Instructions for use of the drug Filtrum and reviews

Filtrum Allergy: instructions for use

Many people suffer from food and drug allergies for a long time and don’t know how to handle it. To find the right drug to have to spend the time, money, sometimes even health. In this article, you can learn what Filtrum, what is the usage instructions Filtrum, why and how to use the drug, contraindications to the use.

  • Pharmacological action, release form
  • The composition, instructions for use
  • Side effects
  • Method of application dosing
  • Contraindications
  • Price, counterparts
  • Reviews

Pharmacological action, release form

Filtrum-STI – drug anti-allergic, consisting of polymer lignin (hydrolysis product components of the wood). The structural elements of lignin – derivatives of hydrocellulose, phenylpropane. The drug Filtrum-STI treat natural chelators, reveals high sorbent, non-specific detoxification effect.

The essence of drug action is the binding and removing allergens from the body. Also, the drug may flush out the substances that have entered the body from outside: the alcohol, the products its metabolism, poisons, drugs, their metabolites, harmful bacteria, toxins they produce, helps in cases of poisoning by salts of heavy metals. From what Fillum help? The medication actively removes excess bilirubin, cholesterol and urea. When the excretion of excess of these products of metabolism, the tool does not allow the development of endogenous toxicosis.

The main pharmaceutical form – tablets Filtrum-STI 400 mg Also available Filtrum gel.

The composition, instructions for use

Instructions for use Filtrum-STI contains information on the composition of the drug. Is the drug active and auxiliary substances:

  • Polyphane, or lignin act as the active substance, in 100% substance have 0.4 grams polifan.
  • Auxiliary substances presented low molecular weight medical polyvinylpyrrolidone (povidone), calcium stearate, calcium croscarmellose (Primerose).
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    What pills Filtrum, and when to take the drug? Make Filtrum is at:

    • food, medicinal allergies;
    • acute poisonings with salts of heavy metals, drugs, alkaloids, alcohol;
    • integrated for food poisoning, salmonellosis, dysentery, dyspepsia;
    • purulent-inflammatory diseases accompanied by severe intoxication;
    • hyperbilirubinemia, giperazotemii (abnormal condition will occur in patients with renal, hepatic failure);
    • the prevention of chronic intoxications for workers of harmful industrial activities.

    The drug is effective against intoxications of exogenous and endogenous origin and against the allergen entered the body and caused a hypersensitivity reaction. Speaking in simple words, it helps Filtrum from poisoning caused by any reason.

    Side effects

    Instructions for use Filtrum also contains information on possible side effects, among which are a hypersensitivity reaction and constipation. The advantage of medication is that if all the rules of admission written in the annotation, usually side effects occur.

    With long-term therapy may metabolism of calcium and vitamins (limited to the absorption of substances), due to which the treatment should be supplemented with multivitamins, calcium-containing drugs.

    Method of application dosing

    How to take the drug? Pills Filtrum take in, before using the tablet is crushed. Use the medicine one hour before eating, other drugs, after application washed down with water.

    The dose for adults and children differs. Also the dosing is influenced by the weight of the person, the severity of the disease.

    Filtrum-STI for children under 12 months use half of one. Children 1 to 3 years appoint half of one tablet, children 3-7 years old are allowed to consume 1 tablet with 7 years — 1 or 2 tablets. Filtrum adults appoint 2 or 3 tablets for 1 application. The day allowed 3-4 doses of the medicine.

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    Filtrum-STI in pregnancy used under strict medical supervision. Testing on humans on the effect of the drug on the fetus and mother’s body were not conducted, thus it is impossible to speak about its harmlessness. But Filtrum prescribed to pregnant women for the treatment of severe intoxications, poisoning, allergies, if you can’t restrict the receipt of allergen into the organism of a pregnant woman. Given the fact that the drug Filtrum reduces the amount of nutrients that enter the blood, pregnant women need to take multivitamins, micronutrients in the prevention.

    Also, the drug allowed during the period of lactation. Filtrum can be used not only during feeding but for infants, if the dosage is reduced.

    Treatment in young children is monitored by the physician, lasts no more than 10 days, for intoxication, 14 days for allergies. Pregnant women the course of treatment is 7 days, excluding the use of drugs for prevention. Children from 1 year to adult medicine is prescribed for 2-3 weeks in the treatment of allergies, acute intoxication. A second course with the use of medication may be authorized by a physician 2 weeks after the previous application.


    Filtrum has contraindications, which include:

  • Atony of the intestine;
  • Hypersensitivity to drug, its components;
  • Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer.
  • Before drinking the preparation the man with intestinal obstruction, gastric, intestinal hemorrhages, galactosemia should consult with your doctor.

    Price, counterparts

    How much is the medicine? One of the benefits of the drug price, which is 1-1.$ 5 for 10 tablets. Packaging that contains 50 tablets will cost 2.7-4.3 $.

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    Analogues of Filtrum — STI can be structural and functional. Among structural analogues Filtrona release:

    • Lignosol;
    • Polyphane;
    • Integrin;
    • Polifepan.

    Functional analogues among the most common:

    • Smectite;
    • Diosmectite;
    • Intersorb;
    • Neosmectin.

    Structural analogues differ Filtrona identical active substance, functional properties and effect on the body.


    The drug contains a lot of positive feedback:

    Elena, 25 years:

    «Very satisfied with the effect of the drug, but the problem in flavor and amount of pills. Pills taste nasty, and the doctor prescribed 50 pills a day for 3-4 reception.»

    Anna, 29 years old:

    «Filtrum very fast acting, has a high efficiency. For me making money was completely safe, side effects were not.»

    As you can see, Filtrum – effective sorbent which has no massive side effect on the body, helps to cope with allergies, intoxications.

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