Nazolin — instructions for application of ointments and analogues

Rezulin from allergies: instructions for use

Cream-gel Rezulin belongs to the group of antiallergic agents mild. Thanks to its lightweight texture, the cream is quickly absorbed, leaves no greasy Shine, no stickiness and can be used for the treatment of adults and children. Property of the drug to remove the irritation and stop the skin rashes in allergic reactions, this cream is to use on delicate areas of the skin. However, first and foremost is to understand what Nasulin instruction manual gives a complete picture of the drug, its composition and method of use.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and dose
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological effect and release form

Cream Rezulin is a complex of active ingredients of natural origin with a pronounced antiallergic effect. The tool is applied to the skin, creates a breathable protective layer, thanks to which the epidermis problem does not fall under the irritating influence of external factors. The presence of biological components helps to relieve irritation and rapid healing of focal lesions. Anti-allergic effect Rezulin shall:

  • Extracts of celandine, chamomile, plantain – anti-bacterial properties have long been known;
  • Licorice – a natural anti-allergic drug that has a softening effect;
  • Basil oil soothes irritated skin, relieving burning, itching and eliminating pockets of redness;
  • Mint cools and refreshes the skin.

A complex effect on the skin is supplemented with hydration that ensures the recovery processes of wound healing, facilitates the flow of oxygen. Nasulin much superior to these drugs to their anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action. Use of antipruritic ointments requires additional antimicrobial therapy, measures should be taken for healing of micro-cracks, cupping of inflammatory processes. Rezulin cope with all problems, the product does not contain chemical components. Action a cream-gel:

  • The removal of swollen, peeling;
  • The healing of small cracks, sores;
  • Reduction in inflammatory processes in the skin;
  • The obstacle to the development of infection;
  • Increase the immunity of the skin;
  • The extension of the period of remission;
  • Relief of symptoms of recurrence and reduction of a time period of exacerbation.
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    When correctly used, Nasulin gives a positive and lasting effect, easing the symptoms and the allergic reactions. The drug is available in tubes of 30 ml Packed in a carton and are complemented by instructions for use. The drug belongs to over-the-counter, is released from pharmacies without a prescription.

    Instructions for use and composition

    Known for its anti-inflammatory action tool Rezulin recommended : burning, itching, swelling and inflammation of the skin quickly stoped when applying makeup. Doctors advise not to neglect the medication and after a course of hormonal therapy. Skin in the treatment process becomes thinner and there is a strong dehydration of the dermis – the cream-gel is good to cope with these problems.

    Important! Make Nasulin more than 14 days without the advice of a doctor is strictly prohibited. The drug causes tolerance, can lead to the development of adverse reactions. Absence of therapeutic effect within 3-5 days of treatment – a reason for immediate treatment to the doctor.

    Doctors are loyal to the use Rezulin in order to get rid of itching from insect bites, for treatment of local symptomatic allergies – self is allowed, but only in the absence of allergic reactions to the drug components. Indications for use are the following factors:

  • Contact Allergy;
  • Insect bites;
  • The restoration of the dermis after a course of hormonal therapy;
  • As a component of combination therapy in the treatment of psoriasis, atopic dermatitis.
  • Important! Welcome Nasulin shown in allergic diseases of children and adults. The use of the funds within 14 days allows you to fully restore the health of affected areas, however, the duration of treatment determined by the dermatologist. In the case of advanced disease, therapy can be extended to several months.

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    The drug combines extracts and essential oils of plants, providing long and lasting effect in inflammatory processes of the dermis:

  • Chamomile extract – a soothing agent that possesses antipruritic, immunomodulating property.
  • Celandine extract has a strong antihistamine properties, relieves inflammation in the affected areas of the skin, relieves uncomfortable symptoms and cleanses the dermis from the crusts.
  • Hood plantain prevents the spread of infection, is effective in inflammatory and trophic lesions of the dermis and allergic reactions.
  • Lavender oil, peppermint has a calming effect, tones and cleanses the skin.
  • The licorice extract relieves inflammation of the skin, helps the healing and normalizes metabolism at the cellular level.
  • Basil oil – antibacterial component, which also repels insects and relieves the painful symptoms, itching and burning stings of midges, mosquitoes.
  • Dexpanthenol, a component that has healing property. Softens the skin, is effective in dermatitis and other skin diseases.
  • The peculiarity of the drug Rezulin, instructions for use which dictates a wide range of applications, in its natural composition. Gentle consistence of the cream is well absorbed, not forming a dense film on the skin. For these properties the cream is recognized not only in the practice of the treatment of adult patients, but is widely applied in Pediatrics.

    Side effects

    The only side effect, wherein the treatment Mizulina may be terminated – individual intolerance of the drug components. There is no information on overdose resources. Before the initial application of cream-gel test should be performed: apply a small amount of composition on the inner side of the elbow, RUB lightly and wait a bit. Any redness, rashes will be the contraindications to the use of medications.

    Tip! The test is compulsory for children up to 3 years. In this case, you should wait at least 12 hours after testing before applying the medication to the affected area of the skin.

    Method of application and dose

    Apply Rezulin should according to the instructions:

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  • Pre-clean the lesion of the skin (to wash) and blot. If we are talking about allergies, you should not wash the skin drying gel, soap.
  • To apply the composition in a thin layer on the entire outbreak of rashes.
  • To distribute the composition with gentle massaging movements, trying not to irritate the sick skin.
  • The drug recommended not less than 4 times a day.
  • After the occurrence of a clear improvement in skin condition, you should make use of the cream to a minimum – until about 1-2 times a day. To apply not more than 14 days, unless otherwise specified by the attending doctor.

    Analogues of the drug

    To pick up the medicine, repeats the composition Nasulin impossible. The tool is unique, however, there is a similar effect:

  • Psili-hair – tool good help from itching, burning, hives, allergic rashes.
  • Cryo-gel promotes rapid healing of the skin with rashes allergic type dermatitis, mild burns, gnoynichkovyh lesions of the dermis.
  • Calamine is widely used as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of skin diseases, including infectious. Helps with itching, burning, quickly relieves inflammation, relieves allergic symptoms and well fights acne.
  • Regardless of the type of medication, the intake of any medicine should be agreed with your doctor. This is especially true of allergies in children up to 7-8 years. Self-medication is permitted subject to caution. If any adverse symptoms, discontinue use and consult a dermatologist.

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