On the skin red spot and redness on the body in the form of a circle

Red spot on the skin and its causes

The skin appears in the body, which first and foremost signals the failure of the human body. It is scientifically proven that General health and the skin is in close relationship. If there are spots on the body, it speaks of many diseases and pathological conditions. The causes are allergic reactions, severe stress, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, fungal infections.

  • Infectious causes
  • Rubella: symptoms and treatment
  • Chickenpox: symptoms and treatment
  • Streptodermii: specific features of manifestation
  • Non-infectious etiology of red dots
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Psoriasis and eczema
  • Other causes of red spots

Infectious causes

Red spots on the body (as pictured) can testify about the psychological state of a person when disturbed activity of the Central nervous system, either about serious problems in the body that affect the condition of internal organs and systems.

Note that in medical practice there are hundreds of pathologies, which are accompanied by appearance of red spots on different parts of the body.

Some diseases are characterized by high transmissibility, such as chicken pox. Others have an autoimmune origin and pose a serious danger not only for health but also human life, the third option is associated with a genetic predisposition.

Classification of redness on the skin in patches:

  • Spots on the body dry and moist.
  • Flat and convex points.
  • Swollen and inflamed spots.
  • Clear or blurry edges.
  • Flaky and scaly.
  • In any case, small dots on the skin of red should alert the person. So you need to immediately seek help from a medical specialist. He will diagnose will reveal the exact causes accordingly prescribe appropriate treatment.

    Rubella: symptoms and treatment

    Rubella is an acute disease which is often severe. Causes of disease – a virus of the family Togaviridae. Infection occurs through the air and drip way, the infection enters the human body through the mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

    The incubation period varies depending on the state of the human immune system, can be from 10 to 20 days. Some patients have asymptomatic disease.


    • Small red dots on the body;
    • Swollen lymph nodes;
    • The increasing temperature of the body;
    • Severe headaches.

    Special drugs that help cure diseases, does not exist. For the treatment doctors prescribe medications antiviral (Arbidol), agents having immunostimulating effect of vitamin and mineral supplements to strengthen the immune system.

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    The patient must comply with bed rest. Special pathology is danger for women in the state. It can lead to abnormal fetal development of the baby.

    Chickenpox: symptoms and treatment

    Chickenpox is an infectious disease that is caused by herpes virus third type. The risk group also includes young children, adults who have not had chickenpox in childhood. The virus primarily infects cells of the Central nervous system and skin.

    Clinical manifestations of the disease:

  • Red spots on body that are very itchy. With the development of the disease they grow, turn into blisters filled with clear content.
  • A high body temperature.
  • Weakness, lethargy, headaches.
  • The incubation period of chickenpox ranges widely. Infection occurs through airborne droplets, or from an infected person. How to treat? In the scheme of treatment includes antiviral medicines, antiseptics, drugs antihistamine effect.

    If the high temperature regime, as antipyretic is recommended to take Panadol. The skin need to treat every day with antiseptic, eliminating secondary infection.

    Streptodermii: specific features of manifestation

    The causes of the disease – the penetration of bacteria – Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, etc. basically infection occurs through wounds, cracks and scratches present on the skin. In medicine several factors are identified that increase the likelihood of infection:

    • Physical and psychological fatigue;
    • Pathology of the endocrine nature;
    • Dry type of skin, susceptibility to microcracks;
    • A deficiency of vitamins and minerals.

    The infectious process starts with the appearance of spots on the skin. They have a pink color, there is a peeling and itching. The localization of the folds of skin, face, buttocks, back, upper and lower limbs. Spots appear on the body suddenly increase rapidly in size, raised above the skin.

    If the causes of streptococcal is the Staphylococcus group A, the red dots on the body soon transformed into pustules. First, their small size, however, they can grow up to 10 inches.

    In the treatment of disease by use of disinfectant agents (silver nitrate, salicylic solution) antihistamine medications, creams and gels of local action, which include corticosteroids.

    Non-infectious etiology of red dots

    In some cases spots occur due to non-infectious pathogenesis. The diseases include allergic reactions to all sorts of stimuli, psoriasis, eczema and some other pathological condition.

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    Allergy symptoms

    An allergic reaction is virtually always accompanied by the appearance of red spots on the body (as pictured). To allergens include drugs with prolonged use, household tools, chemicals, food and much more.

    The main clinical manifestations of Allergy:

  • The appearance of spots on the body red and pink.
  • Sneezing, non-productive cough, chest discomfort.
  • Shortness of breath, itching in the sinuses.
  • Peeling skin, severe itching, burning.
  • Nausea, vomiting, disturbance of the digestive tract.
  • In fact, clinical manifestations of allergic reactions is extensive. This is due to the type of allergen that the body’s sensitivity to it, immune status, number of pathogen and other factors.

    Important: a severe allergic reaction accompanied by shortness of breath, spasms in the throat, airway to close, which can lead to loss of consciousness and irreversible consequences.

    In some patients, the Allergy is manifested in the form of round spots on the skin of the face, arms, legs, back, abdomen and any other areas. When you are carding they are able to grow, to peel off, with wet. Heel, more vivid color.

    Treatment depends on the type of allergen. These services include skin tests, antibody tests and other activities in health care facilities. Prescribe antihistamine inside – Suprastin, Tavegil. Creams and topical ointment.

    Psoriasis and eczema

    Psoriasis – diseases of an autoimmune nature, which is accompanied by the appearance of spots on the human skin. In color they are bright red or ruby (as pictured). When combing become bloody.

    First, red spots on the body are located away from other pathological elements, but over time they merge into vast conglomerates, affect large areas of skin. When running the form the patient has a huge number of spots on the skin. Spot hit the face, hands, legs, stomach, back, shoulders.


    • Ointment that contains corticosteroids;
    • Irradiation with ultraviolet rays;
    • When running the form of chemotherapy.

    Eczema non-infectious disease of allergic nature. Red spots on the body usually localized on the lower limbs (as pictured), in the abdomen and back. Points on the body in the armpit and on the face may indicate the initial stage of the pathological process.

    Characteristic features:

  • Itching, severe flaking;
  • Wetting;
  • Inflammation.
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    The treatment is carried out with the help of hormonal preparations. Usually prescribed creams with corticosteroids, antihistamine medications, pills with a sedative effect.

    Other causes of red spots

    If there are blood points on the body – it could be a hemangioma is visible through the skin benign neoplasms of capillaries. In appearance they look like small droplets of blood that appear above the skin (as pictured).

    Should know the main locations are the face, upper and lower limbs, abdomen, genitals (very rare).

    The reasons are varied. The most common factors include viral infections, prolonged exposure to chemical components, age-related changes in the body, hormonal imbalance and genetic predisposition.

    Red spots appear on the body due to the following reasons:

    • Stress and emotional instability. The treatment is to normalize the Central nervous system, it is recommended the reception of light sedative pills. In severe cases, prescribed tranquilizers;
    • Fungal infections of the skin. Additional symptoms are: rash, itching, burning, change in nail colors. Prescribed antifungal drugs systemic and local application;
    • Zoster is manifested with red spots all over the body, the pathogen is a fungus. Local therapy, prescribe special medicines for skin treatment. The disease is contagious.

    To complement the list of diseases the following disorders: hypertension, diabetes first and second type, vegetative-vascular dystonia, skin Allergy, ringworm, atopic dermatitis, etc.

    There are many diseases that are accompanied by appearance of red spots in any location. Often there are other disturbing symptoms. For the purpose of treatment need to carry out differential diagnostics, allowing to distinguish the disease. Only eliminating the cause will eliminate the pathological elements of the skin.

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