Inflammation of the cuticle of the nail and its treatment on the fingers

Causes inflammation of the cuticle and nail treatments

Even women who spend a lot of time and money to care for the nails and skin of hands may be inflammation of the cuticle. The cuticle around the nail is called the cushion from inflammation which no one is immune. The causes of the inflammatory process in this location can be set. It is necessary to treat this disease, because it is possible suppuration.

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Inflammation of the cuticles may occur for different reasons. It often occurs after the execution of the manicure with the rules of asepsis. However, this is not the only reason. Before you start the treatment of this disease, pinpoint its causes. There can be several:

  • In the first place is a wrong treatment of periungual roller during the execution of the manicure. After removal of cuticle in this place can develop burrs that can not be separated because of the risk of sepsis. If the cuticle before the circumcision, not to soften, then it can also become inflamed. The use of non-sterile instruments leads to infection around the nail cushion, inflammation and the formation of a purulent abscess.
  • Inflamed skin around the nail may be due to the lack of manicuring. If this place is not systematically process or mitigate, you risk to get problems. Big thick cuticle is often damaged and inflamed. Too dry skin around nails can indicate a fungal infection.
  • Nail metilmetakrilata increases the likelihood of inflammation of the cuticle. For this reason, women with beauty of your nails should specially take care of the cuticle, the right to choose the means to care for your nails and keep the skin clean.
  • Often the cuticle is inflamed because of infection that live on the skin of the hands. And enough, even minor injuries periungual cushion, accidentally received or incurred during a manicure. Most often the cause of infection to be Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and fungus. In the latter case, in addition to severe irritation, there is inflammation and itching of the skin.
  • Allergies. By contact with household chemicals and other allergenic foods inflammation, irritation, swelling, and peeling will not appear on a single finger around the nail, and in other parts of the hand.
  • The cuticle can become inflamed on finger or toe due to injury and mechanical stress. This can result in bruises, cuts, bumps, wearing tight shoes.
  • Frequent inflammatory processes in this area may be due to the constant contact with household cleaning products or professional activities associated with manual work. In this case weakens the local immunity, which leads to frequent infection of the skin.
  • Important! Habit to nibble your nails can also cause infections of the skin and its inflammation. When you can form multiple abscesses.


    Inflammation of the cuticle cannot be confused with other diseases because there are specific symptoms that depend on the stage of the disease. The disease progresses in the following stages:

    • Initially, periungual cushion swells and reddens. Often in this place you may notice a different pill sizes. If the treatment is started at this stage, the skin can recover much faster without serious complications.
    • If the inflammation lasts a few days, the local immunity is weakened and inflammation may to join the infection.
    • As soon as pathogens penetrate into the soft tissue, increasing swelling, there is pain. The accession of itching. Cure the cuticle at this stage will be more difficult. Require special antiseptic ointments and creams.
    • If treatment is not started in time, appears purulent abscess in the place of introduction of infection. The pus may be localized only around the nail plate or to flow under the nail. You will need the assistance of a qualified surgeon.

    Attention! When suppuration may swell the whole finger. Sometimes temperature rises, there is throbbing pain. To the place of the boil is painful to touch.

    Treatment at home

    If inflamed cuticle, at the initial stage of good help baths with potassium permanganate. Only one bath a day for 10-15 minutes to remove the inflammation. After bath, the hands should be cleaned and on the sore place to put medical ointment (nasal spray, ointment Vishnevsky or Dioxydinum). Top applied a folded bandage and fix the plaster or bandage.

    Important! If we formed a large purulent abscess, you must consult a surgeon, which will hold its opening and drainage.

    Treatment small festering sores on periungual roller can be performed at home. To do this, do the following:

  • A couple of times a day is necessary to steam of places with abscesses in the bath with the addition of potassium permanganate. The solution should be slightly pink. Procedure is carried out for 15 minutes. As the cooling bath, you can add hot water.
  • After steaming to the sore places apply Ichthyol ointment or ointment Vishnevsky and wraps my fingers with bandages.
  • The procedure of steaming and applying ointments to repeat until the abscesses burst.
  • After that, continue to do the bath and apply the above ointment. Otherwise, the place of long boils will not heal.
  • Further treatment performed with the use of antiseptic and wound-healing ointment Miramistin or nasal spray. Before applying the ointment the wound should be treated with an antiseptic solution, chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide. To speed healing, healing ointment better fasten bandage, and does not fix the bandage with plaster. This will improve the access of air to the skin.
  • Bandages with medicinal ointment, and antiseptic treatment conduct morning and evening until complete healing of the skin.
  • Popular recipes

    If the inflammation and infection of the cuticle of the nail is not accompanied by purulent formation, the treatment can be carried out by traditional methods:

    • Compresses with aloe juice. For this you need a cotton swab soak the juice and apply to the inflamed place. Instead of juice you can use the leaf of a plant, cut along. A piece of leaf pulp applied to the affected area.
    • As an additional treat, you can use the bath with oak bark, which helps to speed up tissue regeneration. To remove the swelling and redness shown the bath with nettle and chamomile. However, by themselves, these treatments will not help. They need to be supplemented by the use of special ointments and antiseptic treatments.
    • To speed up healing of the sore, you can apply a special oil to handle the cuticle. They will also help at an early stage to remove the inflammation and swelling of tissues, will have a slight analgesic effect.
    • In folk medicine, the sores and inflammation are often treated with honey cakes. This method helps to remove the inflammation, draw out pus and accelerate the healing tissues. Before the procedure it is necessary to disinfect the skin in the affected area. Next, prepare the cake. To do this, honey (15 g) are mixed with flour to obtain a homogeneous pellet. It is to be applied to the damaged spot and fix. To remove the cake is necessary after 12 hours.
    • Good assistance in dealing with abscesses will have St. John’s wort, plantain and sorrel. For cooking means fresh leaves of plantain and sorrel are ground in equal proportions until mushy state. The mixture is applied to the site of the abscess and fix the bandage. St. John’s wort to make therapeutic baths. For their preparation 200 g of boiling water and steam 50 g of dry or fresh herbs. Herb needs to steep for about 30-40 minutes, after which you can drop into the tank a sore thumb and steam it for quarter of an hour. After steaming your finger you can apply and skip the mush of medicinal plants. Procedures performed before a full recovery.


    To avoid abscesses and inflammation of the periungual roller, observe the following rules:

  • All the manicure tools before use, you must disinfect.
  • If during a manicure you damaged cuticles, you need immediately to treat this place with antiseptic solution.
  • To eliminate the possibility of cracking and hangnails, cuticles should be regularly treated with special agents to nourish and soften.
  • It is useful to do a warm beauty bath for hands and nails, then apply a nourishing cream, paying particular attention periungual rollers.
  • While using household chemicals the better to protect hands with rubber gloves.
  • Special cosmetics cuticle will insure you against damage and injury while performing a manicure.
  • It is much easier to prevent a problem than to fight it. It is therefore necessary to observe the above preventive measures that will keep your hands groomed and protected from inflammation and suppuration of cuticle.

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