Hyperhidrosis what doctor to address?

Which doctor to contact if you have hyperhidrosis? This disease is not among the list of common. And the causes of this disease can be many. It is important to consider causation under the above diagnosis and a list of doctors specializing in the solution of problems with increased sweating.

The disease is so insidious that it may contribute to a prolonged depression. Clothing in dark colors, constant discomfort in the area of excessive sweating, unpleasant smell (despite careful personal hygiene) are factors that create in the human mind a negative picture of the world. Therefore, consult a therapist, too, should not be excluded, especially if hyperhidrosis relates to the field of psychosomatics.

Why people sweat a lot?

It is important to understand that sweating is a natural property of the organism. The body is cooled when a person sweats. Together with then go out of body toxins. Sweat not only performs a thermoregulatory function, but also promotes cleansing of the body.

Don’t have to have any disease to experience profuse sweating. It is necessary to consider why and in which situations people sweat a lot:

    • Hyperhidrosis as a symptom

      Initially, you should consult a physician who will prescribe you the directions for the following diagnostic procedures:

      • General analysis of blood and urine;
      • a blood test for HIV and hepatitis;
      • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland;
      • cardiogram.

      If all the indicators on the above-mentioned studies are normal, the doctor will refer you to a dermatologist, who will prescribe antiperspirants.

      If the cause of hyperhidrosis lies in endocrine disease, we will refer you to an endocrinologist. If we are talking about malignant tumors, your doctor will be the oncologist.

      Hyperhidrosis provokes fungal diseases. Skin area sweating becomes brown. In this case, you should consult a dermatologist.

      If hyperhidrosis is a manifestation of vascular dystonia (VSD), you can contact homeopath. Doctors rarely consider VSD as a medical diagnosis. With VSD work psychotherapists.

      The cause of hyperhidrosis may be in infectious disease: influenza or SARS. But in this case excessive sweating does not cause great anxiety, and the treatment to the doctor is not accompanied by panic. Quite different is the case with diseases of the nervous system: Parkinson’s disease, for example, is accompanied by severe sweating. Or the biggest fear people have before visiting a therapist, although therapy helps to cope with illness.

      Psychosomatics hyperhidrosis

      1. Why are you sweating? May you therefore protect yourself from any event in your life? How helpful is the disease?
      2. What would really happen if you cease to sweat profusely? What you have to face?

      If the problem of hyperhidrosis is your unconscious fear, it is only a therapist to help cope with this disease.

      In this case it is better to go to a therapist, owning simpatomimeticakimi techniques (you will be able to understand what is the purpose of hyperhidrosis in your case). Initially is the relaxation phase: you cover the eyes, you enter into a state of rest, without resorting to hypnosis. Then you will be asked to present your illness and then ask questions:

      1. Looks like a disease?
      2. She wants to tell you?
      3. What’s bothering her? What is she thinking?
      4. Why did she choose you?
      5. If she wants to leave? She needs to go away forever?

      If in the course of medical diagnosis the doctors have not found a single evidence of possible diagnoses under hyperhidrosis condition, then you can go to a therapist. It is important that people going to a specialist, was aware of the benefits of psychotherapy. And even if it does some of the diagnosis is confirmed, the psychologist will help you overcome an inferiority complex and will ensure that you get rid of the habit to feel miserable.

      Hyperhidrosis as a disease

      You will need to consult a surgeon for surgery. The essence of the operation lies in the fact that in the armpit are small holes (about 5 mm), through which with the help of high frequency current, the surgeon makes the intersection of the sympathetic trunk.

      Therapy with botulinum toxin may hold and cosmetologist, which makes the injection in the area of the sweat glands. Postganglionic sympathetic nerves are blocked. The effect of the injection lasts for six months, then the procedure is repeated.

      Hyperhidrosis brings a lot of problems. Copious perspiration spoils the clothes (body odor is impossible to wash even with expensive detergents). People complex. But no need to dwell on the symptoms, it is important to identify the true cause hyperhidrosis, to take appropriate action to eliminate the ailment.

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