Kriofarma from warts and their removal at home

Kriofarma to remove papillomas

Most people are carriers of the human papillomavirus. By reducing the immunity on the skin or appear unpleasant warts. In order to get rid of the problem, many have resorted to special medicines. Popular kriofarma from papillomas. The article will examine what it is, how it works and how to use it.

  • Kriofarma — what is it?
  • The principle of operation of cryothermy
  • Methodology of application of the drug
  • Contraindications
  • Side effects
  • Reviews

Kriofarma — what is it?

This drug is intended for self-removal of benign growth on the skin that appeared due to the development of HPV. The prefix «cryo» means that the vehicle belongs to cryotherapy, that is, exposes the diseased tissue deep freeze. The main components of medications work as well as during the clinical procedure of cryodestruction. The main difference lies in the composition of medicines, liquid nitrogen may not be used to home treatment.

The main active hudgen made of a mixture of dimethyl ether and propane, which was placed in a special spray can. Together with the drug in packaging manufacturer boxes of 12 applicators. This allows you to remove 12 growths on the skin. The applicators facilitate accurate application to the surface of papillomas. Otherwise, if you touch healthy skin areas, you can get a thermal burn.

Before you begin removing warts, you should consult with your doctor. He will be able to determine the type of neoplasm, to weigh the possible risks and give permission and recommendations for use. If everything is in order, it is important to follow the instruction sheet packaged with it by the manufacturer.

The principle of operation of cryothermy

The essence of cryothermy is to freeze the warts. Because of this, the fluid contained in the intracellular space turns into microscopic crystals of ice. This leads to the destruction of cell membranes and death of the virus.

In addition to this, when frozen, disturbed blood supply to the tissue. Therefore, the cells lose the ability to recover even after thawing. The result is tissue necrosis. The immune system tries to reject nekrotizirovannye tissue, and the body begins rehabilitation, forming layers of healthy epithelium.

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If papilloma of the small size, a single surface treatment is sufficient for removal. After the drug caused the tumor to disappear, two weeks later. Large tumors treated multiple times with a break of 14 days. The procedure is repeated until the problem is completely solved.

Kriofarma suitable for the removal of papillomas appearing on the skin. Apply it to your warts, appearing on the mucous membranes is prohibited.

The tool is very convenient for self-treatment, as it does not impose on the patient’s limitations. After application of the drug can lead normal way of life. Permitted in premises with high humidity: shower, sauna, swimming pool.

Moreover, purchasing the kriofarma you can save a lot of time and resources. The cost of treatment is much cheaper clinical methods, such as radiosurgery or laser. You can get rid of several of the growths.

Methodology of application of the drug

Before you start using the drug Kriofarma it is important to learn what is written in the instructions:

  • The first thing you need to wear the holder and the applicator on the bottle. Pick the dimensions in accordance with the size of the growth. If the manifestation of HPV is too small then you can cut the edges of the applicator. As a result, you protect healthy areas of the skin.
  • After all set, click on the tip of the cartridge and lock it in this position for 3 seconds. This time is sufficient for impregnating the applicator with hladovinom and lowering its temperature to -57 °C. In this case, you will hear a hiss, it indicates the output of the main mix. If a room is enough moisture, then the applicator is covered with frost.
  • Thereafter, the applicator is pressed against the papilloma and continue to hold it for a certain time, which depends on the size of the wart. At this moment there is a feeling of tingling and burning. This reaction is evidence of the beginning of freezing.
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    How long to press hladen to the affected area of skin detailed written instructions. So, if the growth size less than 2.5 mm, the contact time should not exceed 10 seconds. For tumors of diameters up to 5 mm the period increases to 5 seconds and larger papillomas treated for 20 seconds.

    If you exceed the specified limit can cause necrosis of the surrounding tissues.

    Immediately after treatment the papilloma will be white, and a few minutes later, there will be redness and will last for the next 4 hours. After a few days at the treatment site will appear to blister. Then there will be a rejection of damaged tissue and the wound will be covered with a dry crust. Two weeks later, she will disappear, and in the damaged area there will be an updated skin.


    Most drugs have list of contraindications and kriofarma is no exception. Here are the main points:

    • not allowed to use the drug during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
    • prohibited treatment of the skin of children under 4 years;
    • not recommended for use with infectious or inflammatory lesions of the epithelium;
    • if there is mechanical damage to the integrity of your skin;
    • it is forbidden to use in case of diabetes, bleeding disorders.

    In addition, there are restrictions in the places of localization of the papillomas. So, unacceptable treatment of neoplasms, speaking on the mucous membrane, near the genitals, or on sensitive skin (Breasts, lips, neck, face and armpits). It is impossible to make a mistake in diagnosis, as the treatment of moles and age spots will lead to disastrous consequences. So is it possible to remove papillomas cryothermal can only say dermatologist.

    Side effects

    If you follow exactly the recommendations of the user, then the negative effects can be avoided. So, extending the contact time above the norm, it is possible to damage the top layer of skin. This remains an ugly scar. Avoid contact of hudgena with healthy skin. Otherwise, you may receive a white ischemic ring around the wart.

    The duration of the contact of an application impregnated with basic composition and papillomas are limited to 20 seconds. More accurate information can be found in the instructions.


    Here are some testimonials about the use of funds:

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    Anastasia, 34 years old, Moscow:

    «A year ago hand noticed that there were several papillomas. I thought they were very ugly, so I had to wear long sleeves. Then decided any methods to get rid of unpleasant growths. Since the removal in beauty clinic costs a lot of money decided to first consult a dermatologist. He advised me to use Kriofarma. I liked the easy handling and quick effect. After 10 days, the problem was solved.»

    Igor, 27 years old, Kazan:

    «Papilloma appeared on the leg was removed with Cryothermy. It’s a great drug, effective. No need to go to a salon just to buy a remedy at the pharmacy and apply a freeze on the composition of growth in the home without removing shoes. During the treatment the pain is not felt, was a little tingling. All treatment took several seconds and two weeks later saw that it was expecting a wart disappeared, and in its place left only a red spot.»

    Sergey, 42 years old, Kiev:

    «To remove the papilloma, the doctor recommended to use the drug Kriofarma with a numbing agent. I had no idea that this procedure is available at home. I bought a can of refrigerant at the pharmacy. No difficulties in application have arisen. Hudgen sprayed on the applicator and applied to the papilloma. A few seconds was removed, and after 12 days, the dried crust fell off by itself.»

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