Instructions for the treatment of fungal diseases with the help of Pokazateli

Fukusato intended for the treatment of patients with symptoms of infection by the fungus. Defeat pathogenic micro-organisms accompanied by destruction of the nail plates of the patient. Fukusato from nail fungus are not only actively fighting the infection. He has a strong antiseptic effect and suppresses the broad-spectrum activity of streptococci and staphylococci.

Release form

The disinfectant solution is dispensed in vials made of dark glass. Each package contains 10 ml of antifungal agents.

The drug

The therapeutic effect of the drug is associated with its composition, which includes the following substances:

  1. Boric acid contributes to the destruction of pathogenic bacteria.
  2. To cope with the fungal infection are added to the solution Magenta. This component destroys various types of harmful bacteria.
  3. Contained in the product resorcinol enhances the disinfecting properties of the solution. The component has an impact on the nerve receptors located on the skin of the patient. With regular use, the patient has reduced pain.
  4. Healing the mortar should not be applied to a large area, as it contains phenol. This component has a toxic effect. In Pokazatele it is used as a preservative that increases the shelf life of the drug.

Important! The antifungal solution suitable for the treatment of burns. This is due to the fact that the components of the product may cause additional damage. They have disturbing effects on the affected tissue.


Do not use solution for the treatment of large areas. The product contains phenol, which has a toxic effect. With deep lesions of the fungus will have to find a drug with similar properties. Fukusato not suitable for patients with individual intolerance to certain components.

Important! If redness, rash and itching you should immediately stop treatment with Pokazatelem.

Treatment of fungus Focusedcolor

Before treatment of tissues affected by fungal infections, a diagnosis. The product can be used in the early stages of the disease. Pair of phenol in the treatment process have a negative impact on the respiratory system. To reduce the risk of side effects need to pre-treat infected areas with antiseptic.

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After that start to apply on the nails Pokazatel. Each bottle comes with a special brush. Leave the solution to dry completely. Experts do not recommend immediately close the treated area with a bandage as this may cause cracking.

To obtain a positive result, the procedure should be carried out 4 times a day. The duration of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks. More prolonged use of Pokazateli lead to addiction of pathogenic microorganisms to existing components of the drug. The solution is preferably used in combination with other antifungal drugs.

Possible similar

If you experience Allergy symptoms Fukusato can be replaced:

  • The fukortsin;
  • ointment «Linin»;
  • the boric acid powder.


Fukusato helps to cope with various fungal diseases. Experts recommend to use the solution in the early stages, when the pathogen has not yet had time to affect large areas. Such limitations arise from the fact that the drug contains a phenol. This substance has a toxic effect on the patient.