Instructions for use of Xylitol for kids and reviews

Xylitol — instructions for use of the drug

The drug is Xylitol, a powerful vasoconstrictor topical application in the treatment of ENT diseases. Is alpha agonists, shows high efficiency in the facilitation of nasal breathing with rhinitis allergic and infectious properties. Inexpensive medicine Xylitol is popular, but be aware that prolonged use is addictive.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological effect and release form

The therapeutic effect of the drug is achieved due to a sharp narrowing of the blood vessels of the nasal cavity. Due to the use of drops not only helps to reduce swelling of the mucous membrane, but also to reduce the number of abnormal nasal secretions.

Important! Local application does not cause the absorption of the drug. Concentration in the plasma are minimal so that the components of the drug is impossible to determine the current analytical means.

The main benefit of Xylene in a slight drying of the nasal mucosa that does not cause sharp reactions. At the same therapeutic effect is achieved very quickly, is persistent and lasts up to 10-12 hours, which allows the use of a nasal drug are rare.

In the form of drops nasal properties. The liquid is enclosed in a plastic bottle with built in dropper for ease of use and calculation of dose. The bottle is protected by cardboard packaging and instructions. Also there are spray Xylitol in a bottle with a nozzle. Medicinal liquid is odorless, the volume of the vial in 10 ml of Xylene Varies 0 1 for adults and Xylene 0 05 for children.

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Instructions for use and composition

Form release drug at the pharmacy without a prescription. Therefore, the instruction on the use of Xylene should be read carefully before using the product. On the use of medications Xylitol manual gives clear guidance. What Xylitol helps:

  • Allergic rhinitis-induced flowering.
  • In the complex therapy in the treatment of otitis media, Eustachian;
  • To reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa caused by a viral infection;
  • As a subsidiary decongestants with nosebleeds.
  • The effect is long and persistent, in applying observed already after 2 minutes. But the tool has a number of contraindications. Abstract the cure describes the following factors:

    • Jumps in blood pressure;
    • A history of the patient’s hypertensive crisis;
    • Severe glaucoma;
    • Tachycardia;
    • Dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
    • Atrophy of the nasal mucosa;
    • The presence of operations (recent) on the membranes of the brain;
    • Individual intolerance of the drug.

    Contraindications relate to the Xylene regardless of the method of production. The main component of the drug Xylometazoline in the proportions of 0.05% and 0.1%. Also in the preparation includes excipients: purified water, benzalkonium chloride, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, disodium edetate. The tool has no odor, color.

    Side effects

    Long-term use of the drug causes tolerance and can also burdened side effects. Effects occur when the abuse of drops/spray and manifested in the form of local reactions:

    • Burning and itching;
    • Strong drying of the nasal mucosa;
    • Strengthening the common cold;
    • Sneezing.

    After drug withdrawal, all the symptoms disappear. Especially dangerous drug in excessive use. What threatens Xylene overdose:

  • Increased sleepiness, lethargy;
  • Fatigue, lethargy;
  • Dizziness;
  • Pain in my temples back of the head;
  • Increase in blood pressure;
  • Depression;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Reinforced side-effects described above.
  • Important! Overdose occurs not only when the uncontrolled medication, but using them for more than 14 days. At the slightest suspicion on the development of signs of drug overdose require immediate removal of the medication and symptomatic treatment.

    You should note that drops cannot be used together with inhibitors, is also bad Xylitol is combined with drugs of the group of tricyclic immunosuppressants.

    Important! Drug use during pregnancy, lactation is not recommended. If necessary, use Xylene, the doctor evaluates the risks to baby and mother. It is best to begin treatment after breast feeding is over. Children’s Xylitol with caution administered to children up to 2 years, spray never give a child under the age of 7 years. In the cases of the formation of rhinitis with crusts in the nose, the kid can write down the gel, about the features of the application, you should consult your pediatrician.

    Method of application and doses

    Drops and Xylitol spray is indicated for the treatment of rhinitis, the use of local. Children from 1 year is assigned to the drug at a dosage of 0.05%. Bury should be 1-2 times a day 1-2 drops in each nasal passage. The head should tilt in the opposite direction, putting it on the side so the medicine is evenly distributed across the mucosa and does not leak immediately.

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    Children 12 years and adults is assigned to the drug with the dosage of 0.1%. The dosage: 1-2 drops twice a day. The regimen of spray is the same. Before first use, the spray bottle needs to be shaken and to calibrate the nozzle. To do this, press the dispenser several times, sending a stream to the side.

    The duration of treatment is prescribed. Therapy can last more than 5 days to avoid tolerance to the drug. Tolerance causes an increase in dose of medications dry the nasal mucosa.

    Analogues of the drug

    Pharmacies just to find analogues of drugs sold without prescription. These include:

    • Galazolin drops/spray;
    • Ksimelin drops/spray;
    • Llanos;
    • Otrivin;
    • Nazivin.

    You should pay attention to the storage of drugs: cap should be tightly screwed, the storage temperature not above +20C. During the reception Xylene, patients may experience depression, dizziness, that requires caution when driving and operating machinery.

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