Hyperhidrosis — treatment of folk remedies

If a person is diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, treatment of folk remedies can be included in complex therapy of this disease. Especially well it helps in the initial stages of the disease. But I need to know for safe use of recipes of traditional medicine must pass a full examination and consult with your doctor. Otherwise, when the slightest mistake can appear complications, the treatment of which is sometimes very troublesome.

The problem of high sweating most often occurs on the background of the person neglect the rules of personal hygiene. But even those patients who are caring for their body, not immune to the occurrence of this disease. In the use of recipes of traditional medicine people often achieve good results in the fight against excessive sweating. Apply the plants and substances used in the form of decoctions, teas etc.

A simple means to reduce the sweating

Most often the cause of the disease is the use by the person wearing clothes made of synthetic materials. To reduce sweating it is sometimes enough just to go to the use of cotton clothing and other natural materials.

The patient need to adjust your daily diet. For example, do not eat spicy food in the heat, as the substances contained in such foods, cause inflammation in the sweat glands. The patient is better to refuse from alcohol.

In some cases, the disease appears when hormonal changes. It is during maturation in adolescents, with menopause in women or the presence of endocrine diseases. Sweating increases and the weakening of the kidney — they do not have time to withdraw moisture from the body, so the liquid comes out through the skin. To eliminate the signs of the disease in this case, it is necessary the intervention of a doctor.

To eliminate the symptoms of the disease at the initial stage it is possible to apply folk remedies for internal use. Well established following recipes:

  1. Doctors recommend that patients drink tea with lemon balm use.
  2. Many people helps infusion of sage. To cook 2 tbsp. of powder plants pour boiling water. After this, the drug is insist on for 60 minutes. Store the medicine can be up to 3 days in a cool place. Take it in the dose recommended by your doctor, 3 times in 24 hours. There are contraindications, such as infusion it is forbidden to drink in epilepsy, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. The medicine has high efficiency of about 62%. But it can not be used for more than 21 days, as the sage has the toxin thujone. It can cause the development of cancer at long use of infusion.
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Other ways to eliminate the disease folk remedies

To quickly eliminate sweating along with the above recipes, it is necessary to apply a remedy which will help to cope with the disease from the outside. Doctors recommend in such cases to apply bath.

To do this, in warm water (37-40 ° C) injected mint, walnut leaves. You can use sage, betony, or chamomile. All of these components, the patient can use separately or in any combination.

There is another method of use of oak bark. It is necessary to grind, for example in a coffee grinder and then pour into the socks of the patient. He will wear before going to sleep. In the morning the patient should wash his feet in cold water. If not oak, it is possible to replace boric acid or starch. They go to sleep in socks before bed and in the morning wash residues of substances.

To eliminate the symptoms of the disease with high sweating of palms is proposed to use ammonia. This substance is necessary to dissolve in the desired amount of water in the ratio of 1 teaspoon of ammonia in 1000 ml of liquid. The patient holds the hands in the solution for about 10 minutes. Then the palm should be rinsed in cold water, wipe dry. Then powder them with talc.

Often to eliminate sweat in the palms, apply a lemon. Juice of the fruit rubbed the sore area. If there is no lemon, you can replace it with wine, and even better — Apple cider vinegar. This product will help with excessive sweating of the armpits or feet. But use this medicine carefully. It is better to dilute the vinegar with water, as it can cause severe irritation.

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Some more popular recipes from hyperhidrosis

In addition to the above recipes are very popular is the infusion of the birch buds: 1 part of the raw pour 5 parts good vodka. The mixture insist during the day. This infusion should be rubbed with high sweat 2 times a day.

Some people prefer to be treated from the disease with the help of beer. To do this, 1 l of the drink is poured into a bath with warm water. The patient lies in such solution for 20 minutes a day. The course of treatment baths lasts 14-15 days.

It is possible to combat disease is to use a combination of several of the above-described recipes:

  1. Take 6 tbsp crushed in a coffee grinder chamomile flowers. They pour 2000 ml of boiling water, infused for 60 minutes. Then in the solution add 2 tbsp. of baking soda. The resulting mixture can be applied to clean skin in areas of high perspiration.
  2. To eliminate the symptoms of the disease on armpits often apply the medication to clean the skin. It can be made from horsetail, dissolving it in vodka (1: 10). It is possible for this purpose to make and tincture of walnut on alcohol (ratio of 1 to 5). Before using these extracts should be diluted with water in proportion 1 to 1. The skin is rubbed these solutions no more than 2 times a day.
  3. To eliminate disease you can brew 1 volume part oak bark in 200 ml of boiling water. Then in the solution add the lemon juice (it is pressed from 1 fresh fruit). Use the remedy in the form of a wipe. Mixture treat the place most sweat 5-6 times a day.
  4. Strong sweating can be stopped if you apply a mixture of infusion of oak bark and leaves of the walnut tree.

But there are other methods of eliminating signs of the disease. To treat you can apply a cold shower. After this problem area lubricated with ointment or alcoholic beverages using 2% acetic acid solution.

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Recommendations for the fight against excess then

Emergency the patient should have a fresh lemon and wet wipes. If necessary, it is possible to wipe the armpit, and then lubricate the skin with a slice of lemon.

To eliminate the sweat on the feet and hands are often used bath based on medicinal chamomile. To prepare the solution need 6 tablespoons of this plant, pour boiling water (2000 ml), cover with a tight lid, leave for 60 minutes. Then infusion of filtered, heated. It soar legs and arms until then, until the solution has cooled.

Effective use of chilled steamed extracts of the petals of daisies or roses. You can use the leaves of strawberries. Such solutions wipe the places of greatest perspiration

To eliminate the sweat on his feet to wash them with soap and water 2-3 times a day. 1 time a week, you can do bath with tincture of nettle or sage.

In the summer heat it is recommended to pour talcum powder into the shoes and sprinkle it between the toes. Along with this is good to drink a month a decoction and infusions of nettle and sage. For its production need to take 14-15 g of dried leaves of plants. They pour ½ liter of water. To drink broth it is necessary 2 times a day for two days in the dose specified by the doctor. Then a break of 2-3 months, and then treatment can continue.

Need to know what folk remedies help not always. They can dramatically reduce the sweating, but completely eliminate the disease will not succeed. Therefore, they are recommended to be used under medical supervision with medicines, is able to eliminate the disease.