Hydrogen peroxide-odor

Hydrogen peroxide is a reliable and cheap remedy for armpit perspiration and foot odor. Solution it is recommended to use even the doctors. However, few know how to properly handle the feet or armpits to eliminate the causes and symptoms of excessive sweating.

The effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide

Hyperhidrosis is a disease that is characterized by intense sweating without significant physical activity. To a greater extent in humans, sweaty feet and armpits. It gives a lot of inconvenience and problems of unpleasant odor. To cope with this, you can use deodorants and antiperspirants, but the most accessible and safe tool in the fight against unpleasant odor of sweat is a solution of hydrogen peroxide.

This substance should not be considered as a means of regulating the sweating. Disruption of the body must be treated holistically, after a series of medical examinations.

Hydrogen peroxide is only used as antiseptic. The use of this medication has a number of advantages:

  • the solution is well dries the skin;
  • eliminates microorganisms and their metabolic products;
  • lost an unpleasant smell, which appears when the intense sweating.

The use of hydrogen peroxide

Before using hydrogen peroxide, consult a doctor. If a person has no contraindications to the use of a solution of peroxide, then you can start its preparation. Hydrogen peroxide athlete’s foot needs to be a certain concentration, which is 1:10. So, a 3% concentration of peroxide should be diluted in 250 ml of plain water. In the presence of rough skin on the feet, the concentration of peroxide can be increased in 2 times. It is not recommended to dilute too much solution, as this drug rapidly loses its properties when in contact with air. The skin under the arms is more sensitive, so their processing is necessary to prepare a solution with a minimal amount of peroxide.

When the tool is ready, you can proceed to the immediate treatment of problem areas suffering from body odor. To do this, dip a cotton pad into the solution and gently wipe his skin. As the final stage of a good idea to use talc or baby powder. If you experience discomfort or allergic reactions the procedure must be stopped and the skin washed with warm water and wipe with a paper towel.


If the symptoms of hyperhidrosis are too intense then the use of conventional hydrogen peroxide will not produce positive results. To cope with sweating and the accompanying odor is possible only after identifying the true causes of imbalance in the body. In this case, you must eliminate the root cause and not the symptoms. Women during pregnancy is also not recommended for self-treatment without the permission of the attending physician.

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