Ingrown nail on the big toe and treatment

Causes vretania nail on the big toe and how to treat it?

Onychocryptosis is a common disease resulting from pathological changes of the nail plate, matrix and surrounding tissue. Ingrown nail on the big toe is not only unaesthetic appearance, but also gives the patient a lot of pain and discomfort. In most cases the problem is diagnosed in persons from 18 to 32-Lamego age. Slightly less likely to suffer teenagers, elderly people. Extremely rare young children and infants.

  • Why the nail grows?
  • When you can treat ingrown nails at home?
  • Treatment of ingrown toenail
  • Methods for the treatment of onychocryptosis home
  • Compresses and baths help to cure the ingrown nail
  • Medical treatment of ingrown toenail

Why the nail grows?

If the nail had grown into the finger, then the vast majority of clinical pictures etiology is based on the wrong cut or the wrong shoes. The most susceptible to pathological state of people who have thick, curved nails.

Note, often with the complications of septic character to face patients with diabetes.

Ingrown nail due to the following reasons:

  • The mismatched shoes. For example, tight shoes or boots. As a result of such wear are squeezed by fingers, the nail is intensively pressed into the nail wall, which leads to Postojna injury of the skin. It over time forms a small ulcer, and then grow granulation tissue;
  • A hereditary form of onychocryptosis. An abnormal structure of the nail that is transmitted at the genetic level, may be one factor that leads to the fact that the nail grows. These causes include flat feet hereditary nature;
  • Infectious diseases of a fungal nature lead to deformation changes and thickening of the nails, whereby the nails on the feet grow into the finger;
  • Injury as one of the reasons why the nail has grown into the skin. It may be a direct impact on the finger, drop a heavy object or a long and regular walk at your finger tips;
  • Individual physiological characteristics. For example, these include the rounded legs are too curved to be a bone or increased desquamation of the dermis, etc.

At the initial stage of ingrown nail on the big toe can be cured at home by yourself. Provided that the nail plate dug not very deep in the skin, there are no symptoms of purulent process and pain syndrome develops only if you touch the affected area or wearing tight shoes.

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When you can treat ingrown nails at home?

Fingertips, from the big and ending with the little finger, are characterized by extreme susceptibility, as the soft tissues have many nerve endings. From ingrown toenails patients hard to live a full life. Problem intermittently or constantly reminds himself strong and sharp pain, which tends to grow on the background of physical activity.

In medicine, are the three stages of the pathological state:

  • The thumb and the surrounding tissue becomes red, appears pulsating pain syndrome in the area that is affected.
  • In the second stage has worsening clinical picture. Notched edge of the plate grows into the soft tissue cushion. Revealed swelling, the presence of purulent and inflammatory processes.
  • After drainage, the wound surface covered with granulation tissue, the inflammatory process gradually faded away, the person recovers. If the nail still grows, the pathology becomes chronic.
  • Important: onychocryptosis refers to chronic diseases, prone to relapsing course with a tendency to increase.

    Ingrowing nail appears to be a serious problem, leading after a traumatic pathologies, which are accompanied by accession of the infectious process. At home you can solve the problem only if the pathology is at an early stage of development, there is no pus. The remaining paintings should immediately visit a medical professional.

    Treatment of ingrown toenail

    What if the nail has grown on the leg? It’s not just a question, is «the cry of the soul» many people who suffer from such problem. Practice shows that timely therapeutic interventions, home-made, allow to solve the problem. Unconventional ways of treatment is effective in strict compliance with all recommendations.

    Methods for the treatment of onychocryptosis home

    If you are able to catch the pathological process at an early stage of development, to deal with the problem relatively easily. When the nail just grows, while the symptoms of the inflammatory process is mild, do not have a pronounced immediate need to abandon the old shoes.

    To eliminate excessive strain on your finger, you should choose a Shoe that is more free, has a wide front part. If possible, it is better to walk barefoot even on the street (if the person resides in a private home) or you can choose shoes with an open toe.

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    If the patient or his close relatives have minimal medical training, you can try to lift a fragment of the nail plate. Following:

    • A small swab of cotton wool or bandage;
    • Hover legs in warm water for 10-15 minutes;
    • To wipe their feet, to push the cotton pad in the resulting gap (it will definitely be after the water treatment);
    • With each subsequent bath to try to push the tampon farther and farther.

    In total, this healing process takes from one week to two. In no case should one try to improve the situation in one night. It will bring a lot of pain, but the inflammatory process will only intensify. Mini-tampon should be changed for new ones every day.

    Compresses and baths help to cure the ingrown nail

    The question of how to treat a nail that grows into the skin, proponents of alternative treatment recommend the use of a variety of compresses and baths. According to reviews, they effectively cope and help to get rid of negative symptoms.

    If the nail cuts into the skin, the following tips will help:

  • Ordinary rock salt is a cheap tool, effective struggling with inflammatory processes. A hot bath with common salt gives a softening effect, relieves pain. At the advanced stage of the pathology of the bath you can also, it helps to uncover the ulcers.
  • Tray on the basis of a combination of medicinal herbs. It is necessary to mix in equal proportions chamomile, Hypericum and calendula blossoms. Two tablespoons of components added to a liter of water (boiling water), leave for half an hour. Keep in a warm infusion of the feet for half an hour, constantly adding hot liquid. Then you need to lift the steamed skin, put a cotton ball between your nail and the swollen tissue to reduce the severity of pain.
  • Lotion on the basis of natural honey and onions helps to soften the nail. You need to chop through meat grinder or blender a small peeled onion, add one tablespoon Linden or buckwheat honey. Soda after a bath apply the mixture on affected area, wrap with plastic and bandage. Better to do just before bedtime. And in the morning to try to bring out the ingrown nail layer.
  • The question of how to cure ingrown nail, many recommend the use of aloe. To do this, cut a fresh leaf is applied to affected area, bandage. Greatly compress the finger impossible. Manipulation is done in the evening time, the morning is cut with a sharp piece of dead skin layer, apply a new compress. The treatment lasts until full recovery.
  • Important: in case of severe inflammation and suppuration, homemade treatments do not give the desired result, the situation will worsen and the disease will become chronic.

    Medical treatment of ingrown toenail

    If you ignore symptoms, the disease will progress, will lead to complications, prolonged inflammation can spread to healthy tissues, often joined by additional infection. Significantly increases the risk of inflammation of the bones of the fingers and even gangrene. The end result is the only treatment would be amputation of the phalanx.

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    When the disease is at an advanced stage, medical professionals resort to mechanical removal methods:

    • Remove nail plate or a portion thereof. At the same time excised proliferating granulation tissue, periungual is the plastic cushion;
    • Radio wave therapy is a modern way of helping to remove the affected area of any size. Characterized by painless and low-traumatic. The wound surface healing after a few days;
    • Laser manipulation allows to cure even the pathology of a chronic nature. With a laser excised the damaged tissue, ingrowing of land and part of the growing zone. The duration of the procedure 30-40 minutes. The recovery period is 1 week.

    Any mechanical intervention requires the expertise of a doctor and careful wound care. After surgery, the need to frequently change bandages to rule out any infection and bacteria. Conservative treatment is characterized by low efficiency. Practice shows that after treatment with topical use preparations often there are relapses. So they are used exclusively in the early stages of the pathology or when the patient refuses surgical intervention.

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