Ointment chicken pox instead of green stuff for kids is a colorless or zinc

Ointment chicken pox instead of green stuff

Windy smallpox, a viral infection, which are mostly children of preschool and younger school age. To avoid the disease is practically impossible. The characteristic symptom of infection is a rash all over the body. The very next day everyone jumping spot turns into a vial of liquid. When you break its shell it is important to prevent secondary infection of open sores. In this case, it is recommended to apply antiseptic solutions. Most of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers used the green paint and Fukortsin. But they leave ugly markings on the body and face. What colorless ointment for chickenpox or colorless solution can be used instead of the listed antiseptics which are addressed below.

  • The symptoms of the disease
  • Struggle with a rash
  • Creams, gels and balms for treating rash
  • Colorless ointment chicken pox
  • Lotions

The symptoms of the disease

The main symptoms of chickenpox are rash all over the body, including the scalp. Pimples can also be localized on the mucosa of the mouth, nose and genitals. To rash with fever, but not always. Often the child shows all the signs of intoxication. It may be weakness, lethargy, lethargy, lack of appetite.

Important: for the entire period of the rash to your child’s bath is strictly prohibited. The water helps spread the rash through the body and opens the gate to infection in the wound.

Struggle with a rash

To fight the chickenpox virus is useless. In General, all treatment is reduced to treating symptoms. It is necessary to bring the temperature down, if any, and efficiently handle all the pimples and ospinki. In order for the patient not to tear itchy blisters and did not provoke a secondary infection, you need to use any antiseptic solution or ointment from chickenpox instead of green stuff. All drugs in this group provides high-quality protection of the epidermis from the introduction of a secondary infection and in addition relieve itching. In addition, most listed below drugs to actively listening to wounds and relieve swelling, if any, was formed. It is desirable to conduct high quality hygiene of the patient’s body with frequent change of underwear.

Important: when pozyskiwanie colorless drug from chickenpox instead of green fodder it is worth remembering that the colored solutions allow you to monitor the presence of new lesions on the patient’s body. This is important in the context that after drying the last crust it will take five days and the patient is not contagious to healthy people.

Creams, gels and balms for treating rash

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A kind of colorless green when the chickenpox is antihistamine and antiseptic preparations in the form of salves, gels and creams. The most effective in this case are:

  • Psilomelan. The tool has a slight antihistamine effect on the body of the patient. In addition, the gel reduces puffiness, cools itchy rash and relieve. The drug should be applied one to four times per day directly on each spinco. It is forbidden to use Psilomelan are hypersensitive to its components, while the direct rays of the sun and assuming use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Fenistil. The tool is available in the form of a gel. Due to the antihistamine effect wind itchy rash almost instantly removed after application. In addition, it should be remembered that the gel do not use on damaged extensive areas of the skin. Especially to children.
  • Zovirax. This cream contains the active ingredient acyclovir. Therefore, the analogue of Zovirax ointment is colorless from chickenpox Acyclovir. The drug is effective that has antiviral effect on the body of the patient. That is, suspends the process the replication of the virus in the body. Use Zovirax often need up to six times a day. Apply a dot. It is forbidden to use the drug children up to one year, pregnant women and women during breastfeeding. It is also not recommended to use outdoor product, if you anticipate prolonged exposure under direct sunlight. In addition, extra care should be external means patients with a history of obstruction of the bladder, bronchial asthma, glaucoma or enlarged prostate. Zovirax can cause burning sensation, allergic manifestation of rash and dry skin.
  • Viferon. The drug is produced in the form of helium. Thanks to the active substance interferon remedy has not only analgesic effects, but also significantly restores the skin after opening the pimples smallpox. That is, the healing is faster.
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Colorless ointment chicken pox

As for the colorless ointment for chickenpox instead of green fodder, relevant and effective are the drugs:

  • Zinc ointment for chickenpox. Trade name Tindal. This drug works as an antiseptic, astringent and adsorptive means. Thanks to this drug, the patient decreases irritation and neutralizes inflammatory process. In addition, zinc ointment for chickenpox in children forms on the surface of the skin an additional layer, which softens the skin while healing. However, it is worth considering that the zinc ointment is prohibited to use the septic phenomena in the case of secondary infection of wounds. Cendol can be given to pregnant and lactating women.
  • Acyclovir. Another transparent ointment for chickenpox for children. The tool has established itself as the most effective to date. The safety of the drug allows it to be used for both adults and children. In the absence of hypersensitivity to component of drug Acyclovir promotes rapid healing of wounds, relieve itching and overall regeneration of the skin.


Another means that help to combat itchy rash in chicken pox is Calamine lotion. Its therapeutic action is due to its constituent components:

  • Oxide and zinc carbonate;
  • Phenol and glycerin;
  • Purified water;
  • Sodium citrate.

Due to the fact that all components of the lotion is completely harmless, the drug can be used even in the treatment of chickenpox in children. Calamine actively listening to the crust to burst bubbles, reduces swelling, relieves itching. In addition, the lotion prevents secondary infection of the open sores. In the presence of Allergy to one or more components of the drug, it is not recommended.

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In addition to Calamine liquid colorless solutions can be used:

  • Colorless fukortsin;
  • Antiseptic solution, Castilian;
  • A solution of manganese with the full dissolving its crystals in water.

If patient has infection in the wound and the suppuration, it shows the use of ointments, which include antibiotics. But the purpose of such ointments with chicken pox should be done only by a doctor. Especially for young children.

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