Is it possible to have sex with a yeast infection and to live an intimate life

Is it possible for thrush to have sex?

Thrush is a disease of fungal origin, so there is a possibility of infecting another person. Because more often than not this infection is localized in the genitals of men and women, a logical question arises whether it is possible to have sex with a yeast infection? In most cases doctors are not recommended to do that and I advise you to take treatment of both sexual partners. But there are some nuances that are worth to know you.

  • About the disease
  • Of having sex during illness
  • Your actions
  • Prevention

About the disease

The causative agent of the disease are yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. This fungus belongs to is conditional-pathogenic flora, because the small number inhabits the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, intestine and vagina. Getting candidiasis can be if, for whatever reasons, there is an increased proliferation of fungi. It usually happens on the background of low immunity. This disease is more prone to women. Usually the illness affects every fourth woman.

The view that the candidiasis refers to a sexually transmitted disease is wrong. Indeed, if a woman had sex with a sick. a man, then she could have the same problem, but infection can occur and other asexual method.

However, even if you don’t live an intimate life, you may have a yeast infection, because among the precipitating factors are the following ones:

  • Prolonged antibiotic therapy with broad spectrum. The risk group also includes people who have previously been diagnosed with a chronic form of the disease. That is why they are advised during antibiotic treatment to take antifungal drugs.
  • The symptoms of the disease may appear on the background of low immunity because of illness, an abrupt change in climate, stress or emotional tension.
  • Various chronic diseases, such as HIV or diabetes.
  • During pregnancy active growth of fungi may be associated with changes in hormone levels and vaginal flora.
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    Most often, infection is localized in the area of the genitals. Women’s labia and vagina, and in men the foreskin and head on. Usually the disease is accompanied by characteristic symptoms, which is more pronounced in women. Men’s candidiasis is not manifested so intensely.

    Of having sex during illness

    Many people who suffer with thrush, ask a question, is it possible for thrush to have sex? The doctors say no. If one of sexual partners is suffering from yeast infection, then sexual intercourse should be abandoned. The fact is that there is a high probability of infection with a second sexual partner.

    Some people often suffer from exacerbations of candidiasis, be sure that if a yeast infection to make love with a condom, the disease does not threaten the second healthy person. However, this is not so, and the condom does not always protect from infection.

    The fact is that during the candidiasis fungi in a human patient can not dwell only on chaff bodies, but also in the oral cavity, so infection can occur during kissing or intimate oral sex.

    The big problem is that not all people have the idea that he has a yeast infection because sometimes the symptoms can be very scarce. Especially men, because they have a disease is more mild and less pronounced. However, if the disease is running, then the stronger sex can be obvious symptoms that are manifested in the following:

    • at the head of the penis appears whitish plaque;
    • in the area of the foreskin a man feels the burning and itching;
    • during intimacy and after urination may become painful.

    As for women, they have the disease from the beginning is expressed in the characteristic symptoms:

    • cheesy white vaginal discharge;
    • the feeling of dryness, burning and itching in the area of genitals;
    • discomfort after sex and after urination.
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    As you can see, if you have sex during yeast infection, pain during and after the act are also a major contraindication to it. And it equally concerns men and women.

    Some people believe that it is possible to have sex during a yeast infection, and if you want to conceive a child. This is a big mistake, especially if the disease manifests itself in women, as in this case, to conceive a baby fail. The fungus does not affect the sperm or the development of a fetus, but if it is, then, the acidity of the vagina is changed. This will be a barrier to conception, since in the conditions of changed acidity of the sperm simply cannot reach the egg to fertilize.

    Attention! Responsible sexual partner will never put another person’s health at risk.

    Now you know the answer to the question for thrush can I have sex. If, nevertheless, the sexual contact occurred, the healthy partner must also go to the doctor and be treated. Often, the treatment women medications are prescribed to men, even if they have no visible signs of disease. This is because in men the symptoms can almost not occur.

    Your actions

    During treatment of yeast infection couple should adjust their sex life. First of all, you should stop all sex until full recovery of one or both partners. Love you can do when you’re healthy. Each of the partners, regardless of whether he is sick or healthy, should understand that. Otherwise, the infection may lead to additional costs for treatment or transition of the disease into a chronic form.

    Often if a woman was ill and had sex with a healthy man, the disease takes a relapsing course. The reason is very simple: during intimacy with a sick woman have been infecting men, but the disease did not manifest itself. In this case, after complete recovery, the women and the subsequent sexual acts with this man it is re-infection and relapse of the disease. That is why during treatment, you need to completely eliminate sex, and the doctor must treat both partners.

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    If you do not want to completely give up sex, at least try to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Categorically refuse oral sex and oral sex.
  • At each location, use a condom.
  • Sexual intercourse must be discontinued if there is pain or discomfort.
  • Attention! Even a minute of unprotected sex can cause infection of the second partner.


    If one or both sexual partners at least once was diagnosed with yeast infection, you must follow the following preventive guidelines:

    • It is necessary to examine both partners, even if there are no symptoms.
    • The rules of hygiene. For intimate places every man should be a separate towel. Often need to take a shower and use cosmetics for intimate hygiene. Every day you need to change underwear, which should be made only from natural fabrics.
    • After the illness of one of the partners must undergo treatment and second, even in the absence of symptoms of the disease.

    If an infected person does not have a regular pair, then he must undergo treatment and to use condoms to protect healthy people from infection by the fungal infection.

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