Lactogel analogues of candles cheaper: form of release and action

Lactogel from yeast: models and rules for the use of

Drug in gel form used for normalization of the natural vaginal environment, called Lactagen. In the treatment of various bacterial, fungal and mixed diseases of female sexual sphere is important not only to eliminate the causative agent using local funds, and remove favorable conditions for their reproduction, namely, the abnormal acidity of the vagina. Therefore, in the treatment of ailments through topical antibacterial and antimycotic funds it is important to use Lactagen, analogues or folk remedies to eliminate provoking factors.

  • Form release and analogues
  • Action
  • Features of use
  • Contraindications and adverse reactions

Form release and analogues

The drug is available in the form of a vaginal gel. It is packaged in tubes of 5 ml. each carton contains seven tubes. The composition of this medication is composed of the following ingredients:

  • lactic acid;
  • propylene glycol;
  • glycogen;
  • sodium lactate;
  • hydroxypropyl methylcellulose;
  • distilled water.

If we talk about the same composition of drugs, they don’t exist. It is possible to enumerate analogues of Lactophilia with similar action. Is the following drugs:

  • Gramkos-D;
  • Tetracycline in combination with nystatin;
  • Benzatinbenzilpenicillin.

I should add, none of the cheaper analog is not as effective as the drug Lactagen. This tool by itself or in combination with other medicines quickly alleviate symptoms of the disease and reduces the likelihood of relapse.


The main active substance is a lactic acid and glycogen. The last one is the replacement of the nutrient medium necessary for the propagation of useful lactobacilli. Due to the effect of lactic acid decreases the acidity of the vaginal environment, which contributes to its normalization.

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The normal vaginal environment of healthy women consists primarily of lactobacilli that metabolize glycogen is the substance in the epithelial cells of the vagina. The normal acidity needs to be in the range of 3.7 to 4.5. In such an environment can’t breed fungi and pathogenic microorganisms. If the acidity changes, the opportunistic bacteria and fungi to thrive since it is constantly present on the skin and even mucous membranes of a healthy person. In the end, symptoms of the disease, manifested by itching, burning, copious secretions (discharges) and an unpleasant odor.

Lactogel intended for the treatment of fungal and of bacterial vaginosis, including thrush. The drug can be used as a standalone tool or in treatment, for example, when assigning protivodiabeticheskie or antibacterial vaginal suppositories.

Features of use

The gel can be used vaginally only. For the treatment of bacterial vaginosis and eliminate the symptoms of this disease in the form of odor, copious secretions and discomfort in the vagina appoint one tube a day for weeks.

Also the gel is used to maintain the normal acidity of the vaginal environment and prevention of such diseases as bacterial vaginosis. To this end, the gel is used as follows:

  • For the prevention of vaginosis and maintain normal acidity remedy administered in a dose of from one to two tubes a week.
  • With antibacterial and/or antifungal therapy the drug is prescribed as a preventive measure in the amount of one tube a day prior to the termination of the use of antibiotics or antifungals.
  • If you want to remove the symptoms of vaginosis after periods, use one tube per day for one or two days.
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    The introduction of this drug it is better to exercise before going to sleep in the supine position, after performing the toilet of the external genitalia. Since a small amount of gel may leak out when you change the position of the body, it is recommended to use daily sanitary pads.

    Important! This drug should not be used during menstruation. If, during a long course of therapy come monthly, the use of medications must stop and then resume after the cessation of menstruation.

    Contraindications and adverse reactions

    As a rule, Lactogel very well tolerated by the patients and in very rare cases of adverse reactions. Such effects may include allergic symptoms in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Side effects when it is expressed in the burning, itching and increase of the secretions, irritation of the vaginal mucosa. In such reactions the use of funds should stop.

    The gel is allowed to use during pregnancy and in the process of breastfeeding. Among the contraindications can be ranked only individual intolerance to one or several of the ingredients included in the composition of the drug.

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