Microsporia in children to smooth the skin and treatment of the hairy part

Microsporia in children: symptoms and treatment

Microsporia is a contagious disease, fungal rock. Microsporia in children and adults characterized by lesions of the skin, hair and nails of the patient. The name of the disease has received the name of fungus microsporum canis, are the causative agent. In medicine, ringworm is also known as «barn itch», due to the peculiarities of the symptomatology. It should be remembered that microsporia of the skin affects both humans and animals.

  • Etiology
  • Symptoms
  • Lose skin
  • Lose the hairy part
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Preventive measures


At risk of disease children 1-13 years old, women and men having pathology of the endocrine system, vitamin deficiencies, and reduced reactivity. By etiological signs spores of the fungus are divided into:

  • Bestiality – pathogenic microorganisms that are parasitic on animals;
  • Entomophily – their habitat is the human skin;
  • Heavily spores live in the soil.
  • The most recognized pathogenic fungus antropogennogo type. In this case, the carrier is the person, transmitting the disease through household items. Slightly less complex – zoofily the fungus is transmitted by contact with infected animals or objects, where there is wool, the skin of a sick pet.

    Important! Zoofily fungus settles not only on the skin of cats, hamsters, but also pigs, sheep, dogs. However, in clinical practice there were almost no cases of transmission of Microsporum dog type.

    In the case of strong immune system, getting a fungal infection on the skin of an adult does not always lead to disease, and another thing the baby’s skin – because unformed body’s resistance, children often suffer from ringworm. The probability of infection depends on many factors:

  • The number of spores transferred from a sick to healthy;
  • The condition of immunity;
  • The intensity of sweat (the sweatiest people the chance of infection is much higher);
  • Failure to observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • The presence of additional skin diseases.
  • Symptoms

    The incubation period of the disease is 7-10 days. After this time, begin to show symptoms, the nature of which is determined by the depth of penetration under the skin of the patient, localization of focal lesions.

    As a rule, microsporia, the symptoms of which are useful to know, it affects the skin and scalp.

    Lose skin

    Microsporia smooth skin results in the formation of focal inflammation red. Point of entry of fungal spores from has a clear edge shape. Over time, focal education is growing, increasing the roller along the edge that contains the bubbles and skin nodules. The center of the spot changes the hue from red to pink and starts to peel off. Visually microsporia smooth skin looks like a circle/ring, inflammation often creates not one, but 2, 3 of the hearth. The maximum magnification of up to 3-4 cm, localisation:

    • neck;
    • of the forearm;
    • shoulders;
    • face.
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    The disease rarely causes itching, but if the stain and itching, then slightly. Also rarely lesions appear on the palms, soles, most often the disease affects the nail plate. First, the fungal spores lead to the yellowing of the edges of the nail, then the process involves the whole plate, eventually collapsing and fading badly.

    Lose the hairy part

    Microsporia of the scalp mostly occurs in children 5-12 years. Adults risk of infection is minimal, since the hair contains certain acids, does not allow fungi to multiply.

    Fact! Infection microsporia of the scalp, the red-haired people is extremely rare.

    The latent period of the disease lasts no more than 5 days from the moment of infection. After formed two foci of sizes up to 50 mm, and the edges of the large hearth can be a small rash. In the beginning the fungus invades the hair follicle, on a 6-7 day destroys the hair, making it fragile and brittle. Because of this, the hair break off at the level of 3-4 cm from the skin surface. The remaining hairs are covered with a whitish bloom is the spores of the fungus. The skin under disputes inflamed, and edematous gipermenorea.

    Sometimes the incubation period, the dispute lasts up to 21 days, the time required for the accumulation of «shock dose» of the pathogens and the onset of skin lesions, hair. The overall clinical picture of the disease depends on the localization of microorganisms. Common symptoms in addition to focal lesions, no, but more people suffer with weak immunity. They have increased body temperature, headache, felt General weakness.

    Regardless of the affected area in all patients inflammation occurs the lymph nodes. Ringworm often causes the development of Keri is infiltrative-suppurative form of the disease, which affects deeper layers of the dermis, resulting in and there Golikova education.

    Important! Adult men can develop the disease on the face under the hairy part: a mustache, beard,sideburns.


    Only a professional technician can make a correct diagnosis. To self-medicate without consulting a dermatologist is strictly prohibited. When the first symptoms of illness should immediately go to the doctor and go through the required diagnosis of microsporia. To determine clinicians used three informative techniques:

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  • luminous – definition of dispute by means of light devices based on the ability of the tissues and cellular elements to change the color;
  • microscopy – the study of objects using optical technology;
  • culture – the totality of methods of artificial cultivation of microorganisms in a nutrient medium.
  • Only after all procedures, identify possible causes of infection is exposed the diagnosis of microsporia treatment of which depends on all the factors: age, sex, method of infection, the localization of the fungus.


    Treatment of microsporia in children and adults may be conducted in stationary and home conditions. Therapies differ depending on the type of pathologies. In particular, the treatment of microsporia smooth skin requires the use of antifungal preparations for external topical application. But to treat the microspores with obvious signs of inflammation be complex, applying the composite formulations with a content of hormones.

    Treatment of Microsporum scalp in humans is more complicated. Therapeutic methods follow a preordained plan:

    • reception of medications (Griseofulvin);
    • wash hair not more than 2 times per week;
    • daily shaving of the hair in the hearth of infection;
    • the application of a local external antifungals.

    Important! To cure the disease folk, alternative methods, as well as receiving local antifungal agents not. It requires an integrated method by prescribing the inner and outer way. How to treat an infection, what to take and what to smear will determine the only a specialist, and the patient must undergo regular checkups to a dermatologist evaluated the effectiveness of the drugs and could prevent the development of disease.

    Usually ringworm is with systemic use of drugs Terbinafine, Griseofulvin. The duration of therapy, dose is adjusted individually. The General course of antifungal treatment lasts as long as the results of the analysis (IgM) are negative. To prevent relapses can be assigned to a long course of therapy with lower doses of drugs.

    For topical use the antifungal medications such as: Mikasa, Clotrimazole, Terbinafine, produced in the form of ointments, creams, sprays. Also well established traditional medicine: iodine alcoholic solution, the sulfur-salicylic ointment.

    Important! The sooner it is noticed microsporia of the child, the adult patient, the better and faster will be the healing process. Therefore, if you notice the first signs of the disease, do not delay your visit to the doctor. Let this be a false alarm, but you will be calm.

    Preventive measures

    As with all skin diseases, ringworm is much easier to prevent than to cure. Prevention microsporia is the early detection of foci of diseases and their healing. Will help regular check-UPS yourself and your baby, especially if there are predisposing factors described above. Do not rely on the school doctors or a doctor in the children’s garden is much easier once a day to check the baby who was playing in the sandbox, romping with the kittens at home or on the street.

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    If there is ringworm and you don’t know the focal education is the same or microspores, prevention won’t hurt. To make an appointment to the dermatologist, to deal with disinfection items, household items, limit contacts – easy, but it is possible to avoid many future problems.

    It is useful inspection of Pets at the vet. And don’t let kids to kittens – they are vectors of fungal spores. The immature immune system of the kittens can not resist the disputes, because most of them there is an infection. Knowing all about how to cure dealing microsporia – it is manifested and what threatens, it will be easier to recognize focal infection and time to begin treatment.

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