Lump on chin under skin hurts seal

On the chin under the skin appeared swollen and sore: what is it?

Swelling in the face is not only a cosmetic defect, but a symptom of a malfunction in the body. Lump on chin occurs due to various reasons and precipitating factors. Patients often panic, believing it to be a malignant tumor. That possibility exists, but the tumor appears and due to other etiology not related to the cancer processes in the body. Consider why there is swelling on the skin and what could it be?

  • Lump under chin
  • Why is there a lump on the neck under the chin?
  • The first signs of cancer and benign tumors
  • Lipoma
  • Folliculitis
  • A malignant tumor
  • A cyst of the skin
  • Atheroma
  • Who to contact if under the chin was formed lump?

Lump under chin

Internal lump on chin under the skin appears as a tumor, which may appear suddenly. Evening, a man falls asleep, not having problems with the skin, and in the morning discovers a cosmetic defect.

Most often the localization of the pathological element – under the jaw or in the neck area. There are lymph nodes in the existing inflammatory processes tend to increase.

In viral, infectious and bacterial disease there is activation of these nodes, causing them to be more. The lymphatic system in the human body appears as a sort of filter which does not allow to spread inflammation throughout the body.

Tip: when the seal in the chin is firm to the touch, immovable and extremely painful, it is recommended to immediately seek the advice of a physician. These signs indicate a developing tumor, unfortunately, is not always benign nature.

Note that if the lump appeared within a few days or even a couple of hours, then do not panic, this is definitely not cancer. Seal of cancer develop gradually and relatively slowly, there is other negative symptoms.

Why is there a lump on the neck under the chin?

The human body houses many lymph nodes located, including under the lower jaw. They support immune function. In pathological processes in the body trying to neutralize them.

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From a medical point of view, to identify the cause of abnormal swelling in a node, you need to look for the disease. Usually the cause lies in disease of the upper respiratory ways, sometimes in the dental problems.

Often the cause is very strong sore throat, tonsillitis or pharyngitis. The inflammatory process tends to increase in the absence of adequate treatment, Smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages.

The seal under the skin can be neutralized independently, if the immune system effectively fights off pathogenic agents. When the immune system is weakened, symptoms of anxiety will intensify.

If under the chin there was a bump, then conventionally the causes are divided into two groups:

  • Nonspecific etiology due to the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses and bacteria, leading to inflammation in the lymph node. It may be pathology of the oral cavity, gingivitis, stomatitis, etc. in children, rubella, measles, mumps;
  • Specific pathogenesis is based on diseases – syphilis, tuberculosis, brucellosis. If in the first case, the lump does not hurt, in this embodiment, there is a tangible tenderness. Causes – lymphoma (malignant tumor of the lymphatic system), cancer of the oral cavity, pharynx cancer, etc …

Should know: at an advanced stage of development of any cancer in the body can become a provoking factor, which leads to increased peripheral organs in the lymphatic system.

The first signs of cancer and benign tumors

The appearance of bumps on chin you need to visit a doctor. To cope with the problem will not work. Ignoring the obvious symptom and. characteristic features can cost the patient’s life.

Signs of purity tumors: lumpy at the bottom of the chin soft to the touch, movable, palpation may feel mild discomfort or soreness. In the latter case, the symptom is evidence of a strong inflammation.

Symptoms seals the malignant nature include the solid tumor to the touch, it is not movable like grows inside the face, there is severe pain in the absence of touch the pathological element.

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Big pimple on chin may be a lipoma. Lipoma is a benign formation that has emerged from the expanding adipose tissue. In 98% of clinical pictures of subjective perception in addition to appearance, no.

If the tumor is growing rapidly, there is a pain syndrome due to compression of the surrounding tissues. To touch the lump is soft and elastic, the size varies from 1 to 5 cm, often formed on the neck.


Is a skin disease. In medical practice, the disease belongs to the forms of superficial pyoderma. The disease is accompanied by inflammatory processes in the upper part of the hair follicles. Is infectious in nature.

There are several varieties of folliculitis which are caused by a specific agent. Is staph, Candida, herpes, pustular and other varieties.

A malignant tumor

The tumor with malignant cells, appears to be cancer. It’s hard to describe the initial symptoms of a cancerous disease, because there are many types of these. The external manifestations include swelling, induration below the skin. They usually appear at advanced stages.

Additional symptoms: sore lymph nodes, enlarged liver size, neurological effects (dizziness, constant headaches), joint pain, non-productive cough (sometimes with blood).

The main methods of therapy include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal tablets, the use of powerful medicines to strengthen immune status. Prognosis depends on type of disease, timeliness of diagnosis.

A cyst of the skin

Closed abdominal neoplasm of the skin and mucous membranes that are lined with epithelial tissue, or epidermis, having a content of different consistency – a cyst of the skin truth of nature. From the pseudocyst is no epithelial lining.

Seal in the form of cyst tends to grow quickly, which leads to subsequent rupture of the walls of the tumor, its contents flow into the dermis, which provokes a strong inflammatory process. There is pain.


Seal of benign nature, inside is sebum, does not pose a threat to life and human health. During active growth may compress nearby tissues, leading to inflammation.

Note, visually, the atheroma appears painful seal that has clear boundaries, extends above the surface of the skin. Inside the element is a secretion of the sebaceous glands, epithelial cells, hairs, have the appearance of a cheesy substance, is placed in the capsule. It is the capsule keeps the contents of the atheroma to «go out».

The «ball» under the skin increases relatively slowly. However, in the absence of proper therapy can reach up to 5 inches or more.

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Who to contact if under the chin was formed lump?

When I popped bump on the face, while the tumor has not passed alone, but rather joined by alarming symptoms – pain, increased body temperature, headache, General malaise, etc., necessarily need to consult a medical professional.

First need to visit a therapist, to tell him about the problem. The doctor, after a visual inspection, assign a diagnosis, laboratory tests, or give another direction to narrow the doctor if you suspect some pathology specialization.

When suspicion for malignancy is needed, the oncologist. If it is sebaceous cyst, it requires a surgeon. In a situation when the reason is dental disease, visit the dentist. Depending on the etiology treatment can do the hematologist, endocrinologist and other doctors.

Seal on the skin under the chin, accompanied by pain, you need to see a doctor. As practice shows, an element may be harmless, for example, atheroma, or seriously threatening not only health, but life – a malignant tumor.

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