Manual Nasonex — reviews and analogues: application instructions

The drug Nasonex — instructions for use

Allergy treatment is not without symptomatic therapy. Prescribe medications depending on the clinical manifestations. To get rid of runny nose, itching and burning in the nose, sneezing etc. characteristic signs, it is recommended to apply a spray or drops Nasonex – possess anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. It consists of corticosteroids, respectively, the drug hormonal. Find out instructions for use of the drug and analogues Nasonex cheaper.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the preparation and reviews

Pharmacological effect and release form

Drops is not quite right. The tool is available in the form of a spray to irrigate the nasal cavity. There are two varieties of the drug. Dose spray Nasonex (nasonex) Sinus. Sold in vials of 10 ml, equipped with a nozzle sprayer. Just Nasonex spray in vials of 18 ml.

Note, the contents of the vial 18 ml is enough for 140 doses, each containing 50 mg of active substance, and the funds in the amount of 10 ml is sufficient for 60 doses – a quantity of active component in one dose of 50 micrograms.

Nasonex for INN (International nonproprietary name) – mometasone (mometasone), and trade brand name drugs – NASONEX. Drug solution is a liquid, opaque white shade.

A feature of the current component is that it helps reduce inflammatory processes, inhibition of allergic reactions, even at minimum dosages of the drug.

Stuff gets on the mucous membrane, provoking the release of inflammatory mediators stimulates the production lipomodulina – inhibitor of phospholipase. As a result, significantly decreases the concentration of arachidonic acid, which relieves negative symptoms.

Numerous studies by means of tests applied to the nasal mucosa antigens allow us to conclude that the drug Nasonex is characterized by a high anti-inflammatory activity, both early and late stage allergic reactions.

Confirms the output (compared with the effect of placebo) decrease in the activity of histamine and eosinophils in the organism, decreased concentration of proteins and neutrophils. Approximately 35% of patients with seasonal allergic rhinitis etiology pronounced result was obtained within 20 hours after the first application. 50% improvement is observed after 1-2 days.

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Allergy Nasonex has a special property not found in other similar drugs, including analogues. During use, it eliminates not only the symptoms in the nasal cavity, but also reduces the severity of the epiphora, and conjunctivitis. ocular manifestations.

Instructions for use and composition

The drug Nasonex in the following: mometasone (existing component) + additional components presented dispersible cellulose, glycerol, citric acid, Polysorbate 80, purified water.

Description in the annotation says that the nasal spray used to treat seasonal or year-round allergic rhinitis etiology in children, adults and adolescents. Also prescribed for the acute stage of chronic sinusitis (included in the integrated drug treatment).

Important note: indications are not only in Allergy treatment, but in prevention of the disease. It is advisable to use a spray for the prevention of severe and moderate allergic rhinitis. Begin to use it for 2 weeks (not later) before the expected flowering period.

Nasonex for children from allergic reactions must be 2 years of age. For the treatment of other diseases is used only 12. Manual of drug Nasonex identifies the following contraindications:

  • Organic intolerance to medication;
  • History of undertreated/untreated local infection which involved in the pathological process of the mucous membrane of the nose;
  • Latent or active tuberculosis infectious nature, which are localized in the respiratory tract;
  • The herpes virus affecting the organs of vision;
  • History of active or latent disease is fungal, viral or bacterial etiology.

If the patient has in the recent past, had surgery in the nose area, there is a wound surface, the drug is recommended only after full recovery of the mucosa and wound healing.

Side effects

Since the drug belongs to hormonal medications, after treatment Nasonex side effects develop quite often. Adults complain of nosebleeds – they are obvious (lots of blood), or unexpressed – there is blood mixed in mucus secretion. Often develop irritation of the nasal mucosa, burning sensation and itching.

Side effects in children:

  • Nosebleeds;
  • Irritation in the nose;
  • Sneezing;
  • Headaches.
  • Fact: nosebleeds are leveled independently within a short time, do not threaten health and life. They develop with the same frequency, which is comparable to their appearance on the background of the use of placebo (5%).

    About 0,0001% develop severe negative effects. These include increased intraocular pressure resistant nature, perforation of the nasal septum.

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    Method of application and doses

    Manufacturers of the drug Nasonex propose a method of application that allows you to achieve maximum therapeutic effect. The tool is used intranasal manipulation is carried out through a special nozzle in the kit.

    The first application requires a «calibration». Make it so you have to press 5-7 times on the atomizer. This procedure helps to eliminate the stereotypical flow of the medicinal components. Each flow provides the flow into the nasal cavity 100 mg medicine which contains 50 micrograms of the active ingredient.

    Method of application (dose Nasonex and multiplicity):

    • Traditional dosage for children over 12 and adults (including persons older age group) is 2 inhalations in each nostril. Frequency – once a day. In other words, dosage for 24 hours is 200 mg;
    • When it reaches the desired effect, decreasing Allergy symptoms, then the patient is transferred to maintenance therapy. Nose Nasonex is administered 1 time per day – 1 inhalation per nostril. The total dose 100 micrograms;
    • If a dose of 200 mcg per day led to the failure, the patient is still bothered by Allergy symptoms may increase to 400 mcg. Once doing up to 4 injections in each nostril. An indication for reducing the dosage is the decrease in the severity of clinical manifestations;
    • Children’s use has features. Allowed only a single use – one introduction in each nostril once a day.

    Note: during use of the medicinal product hold your head straight, not throwing back ago.

    Analogues of the preparation and reviews

    Many patients are interested in what to replace the cure? Desinit, Rishel, Asmanex counterparts, which include the exact same substance, are hormonal. As the most cheap analogue appears Desinit.

    Analogues with similar therapeutic effect to be assigned to treatment year-round or seasonal allergies:

  • Asmanex relieves allergies due to exposure to the substance mometasone. Gives anti-inflammatory effect and provides antiallergic effect. In the composition of hormones, used only by the doctor. Not under 12 years and hypersensitivity. With caution during pregnancy, if history of fungal and viral infections.
  • Polideksa – spray of the nose. You can’t use during pregnancy, lactation, in children up to 2.5 years, with propensity to ventricular tachycardia, hypersensitivity. Intolerance develop cutaneous manifestations, itching, burning, hives, rashes.
  • Fluticasone is a corticosteroid synthetic origin. Relieves inflammation, swelling, relieves itching in the nasal cavity. Intranasal application has only one contraindication – Allergy to the active substance itself. Dose and duration of therapy course determined individually.
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    If in General, for the drug Nasonex reviews good. About 80% of patients noted a rapid effect and a better state of health, they called the drug the best assistant from the year-round and seasonal rhinitis. Feedback about the application:

    Catherine, 44 years. Appointed allergist child, used strictly according to instructions, the result was already visible after a few hours. Is expensive, but the health of children is even more expensive.
    Oksana, 28 years old. Used Nasonex from a bad cold, helps quickly, no side effects were noticed. When again there was an Allergy, the drug was not in the pharmacy, bought another. It didn’t help. Bought others, too, did not help. The doctor said that after Nasonex it happens, other drugs do not «want to work». So, if you are going to use always, better not to take.

    Worth knowing: Nasonex and its counterparts, in particular Asmanex is a new generation of drugs, possessing an exceptional topical activity and a high degree of exposure to glucocorticosteroid receptors.

    Nasonex as a nasal spray does not completely cure allergic rhinitis, but can effectively suppress its manifestations and to control the symptoms that can significantly delay the probable aggravation.

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