Hurt the nail on my big toe: causes and treatment

The reason why can hurt the nail on my big toe

Often, people are faced with the pain of the nail plate on the big toe of one leg. There are many reasons for occurrence of such pain, so before you deal with the problem, you need to understand, why hurt the nail on my big toe. In our article, we will discuss different diseases, which are accompanied by similar symptoms, and how to get rid of these pain.

  • Causes of painful toenail
  • Pain treatment
  • Traditional methods of removing the pain of the nail

Causes of painful toenail

Pain under the nail of the big toe can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Osteoarthritis. This disease often affects the female sex, since women often wear uncomfortable shoes that causes foot deformity. Because of this, the joints on the legs have inflammation. If time does not heal the problem, it can lead to swelling of the foot and its increase in size. In the end, the woman will feel severe discomfort even when wearing ordinary shoes. After some time the inflammatory process will pass to other fingers that also will be hurting.
  • Gout. This disease occurs on the background of metabolic disorders. For this reason, from the body not shown of uric acid salts that are deposited in the joints. The first sign of the disease is inflammation of the joints in the lower legs and lower back pain. But the first and main symptom is pain in the toe. It is because of this man seems to hurt the nail on my thumb. The pain starts suddenly and worsen at night. During an exacerbation may have a fever, and the finger and the tissues around its base swell and redden. Sometimes the same problems arise with the fingers.
  • Neuroma Morton. The essence of this disease lies in the change of fibrous tissue in the area of the foot. The disease is more frequently diagnosed in women after 35 years abroad. Usually symptoms are only on one foot, rarely in two. In very rare cases, the disease can affect all fingers.
  • Diabetes. This is a complex and insidious disease that affects all body organs and systems, especially the nerves and blood vessels. Pain often appear after a long walk and heavy loads. Diabetic often feel pain in the toes in the morning and evening.
  • The ingrown nail. When the ingrowth of the nail plate into the soft tissue of the finger process is accompanied by pain. The reason for this problem lies in the mechanical action of wearing tight shoes, improper nail cutting or injury of the finger. In this case, the edge of the nail just grows into the soft tissue. The treatment of this problem is surgery only.
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    Pain treatment

    If sore big toe under the nail, then the first thing to do is to carefully inspect a sore thumb. If you notice damage, bruises or pockets of pus, you should contact the surgeon. If there are no external signs of damage, you’d better contact to the therapist.

    Important! Since the goal of treatment is not only relief from symptoms but also the causes of disease, principles of therapy are directly related to the diagnosis.

    So, if you have a toenail, can be used the following methods of treatment:

  • If the pain associated with the injury of a finger, all the measures directed to elimination. When dislocation or fracture always being a retentive bandage. If a strong injury shows therapy using ointments, for example, the Heparin, or Troxevazina Finalgon. To help you can apply iodine mesh. For very severe pain take Nurofen or Pentalgin.
  • If the patient is faced with this problem with diabetes, then he needs to tell your physician who conducts clinical supervision of the patient. As therapeutic measures should eat a diet with a strict limitation of eating carbohydrate foods.
  • For pain in the thumb associated with gout, shown on a special diet that helps to lower the concentration of urea in the body. In the diet should prevail dairy products, various fruits and vegetables, breads, cereals. We need to abandon the use of salty foods, red meats, grilled fish and legumes. It is also important to completely eliminate the use of alcohol, coffee and strong tea. In periods of exacerbations prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Nise).
  • As we have said, treatment of ingrown nail is performed only surgically. To avoid future recurrence of this disease, do not wear tight shoes, cutting the nails, not Kruglaya their ends, protect the toes from injuries and damage.
  • Arthritis the treatment is carried out with the use of chondroprotectors, as well as medicines to protect and restore joint tissue.
  • If the pain originated with osteoarthritis, it also shows the acceptance of chondroprotectors and anti-inflammatory drugs. The patient needs to do gymnastics and perform physiotherapy. If carried out the right treatment, the disease will retreat.
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    Traditional methods of removing the pain of the nail

    In the treatment of pain under the nail in the big toe, you can use the most effective folk methods. However, it should be remembered that in the presence of concomitant disease, it does not replace the therapy, but only allows you to ease the pain and smooth out the symptoms. Here are some effective recipes of traditional medicine:

    • When injury the nail plate to relieve the pain will help the poultice of onions, grind them into mush. It needs to be applied to the nail and fix it with bandage. Such compresses should be done twice a day until complete disappearance of pain. Instead of onion gruel can be applied mugwort or plantain.
    • Gout to get rid of the pain in the fingers will help a compress of fresh pork fat. It needs to be separated from the skin and attach to the nail plate.
    • Pain in fingers while arthritis well eliminate gadgets from potatoes or Bay leaf. For this purpose potatoes peeled and RUB on a small grater. Slurry applied to the affected finger for half an hour.
    • You can also try to steam your thumb and then wrap it with mashed plantain leaf. On top of all the usual fixed leaf and a bandage from the bandage. Then you have to wear warm socks. The plant will help to relieve pain and inflammation.
    • Useful to make the bath with chamomile. To do this, in boiling water (2l) you need to add 6 tablespoons of chamomile. After all this will be infused in the next hour, need to soak my feet for 20 minutes.
    • Well removes inflammation aloe. Freshly picked leaf cut in half lengthwise and wrapped them finger fleshy layer inside. All of this on top is fixed with a bandage. One need to do a couple of times a day.
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    As preventive measures it is recommended to use at least one and a half liters of clean water per day. You should not be too short to trim the nails. Should not often wear tight shoes with high heels. Keep your feet clean, and the nail plate dry, in order to eliminate the likelihood of fungal diseases. The stratum corneum and the cuticle it is advisable to regularly moisturize.

    And remember, you should not self-medicate, if you don’t know the cause of pain in the big toe, and if, in spite of the treatment, the symptoms persist and intensify.

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