On fingers peeling skin: causes peeling and what to do

Why peeling skin on the fingers?

In most cases, people pay very little attention to caring for their hands, believing that in the body, it is not the most problematic area. Such relation to the upper limbs is totally not true, is hands daily involved in the work and are exposed to the adverse effects of the external environment, more than other parts of the body. If you noticed peeling skin on fingers, it’s safe to say that this is one of the main signs of improper care or its absence. There are also other factors that cause this unpleasant condition, some of them can even be due to malfunction of entire systems and organs.

  • Causes peeling hands
  • Fungus on hands
  • Ways to eliminate the infection

Causes peeling hands

Why peeling skin on hands to identify the man without the relevant knowledge in the world of medicine, it is very difficult. It is much wiser to seek diagnosis for the dermatologist. If the opportunity to visit the doctor, you do not, then you can try to understand why peel off the skin on the fingers, carefully examining the surface of the limbs. Peel off the skin on the hands, usually due to lack of vitamins, of a particular group. Beriberi, is characterized by the dashes of white color on the nails.

For healthy epidermis, in the human body respond to vitamin a and E. vitamin C Deficiency, may also negatively appear on the condition of the nails and epidermis. To eliminate the peeling skin on the fingers, you need to reconsider your diet. Large amounts of vitamins A and E are in the fruits and vegetables of red color, vegetable oils, dairy products and eggs. Source of vitamin C are citrus fruits, cabbage, apples and onions.

Peeling skin on fingers because of the cold. If the person is a long time to be in the cold, the epidermis dries up from lack of moisture scaly and peeling. To correct a pathological condition of the epidermis, just before going out in the winter time, brush hands nourishing or moisturizing cream.

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Aggressive cosmetics and cleaning agents cause peeling skin on the fingers. Chemical components included in the composition, corrode the top layer of cells and can provoke even the formation of ulcers. During cleaning and when using household chemicals, be sure to wear rubber gloves, this will reduce the likelihood of peel of the skin.

Peeling skin on fingers frequently in the elderly, this condition is considered normal and does not require medical treatment. People of retirement age, violated the metabolic processes in the body. The epidermis is supplied with an insufficient amount of water, respectively, gradually its cells die.

Very often the skin on the hands is flaking and peeling off due to an allergic reaction to some provocateur. They can be food, synthetic gloves, contact with animal dander. Negative influence can render even the soap you use. It is important to determine what causes the peeling of the fingers and to avoid further contact with the allergen. If you peel off the skin due to allergic reaction, the patient is administered sorbents that remove toxins from the body, and taking antihistamine medications such as Suprastin and Tavegil.

If a long time to peel off the skin with the fingers causes, may be hiding in the hormonal imbalance. To provoke this condition can pregnancy, lactation, menopause and use of hormonal contraceptives. Men fingers peel due to the large physical activity and adherence to personal hygiene. Peels off the skin in the interdigital space miners, workers in the construction industry and other professions that are constantly in dusty environments.

To more serious reasons why peeling skin on the pads of the fingers, include:

  • radiation exposure of the body;
  • parasitic infestation;
  • staphylococcal and streptococcal infections;
  • diseases of the pancreas;
  • neurological disorders;
  • abuse of medical drugs;
  • dry eczema;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • psoriasis;
  • scabies.

All of the above provocateurs peeling, require complex treatment and long-term use of targeted medications.

It will be interesting to see what sloughs off the skin on the thumb due to overuse of detergents. Antibacterial soap is able to wash away sebum that normally protects the epidermis from exposure to the external environment. Without this layer, the human hand becomes very sensitive to small damage, fungi, and exposure to allergens.

Fungus on hands

If peeling skin on fingers, while the pathological process gradually affects new sites, crack the skin on the fingertips and the nail changes its color, it is possible to diagnose a fungal infection. The skin on the fingers become very dry, possibly the formation of large foci of peeling between the toes. Tissues swell and become inflamed. From nails can come the unpleasant smell that does not leave even after hygienic procedures. Very often on the skin formed bubbles, and minor erosion, causing strong itching and burning man.

The clinical picture looks very unpleasant, consequently the patient suffers not only physically but also psychologically. If the winter gloves you can hide that sloughs off the skin on the thumb, then in the summer I always keep my hands in my pockets. This point only reinforces the disease process, because hands in the heat while in the pocket, sweat, and wet, warm environment is a great impetus to the propagation of fungi.

Ways to eliminate the infection

Peeling skin on finger when exposed to yeast and molds. Get them almost the same, and their symptoms are quite similar. Difference will be the time that to remove the pathology are different drugs.

The situation when peeling off the skin on the fingers due to the activation of the fungus Candida, is removed by taking systemic medications and local use of ointments. Very well eliminate the pathogen the drug Nystatin. No less effective, in the case of peeling between the fingers, drugs ironin and Levorin. If you exfoliate the skin on the finger and burst of vesicles, triggered by molds, you need to take in fluconazole, Ketoconazole and Flucostat.

Doctors recommend to apply topical preparations to the skin, if oblazit hand and little finger. Fast effect can be achieved with the help of medication lamisil, Mikozolon, Zalain, drug zistan and Mikosan. All of these funds active in the fight against different strains of fungus and is even able to eliminate gram-positive bacteria, if as a result of their breeding, peeling skin on the finger.

Improper nutrition, personal hygiene, adverse weather conditions and the abundance of chemicals in the home, leading to massive development of skin diseases. What to do if peeling skin on the hands, little is known, consequently not knowing what to do and afraid to go to the doctor, people start the disease and then are forced throughout life to deal with chronic symptoms. Most skin diseases, it is easier to prevent and it is enough to wash the hands three times a day and before bed, apply moisturizing creams. Don’t neglect an easy and affordable opportunity to maintain good health and beauty of their hands for years to come.

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