Lipoma on head: causes and remove Wen

How to remove a lipoma on his head?

A lump or lipoma on the head can be formed in a person at any age. Presenting a soft clot, fat, education is benign and is caused by obstruction of the sebaceous glands. The causes of lipoma can be a lot of factors, the treatment requires a mandatory diagnostic. Often confused with lipoma atheroma, however, the lipoma is subcutaneous education, sebaceous cyst is intradermal. To distinguish between these two types is simple: the movable lipoma, sebaceous cyst – no.

  • Causes of lump on head
  • Treatment in medical conditions
  • People’s ways of getting rid of lipomas on the head

Causes of lump on head

Wens most often diagnosed in women of middle age. Usually education does not cause discomfort, but in rare cases may suppurate and form a «head» of yellowish color. Size Wen from 1-2 mm to 2 cm, autopsy finds whitish-yellow greasy substance. If education becomes inflamed, the tissues around him blush, causing painful on palpation. Remember that lipoma and sebaceous cyst – the formation of a long type, even after elimination may reappear.

The reasons for the formation:

  • The hereditary factor. If the native skin, the appearance of lipomas on the head – the expected factor.
  • Seborrhea – a factor that contributes to different manifestations in the form of acne, atheromas, lipomas.
  • The excess production of male hormones in women what is the cause of polycystic ovary syndrome, pathology of the adrenal glands.
  • Hormonal body changes in puberty.
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, constipation.
  • Improper care of scalp. It could be a bad shampoo, frequent (daily) or infrequent (less than once a week) shampooing.
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    Whether to treat white bumps on the head? Yes. Clinicians expressed for surgical removal of lipomas. Indications for intervention are:

  • The large size of the lipoma – in this case, the lump puts pressure on the surrounding tissue, disrupting normal blood flow and nutrition;
  • Dying cells rot, causing infection of the tissues.
  • In addition, fast – growing tumor, it’s ugly, unpleasant and interferes with basic hygiene procedures.

    Treatment in medical conditions

    To remove a Wen on the head through surgery. Excision was considered the main method: the skin was cut, removed the fat, removed tissue, responsible for education and the patient passed a short course of rehabilitation. Used local anesthesia, but the method has many disadvantages:

  • soreness;
  • long healing;
  • the scar after the surgery.
  • Today we also practiced the removal of a Wen on the head in laboratory conditions, but the methods apply gentle:

    • Endoscopy – a micro-incision on the skin near the lipoma does not form a scar, healing the wound fast and painless.
    • Laser removal – a method bloodless and painless, eliminating the risk of infection. The shortest period of rehabilitation and the ability to cope with the Wens of any size are also important.
    • Liposuction – removal of fat accumulations by means of a special tool. The method is good, but for really extensive formations.
    • Cryosurgery or freezing. The latest development in which the fatty capsule is then deleted. Pros: the risk of occurrence of lipomas is minimal, no pain and the scars.

    Cut the lump surgically or to try other treatment options is determined only by the doctor. In special cases, without surgery can not do, for example, if the tumor has grown to alarming proportions.

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    People’s ways of getting rid of lipomas on the head

    You should immediately recognize that surgical treatment is much faster: a lipoma cut out, the wound will heal. But home remedies will have to apply for a long time. How to get rid of fatty lipoma yourself:

  • Fresh aloe leaf cut, and the pulp applied to education. To fix the bandage necessary to change not less than 8 hours. In 5-7 days the skin Wen will burst, we will see the core of the lipoma. It should be removed, the wound and to protect from ingress of dirt for the entire healing period.
  • Tip! How to remove the rod lipoma? Used fine tweezers, previously well disinfected. Stem education is very soft, so remove carefully, taking care not to let the wound pieces of fat education, otherwise all efforts are in vain.

  • Pharmacy collection ivy leaves pour pure alcohol in equal proportions. The tincture should keep for 21 days in the cold (in the refrigerator), then the alcohol is drained and the meal is applied to the Wen for the night. Compresses to change until resorption Wen. So get rid of lipoma without an autopsy, which is especially good for young children: there is no pain, and the poultice from the leaves does not burn, only warm.
  • A good idea to seek advice on how to clean Wen the Golden mustache plant has antibacterial, analgesic way. To remove a lipoma, you need a fresh sheet to promolot in a blender or grinder, slurry was collected and applied on the tumor, covering the top with foil. Compress to be changed every 7-8 hours, or at least to make for the night. After 2 weeks Wen going away.
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    This is the most convenient and simple ways to remove a lipoma from the scalp. Here is not suitable ointments, gels – thick hair simply will not allow the funds to penetrate deep enough. It should be remembered that self-removal of white bumps on the head requires compliance with hygiene standards. Otherwise not to avoid abscess formation.

    If there are any signs of infection, inflammation immediately to the surgeon! Moreover, even knowing how to remove a Wen on the head, should not be taken for the treatment of lipomas on the neck, behind the ears – this may not be an ordinary fatty tumour, lipoma, and enlarged inflamed lymph node. Normal options for healing will exacerbate the development of pathological disease.

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