  • hair loss;
  • urticaria;
  • swelling of the extremities;
  • the staining of urine in dark color.

If you note these symptoms, you should immediately go to the doctor. He podkorrektirovatj regimen, and probably will, gastric lavage is recommended.

Side effects can be reported if used cheap copies of low quality, expired shelf life, and were damaged package with the capsules.

Like any medical drug, Orgonomy has a number of analogues that can be purchased without a prescription. Better than the others showed themselves ironin, Itrazol, Utramicol, Candidal, Oranit, Rumiko, Tecnosol, Isol, Econazol, Arcsin, Etranger, Spargel, Triaxal, Assol. Before use, carefully read the user manual. It is likely that these drugs have the same principle, but differ in the list of contraindications and the norm of reception.

According to statistics fungal infection is every 4th person. Looks like the fungus is very ugly, photos can be seen on many Internet sites, consequently gives man not only itching, and aesthetic discomfort. Some try to hide the fungus, exposing the risk of infecting loved ones, and some, ashamed to visit a doctor, use traditional methods of therapy. Such an attitude to their health is wrong, because you can eliminate nasty peeling skin and other symptoms that is inherent in the fungus, a single of the techniques of the drug Orgonomy.

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