Nevus inflamed face and blushed: what to do

What to do if inflamed mole?

In the old days, moles on the human body was considered the mark of the devil and always attracted the attention of others, the holders of the «marks of the devil» and was shunned and even burned at the stake. In today’s world, are small, brown growths on the body, do not cause such additional interest from others, and the man himself rarely pay attention to them, the exception is if the mole is inflamed.

Every nevus is different, tumors differ in their color, shape and localization. Color and size depends on how much melanin participated in its formation. Doctors believe that moles is a malformation of the skin, therefore, wary treat them. Inflammation of a mole is a very serious process that requires immediate consultation, because the cells that formed naevus, can develop into a malignant tumor.

  • Why inflamed mole?
  • Complications and consequences
  • Surgical treatment
  • Whom to contact?

Why inflamed mole?

What to do if a mole is red, inflamed, interested in a huge number of people, but before to do something, you need to understand the reasons for this state. In General, there are two main factors that can affect the development of the pathological process:

  • mechanical failure — very often people notice the situation when rubbed the birthmark clothes, the tumor was damaged in the process of shaving or accidentally upon impact. When moles on the face, neck and other parts are injured, they are a little toil. If the person has a place of lowered immunity, the bacteria attack very quickly damaged skin and provoke the beginning of the inflammatory process. As a result, people began to notice that the mole is red and sore. If to be a mole under my arm, provoking factor of degeneration into a malignant tumor, could be the use of not high-quality cosmetics – antipasteria deodorants and hygiene products;
  • degeneration of moles in melanoma – this is the worst scenario. The degeneration into a malignant tumor, can occur from prolonged exposure in the sun or in the Solarium. Ultraviolet rays are contraindicated for people with a large number of nevi and age spots on the body. Going out in the sun, they need to cover or seal with adhesive tape. Mutate moles can also under strong hormonal failure that occurs during pregnancy, menopause and puberty. Malignancy can be formed as a result of hereditary predisposition to oncological diseases.

To define exactly why inflamed nevus can exceptionally qualified specialist, on the basis of visual examination and some laboratory tests.

Complications and consequences

Timely treatment to the doctor will allow you to quickly stop the inflammation and remove moles. Surgery will reduce the risk of developing metastasis. Based on histological, cytological analysis that will be conducted after the removal, will decide on further treatment and the need for chemotherapy.

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In General, the prognosis for full recovery is favorable, but it is only in the case of instantaneous reaction of the patient, who discovered that the mole became inflamed and sore. If you ignore the situation and let it take its course, it is likely that, faced with dysplasia — pathology division of skin cells that eventually become cancer. It can be said, the first stage of degeneration of a nevus to melanoma.

This is not the situation when the mole was initially a malignant tumor, simply was dormant. Minor injury can cause inflamed hanging mole, and began a pathological process. Eventually a malignant tumor will begin to grow in size, will bring the pain and let metastases in nearby organs.

When the mole became inflamed and turned red due to the ingress of bacterial infection may be suppuration and swelling of the tumor. Ignoring this process, you increase the risk of the penetration of pus into the General circulation, and as a result develop sepsis.

If inflamed nevus, it is not a sentence, and stop pathology is possible, the sentence will be a neglect of your body and the lack of timely treatment, which in 99% leads to death. Cancer with all the desire and hope of patients who do not disappear by themselves.

Surgical treatment

The method of treatment will be determined by the doctor depending upon the specific situation. If a mole becomes inflamed due to a bacterial infection, and there is no risk of its degeneration into malignant, can be assigned to conservative therapy or one of the minimally invasive methods of removing it. Very often use laser correction skin and cryotherapy. In the first case, the tumor will be affected by the laser beam, which burns the cells layer by layer. The beam does not injure the nearby areas of healthy skin and the procedure takes only a few minutes. Among the advantages of this method of therapy is its painlessness, the absence of blood in the process of manipulation, side effects and recovery period. Cryosurgery is the impact on tumors, liquid nitrogen, which freezes the mole, it gradually dries up and just falls away.

In the case of the nevi that are at risk, prescribe their complete removal. Operation is conducted in a hospital environment. The patient receives local anesthesia, with a scalpel, dissect the skin. The area with damaged cells and a nevus is removed, taking a bit of healthy skin. This is necessary in order to prevent the recurrence of the disease. Small cells could grow in close areas. If the area of the excision is large, the surgeon put a few stitches in the case of small lesions, the incision was treated with antiseptic and apply a sterile dressing.

The patient after the procedure shows several hours, or even days, to remain in the hospital under the supervision of physicians. The duration of the rehabilitation period, will be different in each case, but on average, the wound heals in 3 to 4 weeks.

Whom to contact?

Since childhood everyone knows that if the injured leg, need a trauma surgeon, and problems with internal organs, the surgeon, and if your eyes requires optometrist. But even in adulthood, few people know, to what expert to turn to for advice if inflamed or traumatized nevus. This point complicates diagnostics, as not knowing who to go to the reception, patients refuse treatment and let things take their course.

Moles are growths in the skin, respectively to go to the reception need to see a dermatologist. Using the special tool – aided, he examines the lesion and decide whether he will be able to help you myself or refer them to oncodermatology, oncomammology — if the mole is on the chest, or the surgeon. Every specialist has their own tactics of diagnosis and treatment principle. Sometimes, in order to determine the cause of tumor formation or inflammation of the moles require further consultation in infectious diseases, endocrinologist even dermatologist.

Now you know to what doctor to go, if you notice that the mole is inflamed, and what the consequences might be, if you ignore the pathological state of tumors. What places would not be a mole on the back, hands, neck or face, it is important to remember that neither one of them can’t change or predict fate. Be sensible, do not ignore the inflammation, and not rejoice if a friend grandmother said that you will soon be very rich. Each new formation on the skin — a good reason to worry, and even the slightest inflammation requires immediate visit to a qualified physician.

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