Laser treatment of nail fungus: reviews and how much

Treatment of nail fungus laser

Laser treatment of nail fungus is a gentle procedure, it allows you to completely remove the nail plate without incisions tissue. This kind of therapy is effectively used in modern medical practice, makes it comfortable to hold therapy of fungal diseases.

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Feature fungus treatment laser

Laser is a special device that generates electromagnetic waves in the form of ultra-thin beams of intense light. The light penetrates into the depth of the nail up to 7 mm, completely burns the mycelium of the fungus. For the procedure you need to prepare:

  • A week before therapy cancel the appointment of antifungal drugs.
  • On the eve of the wet nails in hot water. To do this, prepare a solution of five liters of hot water, 25 g of baking soda and 50 g of soap. Keep feet in water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Trim the nails as short as possible.
  • Two days before the diagnosis of clear lacquer or any other cover.
  • Refrain from the use of creams, deodorants, and other caregivers.
  • The procedure of laser therapy is carried out as follows:

    • to put on special glasses to protect the eyes from radiation;
    • processing of the affected nail by means of the antiseptic solution;
    • apply a special gel;
    • depending on the extent of damage and spread of infection laser procedure takes 10 to 30 minutes;
    • at the end of the procedure eliminated the remnants of the gel.

    In addition, a private clinic can offer to disinfect socks and shoes with the help of ozone. Do not refuse these services, as through this procedure you will remove the remaining fungal spores and prevent possible relapse.

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    Laser therapy

    In order to remove the fungus nail laser is used several types of lasers, they have a different effect on the affected area, different wavelengths:

  • NdFeB. Acts on the nail fototermica by heating the diseased tissue to 43-52 degrees. In this case the skin is not broken, the procedure is bloodless and painless. A light wave penetrates deep in the nail and destroys the cause of the disease – mycelium (mycelium). Also the neodymium laser is antibacterial, healing effects. It allows the cells to recover quickly. For complete recovery is about five to seven procedures.
  • Diode. This type of laser has a thermal effect on the nail. This process in medical practice is called ablation, and when the damaged, infected tissue evaporates under the beam. While healthy cells remain intact. Is laser fungus removal is bloodless, but the patient may feel a slight tingling or burning sensation. The number of sessions depends on the extent of damage and the location of the fungus.
  • Erbium. Acts on the nail painless, shows on tissue ablative and thermal effect, vaporizing all the layers of the fungus. Such radiation does not cause burns, remove the blood vessels that nourish the mycelium of the fungus. Erbium beam is more gentle than a diode, but the nail plate is also subject to destruction. With such a laser it is possible to carry out work in the most remote places. For complete recovery is about five to six sessions.
  • Where to go for service?

    To remove fungus with laser you can go to a medical center. There are times when the beauty service is also available for nail treatment by laser. Although not all the masters are graduates. Therefore, before the procedure, find out how much the treatment of onychomycosis by laser therapy and whether you can trust the master to conduct such procedures.

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    In addition, you can contact your local regional center. The price for the procedure on average will be 20 to 25 dollars. At a private clinic, the cost may rise to $ 80. It is important to clarify the procedure by place of residence.

    Patient testimonials

    Nastya, 19 years old:

    «I’m on my feet was the fungus most likely contracted it in the pool. The infection has affected the toenail of the big toe. He first faded, yellowed, there was groove, he then began to thicken. Some time later, the skin around the finger is inflamed, and the nail began to crumble. Tried to treat it with all sorts of ointments, varnishes. The doctor even prescribed anti-fungal solution. But the effect of the treatment almost was not. Friends told about the method of laser therapy. I found a decent clinic and underwent a course of treatment. Treatment of nail fungus by laser was short and painless. The fungus very quickly disappeared, on the site of the infected area had grown a new healthy nail.»

    Tatiana, 27 years:

    «For many years I am suffering from fungus. At first I didn’t pay attention to it, as the fungus has not caused me any discomfort. Two years later, I noticed that the nail was thicker and appeared on the surface of some bands. Went to the hospital. The doctor prescribed me pills and ointment. Though I in rigour has complied with all recommendations of the doctor, the result was not any, the condition only worsened even more. Nail in front began to crumble. I decided to look at treatments on the Internet and found some interesting reviews about the fungus removal with laser therapy. I don’t regret the money spent, besides, I saved on time. I would strongly recommend to use this method to people who like me suffer from such problem.»

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    Olga, 31 years:

    «How many ways against nail fungus I tried, nothing helped. I folk remedies treatment and medical drugs. Yes, the result was, but very weak. Nails look not aesthetically pleasing and the skin around the inflammation was very ill. My friend from work advised me a good clinic where you can have a laser treatment of fungus nail plate. This is what saved my favorite nails. A few procedures has helped put nails in good condition. The procedure was satisfied, I was very surprised and pleased with the result».

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