Instructions for use Flixonase spray and straw in the nose

Drugs Flixonase: instructions for use

Many allergic diseases are manifested by lacrimation, edema, and nasal congestion and runny nose. In such a situation, in addition to systemic drug allergies need to use a local vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory drugs. Among these preparations can be called spray Flixonase. This medicine is glucocorticosteroid for use topically and is used for the treatment of various diseases of the nose.

  • Pharmacological effect and release form
  • Instructions for use and composition
  • Side effects
  • Method of application and doses
  • Analogues of the drug

Pharmacological effect and release form

Drug Flixonase comes in spray form based on water in a bottle with dispenser. It is an opaque white suspension, which is intended for the treatment of respiratory organs. The drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Country of origin drugs – Spain. In a cardboard box in addition to the vial, there is a special attachment for the nose and cover the bottle.

Important! Because the drug is used intranasally, it almost has no systemic activity.

The active ingredient has no negative or overwhelming effect on the function of the pituitary-hypothalamus-adrenal axis. The main method of removing minor amounts of the drug, which is absorbed into the bloodstream from the nasal cavity is hepatic metabolism. The main way of excretion through the intestine unchanged.

Instructions for use and composition

Nasal spray is intended for the prevention and treatment of allergic rhinitis, including hay fever, as well as for the treatment of allergic rhinitis, which is triggered by inhaled allergens (animal dander, dust mite). Anti-inflammatory and antipruritic action of the drug allows it to be used for the symptomatic treatment of:

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  • watery eyes;
  • itching in the nose;
  • sneezing;
  • the common cold;
  • itching in the eyes;
  • nasal congestion;
  • and discomfort in the nasal sinuses.

Flixonase – nasal spray, main ingredient is fluticasone propionate. One dose contains 50 micrograms of this substance. Part medications include the following additional components:

  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • anhydrous glucose;
  • carboxymethyl cellulose sodium;
  • phenylethyl alcohol;
  • benzalkonium chloride;
  • Polysorbate 80;
  • diluted hydrochloric acid;
  • purified water.

Side effects

The attached instructions for use Flixonase contains the following information about the side effects of medicine:

  • Immune system: rarely hypersensitivity, bronchospasm, anaphylactic reactions, swelling of tongue and face, skin rash.
  • Nervous system: often observed headaches and a sensation of unpleasant smell and taste in my mouth.
  • The organs of vision: cataract, increased intraocular pressure, glaucoma.
  • Side effects from the respiratory system: irritation of nose and throat, nosebleeds, perforation of the nasal septum.
  • If the use began the overdose of the drug, it leads to a temporary inhibition of the activity of the adrenal glands. Special treatment is not required because the function of the adrenal glands itself will recover in a few days.

    Attention! This Allergy medication is not prescribed with hypersensitivity to its ingredients and for the treatment of children under the age of four.

    Flixonase during pregnancy and during lactation the breast is prescribed only if benefit to mother will greatly exceed any foreseeable risks for the baby.

    Method of application and doses

    Guide to Flixonase contains the following information about how to use it:

  • The drug Flixonase is intended only for intranasal use.
  • Adults and children over twelve years appoint 2 doses in each nostril 1 p/d (it is recommended to use a Sutra). In some cases, can be administered in 2 injection 2 R/D. After the symptoms of the disease will weaken, you can apply maintenance treatment amount of injection times a day. Again if the symptoms recur, the dose can again be increased, but not more than the maximum daily dosage for adults in the amount of 4 doses in each turn of the nose.
  • For the treatment of children from the age of four to 11 years used for one injection nostril 1 p/d . At this age the maximum daily dose is one injection, so to exceed it is not recommended.
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    The maximum therapeutic effect is achieved within four days after the start of therapy. Before use the bottle needs to be shaken.

    Analogues of the drug

    Before you can use the analogs of the medication is prescribed by a doctor Flixonase, you should consult with a specialist. Below is a list of drugs with similar action:

    • To lower blood pressure mother used to treat allergic rhinitis;
    • Allertec nazo is intended for the symptomatic treatment of perennial and seasonal rhinitis in children from two years old and adults;
    • Bacanales Aqua has the same indications for use;
    • Almost four years be used in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in case of seasonal and year-round allergic rhinitis;
    • Genspera used for seasonal rhinitis of allergic origin;
    • Demista intended for the symptomatic relief of manifestations of different forms of allergic rhinitis;
    • Metaspray has the same indications for use;
    • Nose drops Nasonex used for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes for allergic rhinitis.

    Also among the analogues of the drug can be called Nazofan, Nasobec, Neo-inaktiv, Polideksa, Sanmen, Tafen, Floral and Foriners. Some of these drugs, for example, Polideksa contain antibacterial component for the treatment of complicated forms of rhinitis.

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