Lomilan — instructions for use and what helps

Lomilan from allergies: instructions for use

Drug Lomilan – antiallergic, antipruritic agent. Having antiexudative properties, Lomilan tablets and suspension reduce cramps and spasms of smooth muscles, greatly facilitating the patient’s condition. The main positive factor – the formula is not addictive and has no negative effect on the Central nervous system.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological effect and release form

In contrast to the popular Lomilan, pills Lomilan when receiving not only cropped, but also warn that further development of the swelling of tissues. The medication minimizes capillary permeability. From what Lomilan? Thanks to the ability to reduce erythematous manifestations, and having antiexudative effect, the drug helps allergic dermatitis and other allergic manifestations. The effect of the drug begins within 30 minutes, reaches the highest point in 12 hours and lasts a full day.

Except for the lack of effect on CNS, drugs have no effect on the readings of the ECG, is not addictive and with prolonged use patients do not experience tolerance to the drug. Reviews about Lailani very positive, both from physicians and from patients. Patients with allergic histamine emphasize the effectiveness of the drug, pharmacodynamics which is bright with a positive impact.

Important! Should not take Lomilan from allergies in case of development of acute reactions. The effect of the application requires long-term development (up to hours), which is not always in a timely manner.

Upon acceptance, the drugs absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The presence of food in the lumens of the intestine to slow the absorption. The maximum concentration in serum is reached in an hour. The basic processes of metabolism occur in the liver, excreted metabolites in a natural way.

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Form release medications:

  • Tablets white color, flat shape with double-sided chamfer and notch. In the box can be up to 3 blisters for 7-10 tablets each.
  • Homogeneous suspension of white color with the characteristic pleasant smell enclosed in a dark glass bottle. The boxes with medication are bound to have a dosing spoon for easy dosing.
  • Each dosage form is supplemented by instructions for use, which must be read before start receiving.

    Instructions for use and composition

    As a widely used remedy for allergies, the drug is often prescribed during periods of seasonal exacerbations. What exactly is assigned Lomilan, the instruction manual gives clear explanations. Indications for use:

  • Reaction psevdoallergicakie type;
  • Chronic and/or seasonal allergic rhinitis;
  • Allergic reactions to insect bites;
  • Allergic conjunctivitis;
  • Skin rash, a local focal lesions of dermis allergies, including idiopathic urticaria chronic version of the course.
  • Being an effective means of treatment, Lomilan has contraindications:

    • Individual intolerance of the drug components;
    • Pregnancy, lactation.

    With great caution should be used a drug in case of chronic liver failure. Preliminary assessment of health risks will help determine the threat to the condition of the internal organs.

    Part medications:

  • The tablets contain 10 mg loratadine (main active ingredient). As auxiliary components are: corn starch, lactose, magnesium stearate, starch jelatinizirovanny.
  • Suspension contains 1 mg of loratadine as the main active ingredient, auxiliary are: white sugar, glycerol, magnesium stearate, dihydrate sodium citrate, purified water, Polysorbate 80, flavor wild cherry, sodium benzoate, propylene glycol, citric acid monohydrate.
  • Despite the fact that the drug helps relieve Allergy syndrome, when you use any medical forms for children, parents should pre-consult with the pediatrician.

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    Side effects

    After taking Lomilan may develop side effects. What prevents the usage instructions. In particular, you experience the following symptoms:

    • Anaphylactic shock;
    • Nervous irritability, drowsiness/insomnia, fatigue, headache, dizziness;
    • Syncope, tachycardia, arrhythmia, disorders of cardiac rhythm;
    • Gastritis, reduced/increased appetite, dry mouth, nausea;
    • Violation liver function;
    • Alopecia, allergic skin rashes.

    Important! Uncontrolled drug causes in children sedative reaction. You will need a waiver and medical form symptomatic treatment.

    In case of the need for allergodil, 48 hours prior to the procedure, the drug overturned. Data on the impact of the drug on the concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions not. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the recommended dose. Use caution when engaging in potentially hazardous types of work.

    Important! While admission Lomilan and inhibitors mikrosomalnogo oxidation the concentration of the drug in the blood decreases, which slows down the effectiveness and may cause a reactionary interaction with erythromycin, quinidine. As a result, increased side reactions.

    Method of application and doses

    Suspension Lomilan indicated for oral use. Be taken together with food, drinking any non-alcoholic liquid. Patient age up to 12 years – a direct indication of the dose of syrup. Dosage for patients 12 years of age with a total body weight of 30 kg dosage is 2 teaspoons once a day. Children with body weight up to 30 kg is shown taking 1 dosage spoon once a day.

    The pill is taken orally, whole and without chewing, drinking plenty of non-alcoholic non-carbonated liquid. Can be taken with food. Patients over the age of 12 assigned to 1 tablet once a day.

    Tip! Children up to 12 years tablet form issued as a powder. Regimen and dosing patients 3-12 years of age weighing 30 kg: 1 tablet 1 time per day. Patients with body weight less than 30 kg take 0.5 tablet 1 time per day. Dose adjustment in patients with impaired liver function is not required, unless otherwise recommended by the attending doctor.

    Upon the occurrence of positive changes may decrease the dose: 1 tablet or 2 dosing spoons of the suspension through the day. The duration of therapy depends on the symptoms of allergic disease and the General condition of the patient.

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    Analogues of the drug

    If coming to the pharmacy, found Lomilan, you can replace it with another similar medication:

    • Loratadine;
    • Klaridol;
    • Claritin;
    • Sucking.

    The price of analogues depends on many factors. In particular, in Russia, the suspension costs $1,2, pills from $1.3. In Ukraine, the cost starts from 65 hryvnia, Kazakhstan from 700 Tg. Despite the non-prescription status of the drug from the pharmacy you should not take the drug without doctors recommendations. The initial consultation of the allergist will determine the diagnosis and select the optimal dose, treatment regimen.

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