Leucocytes in a smear — the table of standards in women with a smear on flora

Norma leukocytes in the smear in women

When you visit Dr. must undergo a full examination that determines the «purity» and the presence of pathologies. To compile a complete picture, a number of studies, it necessarily takes a smear on flora. The results are determined by several indicators. Norma leukocytes in the smear in women means that a balance between the vaginal flora and pathogenic microorganisms. Despite the availability and ease of study, it provides a lot of information to the gynecologist.

  • Leukocytes
  • Smear on flora during pregnancy
  • The degree of purity of the vagina
  • What are the rules of the smear on the flora?


The white blood cells called white blood cells, they retain the normal condition of the body. That is, these cells help to protect the person from infections, bacteria, viruses, etc. pathogens. The term «leukocytes» includes groups of the heterogeneous nature of the cells of the circulatory system, which are combined according to the characteristics of the kernel and lack of color.

Note the basic functionality of white blood cells is to protect against all types of pathogenic microorganisms.

Any type of leukocytes are able to penetrate through the capillary cells on the cellular level, where they in a specific way capture foreign agents and «digest» to deactivate them.

If pathogens in the human body a lot, the white blood cells in the process of absorption thereof to increase in this area, however, after they are destroyed. There is the release of the components, which provoke the development of infection or inflammatory process, which is manifested by swelling, increased temperature of the body, redness of the hearth. Therefore, the reasons for the increase of the content of leukocytes in the analysis of the flora indicate a pathological process that requires proper medication depending on the disease.

Leukocytes have the following features:

  • In carrying out its functions, most cells die quickly. Therefore, to maintain these cells they are produced constantly in the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils. The lifespan of white blood cells is 12 days;
  • Components released during the death of white blood cells, attract other leukocytes, which leads to mass death. Therefore, the pus in the inflamed foci is the accumulation of dead cells.

Often urogenital flora smear shows an increased number of leukocytes, which is the first signal of some abnormal process. Self-medication will not help here, it requires examination of the body, other laboratory tests, then the doctor prescribes treatment.

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Smear on flora during pregnancy

Smear on the flora during carrying a child is of compulsory medical manipulation, which is performed at least twice. The first time it happens when you put on the account to ensure the safety of the expectant mother. Vaginal infections often lead to premature delivery, spontaneous abortion. If the disease is severe, then during labor can get the child.

It’s easier to take the second-gynaecological smear in women is done in the third trimester, particularly at the 30th week of pregnancy.

Often, pregnant women complain of symptoms:

  • Itching and burning of genitals;
  • Uncharacteristic of selection;
  • The increase in body temperature;
  • Discomfort in the lower abdomen, etc.
  • If you are experiencing such symptoms, gynecological smear on the flora required to take unscheduled. Study on the microflora take a stick – spoon Volkmann, after the biological material is applied on a glass slide. While the manipulation of pain are observed.

    In deciphering smear test takes into account many parameters. The number of cells in gynecologic smears from pregnant women are always a little high – however this is normal and is not pathology. The increase is due to physiological reasons:

    • During pregnancy, revealed a reorganization of a hormonal background, beginning in high concentrations to produce progesterone and estrogen. Due to the effects of estrogens are synthesized by lactobacilli create an acidic environment in the vagina that inhibits the growth of conditionally pathogenic microflora, as a result, there is accumulation of white blood cells;
    • The expectant mother’s reduced immune status in order to prevent rejection of the embryo as a foreign body. Because of weak immune system in the vagina can easily penetrate pathogenic microbes or aktiviziruyutsya old infection, so the results of the smear on the microflora show an increased content of leukocytes.

    Table medical textbooks show that the concentration of leukocytes in a smear on flora during pregnancy from 15 to 20 is normal. Although in other cases these values can be computed in pathology. If the smear showed the variability of 50-100, they usually talk about the development of vaginal candidiasis. In such films the survey shows the presence of mycelium fungi of the family Candida.

    The presence of high levels of leukocytes in the smear during pregnancy requires adequate treatment, as infectious processes in the vagina can go into the cervical canal and the cervix to enter the uterine cavity, provoking infection of amniotic fluid and baby.

    The degree of purity of the vagina

    When talking about the smear on the flora in women refers not only to the scrapings taken from the cervical and urethra and vagina, but also a separate study that determines the degree of purity of the vagina.

    Note: for research purity of the vagina, scrapings made from the walls thereof after dried on a separate slide. In gynecological practice there are four degrees of purity, but only the first two relate to the norm.

    Smear on flora in women has a transcript following:

  • First degree. Microscopy shows that the concentration of leukocytes from zero to five. It is a perfect option, the number of white blood cells small, microflora is represented to 95% by lactic acid bacteria isolated epithelial cells detected;
  • Second degree. Urogenital smear microscopy shows the content of leukocytes from 5 to 10. This result relates to the norm, however, detected a relatively small number of conditionally pathogenic microorganisms (e.g., fungi or cocci). Lactobacilli are prevalent in the temperate content of mucus and white blood cells, normal epithelial cells;
  • Third degree. Decoding smear showed leukocytes from 10 to 50. Provided also the result of high content of mucus and epithelium. Decreased number of lactobacilli, as there is an increase of pathogenic microflora;
  • Fourth degree. Flora in the smear consists entirely of leucocytes, the count they don’t respond. The results are literally written «entirely». Also determined a considerable number of pathogenic gonococci, Trichomonas, etc. Lactobacilli is not defined, a lot of mucus and epithelium.
  • The increase in the content of leukocytes in the smear grade 3-4 requires establishing the etiology of the inflammation, follow-up treatment.

    What are the rules of the smear on the flora?

    All women in the prevention when complaints and during pregnancy take gynecological smear. Decoding involves determining the concentration of white blood cells, yeast, lactobacilli and other indicators. How much should be in normal mucus, epithelial cells, etc.?

    Important: leukocytes in smear normal women should be in small amounts. However, their provision is based on the place where were taken the samples. In the urethra, their number 0-5-10 with the walls of the vagina 0-10-15, in the cervical canal 0-30.

    Smear on the flora stands like this:

    • Epithelial cells. Flat cells lined the vagina, urethra, cervical canal. Normally, the result ranges from 5 to 10. If cells were not found – they zero in sight is the evidence of atrophic changes of the mucous membranes; in the background a large number say on the inflammatory process;
    • Goo. Microflora in the smear should contain a small amount of mucus in all three points of sampling of biological material. In the urethra may be missing – this version of the rules;
    • The number of lactobacilli can be deciphered so: the more, the better. Thus in urethral and cervical canal they are observed. As the concentration is diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis;
    • The result of the smear on the flora shows the number of yeast. If there are spores of fungi, thus not disturbing the patient anxious symptoms, no treatment is necessary. When the mycelium is found, treat urogenital candidiasis;
    • Smear on flora is normal, if there is no key cells. When their is a large amount, it is a symptom of bacterial vaginosis or gardnerellosis;
    • Leptothrix in the interpretation of results should not be detected. If anaerobic bacteria are identified, require advanced laboratory testing for the presence of other genital infections.

    When decrypting a smear on the flora indicate the concentration of Trichomonas, gonococci, Escherichia coli, cocci, and mobiluncus. In the presence of pathological content, the doctor prescribes additional study – ultrasound, PCR and other methods of diagnosis. Treatment depends on the specific type of pathogen.

    In conclusion, we note that the normal number of leukocytes in the female scraping should vary from 0 to 10. Excess of this parameter tells about the inflammation or an infectious process. When pregnancy is detected 0-10-15-20 and the result is a relative norm associated with natural physiological processes in the organism of the expectant mother.

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