Hyperhidrosis of the palms

The exact cause of excessive sweating of the hands can be called only by the doctors after proper medical examination. Hyperhidrosis of the palms may be a concomitant development of the latent disease, so a trip to the clinic should not be neglected. Hyperhidrosis is a disease characterized by excessive sweating of the feet or palms of the hands.

What is excessive sweating of hands

Sweating palms is General and local. In General the person sweating in the limb because of the constant nervous strain, with a strong physical exertion, as a consequence of the development of various diseases. Under local, the patient sweats a lot in the underarms, feet and palms of the hands.

Excessive sweating can occur in women and in men. This causes discomfort in everyday life and work. For example, drivers, stenographers, architects, and representatives of other professions dry hands – the key to success, and bring appropriate wet inconvenience.

Sometimes sweating is how intense that in his hands is simply impossible to hold objects. Therefore, to deal with sweating is necessary, but only correctly and properly, how to treat the disease can tell doctor, medication can be given.

Causes symptoms

For a healthy person a high sweating means that his body is successfully fighting with the overheating of the body or external temperature fluctuations. It is observed also in stressful situations, because the nervous system of any person responds to emotional state, accompanied by heart palpitations, spike in blood pressure, the muscles are in tone.

Emergency start abruptly and intensely react to a provocateur intensive production of sweat from the sweat glands. The female part of the population is considered to be more emotional hyperhidrosis of the palms so they have much more often than men.

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The reasons why hyperhidrosis occurs, there are different, the most basic:

  • Symptoms symptoms of

    Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is easy to identify – the clinical picture looks like this:

    1. Difficult to keep your items – they slip off of his hands.
    2. On paper remains the trail from sweaty hands.
    3. It’s hard to write with a pen.
    4. The palm becomes tinged with red or purple.
    5. The problems and disadvantages associated with professional activities.

    All this is impeding the normal work and everyday life. To identify the causes, to reduce or remove the symptoms will help medication, which is prescribed by a doctor after diagnosis.

    Diagnosis high athlete’s

    • less than 10 cm to form weak;
    • with the size of 10-20 cm is considered average;
    • more than 20 cm is already heavy;
    • OK – the palms of the hands should be slightly colored.

    The method, though good, but does not give the right to self-medicate. Recall that this is preliminary and not accurate method of diagnosis.

    Why and to what doctor should contact

    To identify the reasons for the increased sweating of hands, even if the rules of personal hygiene strictly blyudut, required medical examination by specialists. Only they can establish the correct cause in this case because they, in fact, there are many. Excessive sweating of the hands requires a comprehensive study in a medical facility. After the doctor prescribes a specific treatment.

    Start examination with the visiting therapist, neurologist, endocrinologist or dermatologist. And they have personal preferences to assign consultations and related professionals if the reasons are related to their specificity.

    Hyperhidrosis of the hands

    Hyperhidrosis of the hands successfully treated with Botox injections. The drug is designed for skin tightening on the face, wrinkles in cosmetic rejuvenating procedures. But not everyone knows that it is used as a drug in the treatment of sweaty palms. He’s getting into the affected areas of the skin blocks the nerve impulses that the brain sends sweaty glands.

    The result of this manipulation is to lock the body to produce sweaty secret, and the output of it to the surface of the skin. Sessions of drug administration should be carried out strictly in medical institution, a physician with the appropriate education. Not just anyone to conduct the procedure.

    To alleviate the symptoms or to block it altogether, you can receive medications. The treatment prescribed by your doctor. Therapy may include:

    • use of lotions or compresses;
    • using the solution of «Formalin, Glutaraldehyde aluminum», «Thiamine».

    Many people work and make lotions 5 times a day are not able, therefore, treatment by this technology is rarely used. Most often people who suffer from high sweating of the hands, use sprays and aerosols are designed to soothe the skin. After applying smoke will sweat at a lower intensity or even cease.

    If the causes symptoms of sweating are psychological in nature, then the patient is recommended to undergo treatment with a psychologist. Or spend some time away from home. If necessary, patients are assigned sedatives. Self-treatment should be excluded completely so as not to exacerbate the problem, not to cause greater harm to their health. Right decision – a trip to the doctor in the clinic, he’ll definitely be able to solve the problem without harm to health.

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