Itching in the perineum in men: irritation and itching

The causes of itching in the perineum symptoms

Itching in the perineum brings not only physical discomfort, but affects the social life and interaction with people. Uncomfortable feelings make people nervous, aggressive, distracted. Also the irritation in the perineum indicates the presence of problems in the body. So you need to quickly find out why it itches in the crotch and eliminate the source of the problem.

  • Possible associated symptoms
  • Causes of
  • The mechanism of development of inguinal itching

Possible associated symptoms

Signs associated with itching can indicate the cause and nature of the condition, causing discomfort. In most cases people start to panic due to unpleasant sensations in the perineum, for fear of STDs or other diseases. However, the crotch itch may not because of infection or disease.

The presence of what symptoms to pay attention, if in the perineal area itching:

  • redness;
  • swelling;
  • hemorrhage;
  • the appearance of plaque;
  • white, yellow, greenish, red-brown discharge;
  • an unpleasant odor;
  • painful urination;
  • the appearance of the rash;
  • cracks;
  • the appearance of red itchy bumps.

You should also understand exactly where you experience discomfort: on the skin in the region of active growth in the hair, mucous membranes, on the external genitals. Location of itch may help in finding the installation of its causes.

Important! To the doctor should be sought if the sensation is unbearable or lasts for more than a day.

Causes of

The perineum may itch for entirely different reasons, and many factors unrelated to the development of viral or infectious diseases.

  • Wearing the wrong underwear. Itching in the perineum in men and women can be caused by incorrectly chosen underwear. Cause itching can too dense or tight underwear made of natural fabric, sloppy seams treated. Lace underwear provokes itching, as it can cling to hair or stubble on the pubic area. Synthetic clothes causes an unpleasant sensation, as it allows air to circulate, causing the linen accumulates a lot of moisture, irritating the skin. In addition, the constant wearing of synthetic materials increases the risk of fungal and other diseases as it creates the ideal environment for pathogens.
  • Diabetes. When diabetes occurs in the body, the endocrine changes that affect the General condition of the patient. Including diabetes can cause itch in the groin area. Your discomfort may increase with increasing blood sugar levels.
  • Violation of the diet. Itching of the genitals can cause errors in diet or regular violation of the principles of proper nutrition. In this case, the feeling is accompanied by constipation or diarrhea, belching, heaviness in abdominal region or by the presence of pimples on the skin.
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    Foods that trigger itching in the groin:

    • candy, cookies;
    • beer;
    • sugar;
    • baking;
    • meats;
    • chips and other snacks;
    • spices;
    • soda;
    • pickles;
    • fried food.

    We are talking about the abuse these products, excessive use despite the General paucity of the menu. In this case, you must change the diet and make the sorbent.

  • Fungal diseases. Often in the perineum itches due to fungal infection, including thrush and others. However, in this case itching is not the main symptom. Fungal diseases may be accompanied by:
    • The appearance of a thick white discharge, greenish, yellow;
    • The swelling of tissues and their strong redness;
    • Odor;
    • Painful intercourse;
    • A high libido because of a rush of blood to the genitals.

    When yeast infection discharge has a white, viscous or cheesy consistency and smell of sour milk. In men on the penis can be formed cracks, white patches. To diagnose a fungal infection exactly, you can only conduct the analysis on the microflora.

    Important! Thrush and some other fungal infections are not a necessary consequence of the violations of the rules of safe sex! This can be caused by decreased immunity and an increase in the number of microorganisms that are present in the healthy microflora.

  • Violations of technology of hair removal. Now actual Brazilian waxing, that is complete removal of pubic hair. In this case, itching may cause growing stiff bristles, which is traumatic and irritating the skin. If you use a depilatory cream the unpleasant feeling may cause the composition, wherein the contact means on the labia can also cause burning and pain that can last up to a day.
  • When wax and sugar depilation itching can cause:

    • use a very hot part that caused the burn and skin damage;
    • equipment violation, resulting in the hairs break off, and not pulled out by the root;
    • error wizard caused a severe injury to the skin;
    • individual sensitivity.

    Please note! In rare cases when the violation of sanitary-hygienic norm is possible contamination of infectious diseases during the procedure!

  • Pathology of the rectum. Diseases of the rectum often cause itching not only around the anus and perineum. It can be cracks and inflammation of the rectum, hemorrhoids and other diseases. In addition, the perineum may itch when infected by parasites.
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    The symptoms indicating the itching due to abnormalities in the rectum:

    • blood in the stool;
    • constipation;
    • education cones and seals around the anus;
    • a sense of itching inside the intestines.

    In this case, it is necessary to address to the proctologist, and tests for parasites and blood in stool.

  • Pregnancy. Often during pregnancy a woman feels itchy in the crotch area. Most often the unpleasant symptom is not dangerous and occurs due to hormonal changes. However, it may signal the development of diabetes in pregnancy and other diseases.
  • Please note! With the appearance of itching during pregnancy no need to panic, but we should mention it to the doctor. It will help you to choose safe for the fetus relief for itching.

  • Parasites. Itching can provoke insect bites, including pubic lice and bed bugs. In this case, the itching appears not all skin, but only in the area of red swollen bumps of bites.
  • Allergic reaction. Skin the groin area is sensitive, so to will react negatively to the change of cosmetics or permanent use ordinary soap, which dries the skin strong. To observe the intimate hygiene need to use hypoallergenic products. After shaving the pubic area you need to apply moisturizer.
  • Please note! Itching in men and women can be caused by allergies to latex, from which to create the condoms. In addition, there are isolated cases of individual allergic to semen and other secretions of a sexual partner.

  • Mechanical damages. Itching in the crotch can be caused by prolonged or intense sex that caused microtrauma of the skin. Mechanical injury can cause too hard for the body sponge or towel.
  • Important! Remember that to care for the sexual organs it is necessary to use a soft sponge for the body and a separate towel made of natural soft fabric!

    • STD. Sexually transmitted diseases cause intense itching and other symptoms
    • painful urination;
    • erectile dysfunction;
    • cracks in the skin;
    • the separation of men and women;
    • the formation of plaque;
    • odor;
    • swelling of tissues;
    • the appearance of ulcers and abscesses;
    • rash and redness of the tissues.
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    STDs can be diagnosed only by specialist while accurately determine the disease is possible only after conducting tests.

    Remember! Some STDs are not necessarily transmitted through traditional intercourse. The source of infection can be kissing or oral sex!

  • Dermatological disease. Skin disease can appear anywhere on the body including on the skin in the groin area. If the patient has a chronic disease of the skin, probably itchy in the crotch cause they.
  • A psychological factor. If itching is not an objective physiological reasons, to provoke stress, depression or nervous stress, chronic lack of sleep.
  • Important! If you were not able to understand what the expert should seek help, first get advice and direction from the therapist!

    The mechanism of development of inguinal itching

    Most often in the groin itches due to the development of local inflammatory reaction, which causes an immune response in the form of itching. Itching is formed by several factors:

    • the irritation of receptors and sensory fibers of the nerves located in the area of irritation;
    • the effect of the substance histamine;
    • increased blood flow;
    • the development of stagnant processes and hyperemia;
    • increased local temperature.

    In addition, some pathologies of the nervous system and can cause itching without the presence of real-world problems: infection, inflammation, damage. To diagnose the cause of itching can specialist. If crotch itches unbearably much, you can alleviate the condition: take an antihistamine, apply ice to the area of edema, make the washing soda solution or a chamomile infusion.

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