Mask age spots whitening face mask

Whitening mask for face from age spots

Pigment stain is hyperpigmentation of the epidermis, which is formed from the uneven distribution of the skin melanin. Most often after the age of 40 in women appear spots that are bothersome and reduce the quality of life. Before you eliminate the spots on the skin, it is recommended to identify the cause of their formation. In this article we will discuss effective masks from age spots.

  • The reasons for the formation of pigment spots
  • Recommendations for use of masks
  • Effective masks from age spots

The reasons for the formation of pigment spots

There are many reasons influencing the formation of pigmentation on the face. The main factors of pigmentation include the following:

  • the failure of hormonal background after pregnancy;
  • the deficit of microelements and vitamins;
  • the presence of abnormalities with the liver, kidneys and digestive tract;
  • excessive tanning;
  • frequent use of scrubs and peels for the face in summer;
  • long-term use of potent medicines;
  • age-related changes (aging skin, wrinkles).

For information! Before selecting and using masks from pigmentation it is recommended to identify the cause of the spotting.

Elimination of hyperpigmentation begins with examination by a dermatologist, gynecologist, cosmetologist and endocrinologist. The experts will be able to give a correct assessment regarding the status and depth of your stains, as well as identify the cause of their formation. In addition to brightening masks from age spots, the doctor may recommend:

  • to reduce their consumption of coffee;
  • balanced diet, to include in the diet foods rich in vitamins C, PP;
  • protect your face from negative influence of sun rays;
  • use tools with a high level of SPF protection.
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Recommendations for use of masks

Observing all recommendations for the preparation and application of funds — any mask from age spots on the face will give the expected result already after 5-6 weeks. Rules applying masks:

  • apply any bleaching agent needs to cleansed;
  • test for the presence of allergens, for this apply a little the ready mask on the skin of the hands;
  • follow the precise dosage of all ingredients, remember, all bleaching agents are applied once and for a short time, i.e. it is not necessary to prepare the facility before servings;
  • recommended to apply the mask with cosmetic brush;
  • whitening mask for the face is recommended to keep no more than 15 minutes after the procedure to flush the contents of the running water;
  • after treatments to remove stains it is recommended to apply on the skin thick layer of nourishing cream;
  • in the presence of unpleasant symptoms (itching, burning, tingling of the skin) should immediately wash off the mask.

Important! In making masks for eliminate age spots at home, be sure to use only quality and natural products.

The process of removing and whitening of facial skin — not a quick process, the procedure may take from 1 month to 3.5 or more.

Effective masks from age spots

Simple recipes of traditional medicine enable you to prepare any mask at home, which allows you to whiten even the dark freckles. All natural ingredients have a mild effect, quite efficient and affordable. For whitening age spots using products such as:

  • lemon;
  • red and black currants;
  • sweet pepper;
  • melon;
  • cucumber;
  • the leaves and root of parsley;
  • dandelion.

Cause all of these ingredients in the form of fresh juice or a mushy mass after 25 minutes, all thoroughly washed off under running water.

For information! Any mask is recommended to apply before going to sleep, because at night, the skin will remain dormant and will not be in contact with sunlight.

In the period of applying the masks it is important to avoid contacting the bleaching agent with the eye area.

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Recipes masks:

  • Whitening mask with parsley for cooking tools you need to chop the parsley, pour over it 1 Cup of boiling water. Within 10 minutes, let it brew broth on a steam bath, then take the cosmetic drive to soak it in decoction and apply on the problem area. The procedure was performed for 25 minutes, occasionally disk moistened in decoction of parsley. After carrying out the procedure of lightening face wash under running water.
  • Mask for bleaching facial of lemon and honey — take wheat flour, mix it with lemon, honey, in the ratio of 1 to 1. With a brush apply the mask on the face, top cover with a simple piece of cloth and leave for 20 minutes. In the end, all rinse water and apply a moisturizer.

Important! In the presence of the skin, honey is not recommended.

  • Curd face mask — for its preparation you need to take 10 drops of ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and 1 large spoonful of cottage cheese (homemade, store-bought). All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and apply on cleansed face. Regular use of curd mask helps to lighten age spots.

  • The whitening substance from the berries of the currant for its preparation you need to mix 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 large spoonful of currants (red or black). The proceeds applied on the affected area and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with water, diluted lemon juice.
  • Bleaching agent of cucumber — take 1 cucumber, crush it into a pulp and apply on the face. In winter you can use cucumber ice to wipe the affected skin.
  • Mustard mask for its preparation is necessary to take mustard powder, dissolve in water to form a porridge, to apply the proceeds on the stain, wait a little and when you feel a slight burning right off.
  • Bleaching agent made from apples and horseradish is to grate the Apple and horseradish, mix all in equal proportions, the resulting mixture is wrapped in a piece of cloth and apply on face and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Means from the Bulgarian pepper — take half a bell pepper and grate, the resulting slurry is applied on the affected place. After 25-30 minutes, wash off with running water and apply moisturizer.
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In addition to the bleaching agents, beauticians recommend to use slices of citrus fruit to prevent the formation of age spots.

Any prepared whitening mask pigmentation has a high efficiency. When properly selected number of ingredients and products, not only can solve the problem spots, but also to enrich with vitamins skin person.

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