Nipple papilloma during pregnancy and under the breast glands

Causes of papillomas on the teat and methods of treatment

Papilloma — a benign tumor that has granular structure. Such growths are able to cause discomfort to the woman, and eventually turn into malignant form. When multiple cluster of growths usually are diagnosed with papillomatosis. In this article we will explain why are papilloma on the chest. How to get rid of education on the nipple?

  • Causes of
  • Symptoms and diagnosis
  • Locations
  • Methods of treatment and removal

Causes of

Proven, the basis trigger the development of papillomas on the chest is a viral nature. HPV is a common microorganisms that are present in every organism, about 60% of the total population in the world carries it. The main reason for the formation of papilloma under the breast or areola is considered to be in close contact with a carrier of the HPV. The virus is transmitted by contact of skin and mucous membranes. It is worth noting that you can catch yourself, because in a humid environment the virus strains can persist for a long time.

For information! Papilloma in the breast, lipoma, lump or wart can at any time go to the cancer melanoma.

The formation of papillomas on nipple during pregnancy-induced changes in hormonal balance. Throughout pregnancy the body is completely rebuilt, the protective function is reduced, resulting in and formed fertile ground for the development of the malicious microorganism.

For information! The formation of papillomas on nipple during pregnancy is the cause of the hormonal surge, child bearing is not the cause of activation of the virus.

Also, the main reasons for the formation of an infection include:

  • prolonged use of an uncomfortable bra;
  • ignore the rules of hygiene;
  • the presence of microcracks nipple areola;
  • physical trauma of the mammary glands.
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Symptoms and diagnosis

After getting the virus in the body, it accumulates in the cells and does not manifest itself, however, under favorable conditions, a change occurs in the fabric and the surface appears knot under the breast glands. Superficial papilloma of the neck and under the Breasts once seen, but internal tumors can be explored only by means of palpation of the areola portion of the breast.

For information! Vnutriportovaya the main symptom of HPV is the presence of precipitates of a different nature from the mammary glands. As a rule, the affected nipple is getting hard, inside it can be felt tingling.

In the presence of the papillomavirus under the breast, the woman may feel the following symptoms:

  • increase the sensitivity of the nipple;
  • tingling sensation or sensation of the breast;
  • the flow of various secretions from dairy origins;
  • the presence of itching in the halo of the nipple;
  • the distribution of tumors throughout the breast;
  • the increase in entities.

In the presence of external manifestations of pathology are recommended to undergo examination by a mammologist and oncologist. Diagnosis of papillomas on nipple is provided with the scraping of the epithelial tissue, which allows not only to identify known viruses, but also to understand the reason of their occurrence.

For information! The most accurate method of diagnosing internal HPV is ductography or galactography. With their help, introduced contrast agent, which allows to determine the exact location of the growth.

Learn more about diagnosing papillomavirus can see from the video

It is worth noting that the virus is able to spread quickly and infect other areas of your chest. To exclude neoplasms helps comprehensive diagnostics, including testing of papilloma malignancy. This procedure allows to exclude or confirm the development of breast cancer. The main stages of diagnostics include:

  • scraping epithelial tissue to identify changes in the cells;
  • mammography and ultrasonography;
  • cytological analysis;
  • biopsy education;
  • histological examination of tissue to determine malignancy.
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Usually, the virus is located in the halo of the nipple, on the surface of the breast and under the breast. In some cases, the growths can grow inside the mammary glands. In the presence of the papillomavirus under the breast it is easy to detect, internal education can receive the seal. It should be noted that papillomas of the breast are benign tumors, however, there is a small risk turn into a malignant growth.

Methods of treatment and removal

Successful treatment and removal of warts on the nipples is achieved only with the complete elimination of the infectious agent HPV, if the virus does not eliminate, the growths will appear again. Treatment of the virus is receiving antiviral drugs and immunomodulators, such system allows to increase the protective function of the body. It is worth noting, medicines for the treatment of papilloma virus have a large number of contraindications and age restrictions, so self-treatment should be excluded.

For information! Unlike HPV from the warts is the presence of blood vessels, the virus also can turn into malignant form. It is for this reason self-treatment pathology is unacceptable.

Removal of papillomas on nipple carry out by means of special preparations or in hospital. Treatment of the virus in the hospital comply with:

  • Laser therapy — the deletion occurs cautery, cells tumors evaporated, the vessel is sealed. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, the skin is restored within a week;
  • Cryocoagulation — deletion occurs by means of burning with liquid nitrogen, treated for two weeks with multiple procedures;
  • Electrocoagulation — removal is performed using constant and alternating high-frequency current, under the influence of which is the clotting protein of the virus;
  • Radiowave therapy — removal is performed by means of high-frequency waves;
  • Surgery — this method is used when internal papilloma.

For information! After removal of the virus tissue histologically investigated from the standpoint of cancer.

Treatment at home is possible with the help of special medications. These funds are issued in the form of ointments, creams, solutions, patches or aerosols. Most often prescribed:

  • Verosol;
  • Dermabet;
  • Super celandine;
  • Verrucate.
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After application of the papilloma after some time, she is no longer alone, and the place of the knot there is nothing left. Some use home treatment methods for the HPV virus, for example, celandine, Kalanchoe or garlic, however, before using such tools, it is advisable to consult with your doctor. The best prevention of the appearance of papillomas is regular inspection by a specialist and personal hygiene.

Upon detection of papillomas on nipple or under the breast do not panic. Timely inspection of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment will help to neutralize the virus and return the beauty, comfort and joy of life.

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