Leukocytes in the cervical canal and the norm of leukocytes in women

The norm of leukocytes in the cervical canal in women

Women’s health requires visits preventive visits to the gynecologist twice a year, even if not disturbed by alarming symptoms. A mandatory part of the study is gynecological smear. Scraping is taken from three points – cervical and cervical canal, the vaginal walls. Leukocytes in the cervical canal have a certain norm. Their increase indicates the deviation.

  • Preparation for analysis
  • Troubleshooting leukocyturia in women
  • Transcript of smear from the cervical canal
  • Why leukocytes in the smear increased?
  • Norma leukocytes in the smear

Preparation for analysis

Microflora of the genital organs consists of various microorganisms. Mostly it is the useful bacteria less pathogenic microbes and some pathogenic bacteria.

Analysis on the flora take all the women that come on reception to the gynecologist. It allows early detection of women’s diseases (e.g., cervical erosion), various infectious and inflammatory processes, sexually transmitted diseases.

The study is conducted in three cases – preventive analysis in pregnant women and, if the patient complains of unpleasant symptoms (vaginal discharge, itching, burning, redness, soreness, etc.).

Important: two days before the stroke you need to refrain from using vaginal medication – candles, pills, creams, etc. Their use can distort the accuracy of the information.

Features of preparation of the smear:

  • Two weeks before the examination you need to stop drinking. antibiotics and synthetic drugs. Their application in fame to put the doctor in order to decrypt it took into account their likely impact;
  • Three days prior to the Deposit of biological material you cannot have sex;
  • The night before, conduct hygiene using soap or intimate gel. In the morning can only wash with warm running water, soap is not used;
  • Just before visiting the doctor you can’t go to the toilet.

A few days before the gynecological smear should abandon the procedure, douching, as will be distorted laboratory results.

During a pelvic exam, the doctor takes a scraping from three points. Medical manipulation painless, the woman feels a slight discomfort. The biological material is applied on a glass slide, evenly. Then sent to the lab.

For microscopic examination it stained by the gram stain, as a result, different cells become different color that helps to differentiate between them. After rinsing the dye gram-positive microbes still remain painted because they have a thick membrane. Gram-negative are characterised by a thin membrane, so after rinsing the paint will change color. Based on this, the technician fills out the medical form.

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Troubleshooting leukocyturia in women

If an elevated white count is found in women, while the scraping was carried out from different points, the first medical professional should establish the cause of the abnormal increase. After assigned to a specific treatment.

In some pictures in a woman’s body are revealed an elevated white count, with no clinical manifestations and the growth of conditionally pathogenic microflora. In addition, all laboratory tests show the absence of pathogens. This situation requires re-exploration.

When there is an increase in leukocytes in the cervix of the uterus, the urethra and on the walls of the vagina, it requires advanced diagnostics. It includes additional tests:

  • Study scraping by bacterial seeding;
  • PCR is a method that helps to diagnose a sexually transmitted disease;
  • Ultrasound of internal organs of the pelvis;
  • Colposcopy examination of the cervix;
  • Visit for more narrow specialists.
  • Bacterial seeding involves the allocation of scraping bacteria from conventionally-threat and threat type. Necessarily defined by a particular type of organism, its susceptibility to a group of antibacterial agents. The last study is necessary to assign the best option antibiotics.

    PCR is a highly accurate method that is able to detect latent infections – do not give the external symptoms. If they are not detected in time, accordingly, do not treat it can lead to infertility.

    Ultrasound using the transvaginal transducer allows to assess the condition of the walls of the uterus and its appendages. It is possible to detect the focus of inflammation, tumor neoplasm, seals of various etiologies.

    Worth knowing: colposcopy is the most informative method to examine the cervix through a multiple increase. At an early stage identifies cancerous disease, leukoplakia, dysplasia and other diseases, which increase the number of leukocytes in the cervical canal.

    Transcript of smear from the cervical canal

    So, what should be the norm of leukocytes in a smear of zerkalnoe channel? Transcript research does the doctor. Norma leukocytes in the cervix is not more than 30 in field of view.

    Epithelial tissue covers the inner mucosa of the vagina and cervical canal. The channel should be cylindrical epithelium, the rate of which is up to 15 in field of view. The increase indicates the presence of abnormal process.

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    The results of the swabs from the cervical canal is the following information:

    • Key cells in the normally absent;
    • Gonorrhea, Trichomonas, yeast – normal not detected;
    • Gram-positive lactobacilli under normal condition do not exist (in the cervical canal);
    • Slime – the number should be moderate.

    Ideally a swab should be taken from 10 to 20 day menstrual cycle. The concentration of mucus in this period, the norm is moderate. Depending on the menstrual cycle the mucus can vary from scant to abundant content.

    Why leukocytes in the smear increased?

    The reasons for the increase of the content of leukocytes in the smear caused by disorders of the reproductive system, malfunction of other internal organs and systems. In the cervical canal the norm of leukocytes to 30. With increasing I suspect the following pathological States:

  • Inflammation in the cervix;
  • Inflammation in the tubes or ovaries
  • Inflammation of the uterus (endometritis disease);
  • Colpitis or vaginitis (lesion of the vagina);
  • Urethritis (urethral canal);
  • Neoplastic growths of a malignant nature (destruction of healthy tissue is always marked by inflammation);
  • Dysbiosis as gut and the vagina;
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Leukocytes, as shown by gynecological practice, concentrated in the focus of the inflammatory process. In turn lead to inflammation of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. Smear on flora seldom reveals, therefore, is required to undergo advanced diagnostics. Used polymerase chain reaction, examining blood, urine, discharge from the female genitals.

    Note: through PCR can detect causative agents of tuberculosis, inguinal granuloma, syphilis, HPV, gonorrhea, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, immune deficiency, fungi, Candida, etc.

    In the presence of one or more precipitating factors observed the growth and reproduction of opportunistic microflora, which is accompanied by increased content of leukocytes. The most common reasons include:

    • Microtrauma of the vagina due to intense sex;
    • The decline in local or General immune status;
    • Hormonal imbalance;
    • Surgical intervention in the genital area;
    • Allergic reactions to medications, etc.

    High concentration of leukocytes can be observed, if the woman before testing had sex or had installed an intrauterine device.

    Norma leukocytes in the smear

    The number of leukocytes is based the point where the swab was taken. In normal quantity should not be large. In the urethra, their content varies from zero to ten, the vagina not more than 15, and in the cervical canal up to 30.If there are more, need other methods of diagnosis to determine the cause abnormalities.

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    Other indicators of the analysis on the flora:

  • Leptothrix – bacteria must not be detected. If present, it indicates urogenital candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis form, chlamydia or trichomoniasis.
  • Key cells in healthy women are lacking. Their detection tells about the gardnerellosis and some other infections.
  • Allowed a single yeast fungi is present in any point of scraping for smear. The increase in the concentration of the yeast infection.
  • Lactobacilli must be contained in a large amount, but in the cervical canal and the urethra are absent. At the low content observed activity of conditionally pathogenic microflora.
  • The presence of mucus in moderate amounts at three points, and the absence in the urethra is normal.
  • In a normal smear detect squamous epithelium 5-10. If the field of view 0, is the atrophy of the tissues, when it is a lot of inflammation.
  • We will note that during carrying a child acceptable increase in white blood cells in smear of women up to 15-20. It is not pathology, as is due to hormonal changes and a decrease in the immune status of the pregnant woman.

    In conclusion: in the cervical canal the norm of white blood cells believe the figure to 30. If more of them need to have more tests. High concentration is a signal of inflammation, and hidden infections, which require appropriate treatment.

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