Opening the boil and how much it heals: treatment of boil

How to open a boil at home?

The treatment of certain diseases is celebrated in the memory forever, sometimes it is caused by painful sensations, the strange appearance of the drugs that are used or lots of complications. Opening the boil, as one of such situations. To throw out from memory the unpleasant appearance of growths on the skin, a lot of fluid that is released when pressure is applied and the odor is very difficult. Finding on your skin inflamed boil, you need to conduct the drainage, otherwise you risk to get into intensive care with blood poisoning or other complications of the disease.

  • The symptoms of boils
  • What to do if you burst a boil?
  • How to get rid of a boil?
  • Removal of furuncle surgically
  • Vishnevsky Ointment

The symptoms of boils

In the development of boils there are several stages, and each stage has its characteristic symptoms. Boil passes 3 stages:

  • The stage of infiltration around the hair follicle marked induration, the skin reddens, a person has the tingling feeling and slight pain of the inflamed area. Gradually infiltrate takes on a rounded shape that increases in size, the adjacent tissue is very swollen and the skin becomes very painful.
  • The stage of suppuration and necrosis — occurs within 3 day from the beginning of the development of infiltration. At this time, the tumor has a diameter of about 1-3 cm and in its center forms the core of the boil. With the development of purulent heads, the tumor acquires konusopodobnyh form. During this period, the pain becomes unbearable, a person may be raised temperature, symptoms of intoxication. By mechanical action or with careful treatment, there is a showdown chiriya. From the wound releases massive amounts of pus, sometimes with blood. After this goes green the tumor, it is called as tube or rod. Once the tube is removed, the inflammation will gradually subside, and the pain subsides.
  • Stage of healing within 2-3 days after the extraction of the rod, the crater boil scarring, originally it was blue and red, gradually becoming white. In General, the development cycle boils on the skin takes 8 days.
  • To boil can develop anywhere on the skin of the patient where there is hair covering, never observed the formation of ulcer on the soles and palms.

    According to the degree of development noted acute and chronic forms. The acute form is characterized by the formation of a large number of boils in different places, and chronic due to the development in single tumors with a short time interval. As a rule, exacerbation of chronic forms of the disease marked by decreased immunity and mechanical injuries to the skin.

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    What to do if you burst a boil?

    Boil after opening it is very important to properly handle, after all, can join a bacterial infection and is septic. The first thing you need to carry out removal of pus from the open wound. Doing this with a cotton pad and hydrogen peroxide. On cleansed the pus from the wound, apply a bandage, consisting of Vishnevsky ointment, adhesive plaster and cotton pad.

    If the boil had independently discovered, and you to be outside, use wet wipes and eliminate pus. Try to find the nearest pharmacy, buy some alcohol and cotton. Apply a small amount of alcohol on a cotton swab and put to the site of inflammation, go home, holding the swab on the skin. Come home, remove the remaining pus, and apply a bandage with Ichthyol ointment. Change bandage every 4 hours to treat the wound with peroxide is required until until the rod and the wound completely cleaned.

    If, after the opening of the boil what to do, you do not know, but the pain is severe, call an ambulance, most likely you will make several injections of novocaine and spend obkalyvanie in the circumference of the infiltration solutions of antibiotics.

    How to get rid of a boil?

    If your skin has formed, the boil will get rid of him you do not get. All you can do is to speed up its development and to prevent the appearance of new boils on the skin. In the early stages until the boil will not reveal, it can be treated with a solution of aniline dye. This will reduce the inflammation and the amount of accumulated infiltration. To reduce pain, pinning to the wound warm a compress and bandage with a 1% solution of silver nitrate. At night, boil applied ointment on the basis of antibiotics, such as:

    • The treatment;
    • Oflocin;
    • Dixital;
    • Tetracycline.

    The above products are recommended to be alternated with the mass, with stretching property, for example, Ichthyol, Sintomitsinovoy and the Heparin ointment. Revealed the furuncle is treated with Vishnevsky ointment or Zinc ointment. Daily the wound must be washed with hydrogen peroxide or sodium chloride.

    With the aim of preventing development of new ulcers and to raise protective forces of an organism, prescribe vitamins C, B1, B2, PP. Multivitamin is also recommended diet with the exception of sharp and oily food.

    Removal of furuncle surgically

    Open the boil by surgery, if he breaks a long time or the person is a strong increase in temperature. Surgery to remove the boil virtually painless, as it is performed under local anesthesia. Surgical dissection was done with a special tools and through the inlet hole and remove the purulent content. Surgeons also remove the «head» of the formation of necrotic core. Cleansed of pus in the cavity, pour Furatsilin and antibiotics administered. The showdown in a hospital, but further hospitalization of the patient, as a rule, is not required. The procedure generally takes a little time to 40 minutes.

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    If on returning home the next day, you will notice redness at the site uncovered the boil resumed, and again the skin around the formation of painful, contact your surgeon. Probably, that purulent infiltration was not removed completely and the purification procedure must be repeated.

    How to crack a boil, knows only by a qualified technician to repeat the above steps at home, is strictly prohibited. His reckless action, you can cause a lot of complications, such as meningitis, encephalic, lymphedema, arthritis, and pyelonephritis.

    Vishnevsky Ointment

    Most people, just hearing the name Vishnevsky ointment, begin to wrinkle his nose, remembering the unpleasant smell that comes from the drug. In medicine, this medication is called the balsamic liniment. Vishnevsky ointment its useful properties received by its simple but at the same time, the unique composition of:

    • powder xeroform is a powerful antiseptic, which has high activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria;
    • castor oil — accelerates the recovery of damaged skin cells, improves local immunity and reduces the inflammatory process;
    • birch tar — improves metabolic processes in the tissues and kills cells of fungi.

    Feature Vishnevsky ointment is its ability to limit heat transfer from the skin by forming a lipid film on the surface. The components included in the composition of the drug, by stimulation of nerve endings of the skin, encourage blood flow to the site of inflammation. Due to the action of the drug, opening a furuncle is much faster the drug, however, enhances the inflammatory process and accelerates the formation of abscess. This unique action can not boast of any one of the ointments, the majority of them have either anti-inflammatory or antiseptic effect. Hence the dilemma, because an anti-inflammatory agent should be applied before the beginning of the pathological process, during inflammation, they are not effective and can only antiseptics to disinfect the wound.

    To treat boils, apply the medication to the cotton cloth and apply as a compress for 12 hours. After that, take the blindfold off, and the remains of the ointment along with pus, removed. Wound recommended later, RUB salicylic alcohol, it will disinfect the skin and eliminate odor.Sometimes, in order to boil was discovered, it is enough to apply the ointment to the skin once.

    Vishnevsky ointment is purely a Soviet invention, in any of the countries in the world, this drug is no longer used. The drug has its disadvantages, but despite this, Vishnevsky ointment not leave the kits of citizens for decades.

    How heals the boil to say, it is very difficult, it all depends on the characteristics of the patient, size of the lesion and its localization. In most cases, the entire process, from the moment of formation to the formation of the crust takes about 2-3 weeks. If there are numerous lesions of the skin, the treatment may take several months.

    Boils — this is not a skin defect on the type of acne and pimples, this is a serious inflammatory process that can be, as a separate indication of lack of vitamins in the body and a symptom of serious diseases of internal organs.

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