Lyapisny pencil from wart — reviews about removing

Lyapisny pencil for wart removal and application

One of the most unpleasant phenomena appear different tumors on the skin – warts, papillomas, condylomas. To prevent the spread throughout the body or increase one element, use specialized medications to help get rid of build-up. Lyapisny pencil from papillomas – dermotropic medicines used externally. Consider the method of application for human papillomavirus and drugs act spinnogo pencil.

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Lyapisny pencil

A drug name is derived from the term «lapis», which means silver nitrate. The drug is available in the form of a conical pencil, looks like a translucent crystal, is not characterized by a specific smell. Oxidized when oxygen, dissolves quickly in water.

The medicinal component has a broad spectrum effect. During its use there is burning of the skin, which is important against the background of violation of the integrity of the skin surface. The use of the drug contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms that actively participate in inflammatory processes. He also stops the bleeding.

Currently lyapisny pencil is recommended for patients relatively rarely, others do not know what constitutes this drug. This is because in today’s world there are more effective methods to get rid of tumors on skin.

Note that the pencil contains the minimum concentration of silver nitrate, which has the desired therapeutic efficacy. It is enough to destroy the papillomavirus that is harmless to humans. A higher content leads to burn the skin.

Lyapisny pencil to remove papillomas caused by HPV, is on sale in any drugstore or pharmacy, the prescription of a medical professional to buy is required. The price of remedy varies from 2.5 to 3.5$.

Pharmacological action

Properties of the drug in the form of a pencil due to its composition. It includes a dry silver nitrate and potassium nitrate, which can be attributed to the drug dermotropic drugs.

Rod containing silver, having the following pharmacological effects:

  • An antiseptic effect. This property is due to inhibition of all processes within the cells of the virus, which inhibits its spread and further development;
  • Cautery or necrotic effect. This aspect is based on cauterizing properties, which allows to destroy the cell structure of pathological tumors, as a result, it disappears.
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The pencil does not possess a selective property to ablate tissue. In other words, if the components of the drug get to healthy tissue, this leads to the formation of burns and subsequent necrosis. Therefore, the treatment of papillomas performed with extreme caution.

Usage instructions

You can use lyapisny pencil in the presence of tumors in the form of warts, papillomas. A method for the treatment and removal of papillomas using the drug described in the instructions for use. It is recommended to read it or to consult with a medical professional.

A method of using the pencil to remove warts and papillomas:

  • Thoroughly wash the problem area with a soapy solution, rinse it with running water. Dry skin.
  • With pencil to remove the protective cap, push the silver rod.
  • The top of the cone before applying moistened by cold water.
  • Neat and precise movement some time to process the tumor is a papilloma. During therapeutic manipulation is to try not to hurt healthy tissue.
  • After the procedure is to close the pencil through the cap, to hide in a dark place.
  • Later the treatment is repeated after 10 days.
  • Duration of treatment course is always assigned individually. Usually take into account the severity of the pathological process, the number of tumors on the skin, an individual’s physiological sensitivity to the drug.

    After exposure to the pencil papilloma starts to get dark in a few hours. Then it dries. If you handle a sufficient period of time, soon it’ll just fall off.

    Important: not recommended for parallel use medicines that contain chlorides, iodides and bromides, since they decompose the nitrate of silver, respectively, greatly reduced the effectiveness of drug effects.

    Incorrect use of a pencil, in other words, failure to comply with instructions, it may cause poisoning. It is caused by excessive dosages of the active substance penetrating through the skin into the body.


    Lyapisny pencil is a drug, therefore, like other tools, has contraindications. Ideally, to take into account all the nuances of appointments should medical specialist, recommending the drug.

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    Often, however, patients do not reach the dermatologist trying to get rid of the problem on their own. They need to read the contraindications. If you have any doubt about the appropriateness of the use, the better for this therapy to be abandoned.

    Contraindications to use drugs:

    • Dermatological skin diseases, clinical manifestations which are observed in the site of the lesion. For example, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis etc. the Use of pencil in this case will aggravate the course of underlying disease, may lead to a drastic progression;
    • You cannot use lyapisny pencil for the removal of moles, freckles, moles and spots;
    • Organic intolerance to the active ingredients – potassium nitrate and silver;
    • Does not apply if the wart or papilloma is large.
    • Time, pregnancy, breastfeeding. Research concerning the influence of the drug during pregnancy and lactation have not been conducted.

    As you know, warts and papillomas on the skin are in the form of single and multiple lesions. If there are many tumors in different parts of the skin, while they are large in size, the use of pencil is better to refuse, as there is a considerable risk of intoxication or processing elements gradually, not all at once.

    Note: despite the effectiveness and positive characteristics of the pencil, it cannot be used from papillomas and warts on the face, because usage may cause burns and scarring due to the thin skin that worsens the appearance of the patient.

    Carefully use a pencil for young children. This is due to the skin of the child. The skin of babies is more delicate and thin, excessive exposure will lead to severe burns.


    In the age of the Internet, many people before you buy something, interested in the experiences of other patients. Nobody wants to buy a drug that will not give the desired result. That is why everyone is interested in if the pencil from papillomas? Consider a few of the reviews on the application of tools to make the right conclusion.

    Marina, 36 years:

    «Standing in line at the pharmacy, saw the window and stumbled upon lyapisny pencil from papillomas and warts. Decided to try, inexpensive. Was hoping he will help me to get rid of a wart on your finger, which takes nothing. Did everything according to instructions, wet the tip, leaned against the wart and didn’t feel anything. Maybe not as wet or as it should be, I don’t know. Tried again, again nothing. I decided to quit. About an hour later felt a burning sensation in the wart, it became a little darker, and the skin around it darkened.
    In total for a month tried it three times. The only effect I have achieved is «tanned» and «chocolate» of the wart, which has not diminished, no pain, and is not going to fall off. Can someone pencil helps, but it’s definitely not my case. I will look for another option.»

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    Vika, 26 years:

    «I had a small papilloma on her neck. Much life she did not spoil, but constantly injured, then bled. Decided to get rid of with a pencil. Caused before leaving for work, the top was closed with medical dressing, put a band-aid. Any pain or amenities was not observed. When the evening took the blindfold off, the growth was dark brown. On the fifth day he fell off. The skin was red, slightly inflamed and swollen. But then helped Ichthyol ointment. Inflicted three days. All right. HPV is no more, the skin surface is restored. I pencil really helped.»

    In conclusion, we note that the effectiveness of the pencil when removing warts is higher if to compare with the treatment of warts. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of the patients who tested the effect of the funds on their own experience.

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