HPV in men and treatment of infections of human papilloma virus

Causes of HPV in men: symptoms and treatment of the virus

One of the most important aspects of their lives, men think of sex, but sex is impossible without healthy sexual organs. Modern medicine generates immense amounts of sexually transmitted infections that can disrupt normal functionality of the reproductive system of men, and even cause prostate malignancy. One of these unpleasant diseases, is papilloma in men.

It should be mentioned that HPV in men is a serious threat and for their partners. If the sick man will give the woman an infection, then it increases the risk of cancer of the cervix. Therefore, you should regularly visit the doctor to avoid the infection of their genital organs, and reduce the chance of infecting your loved ones.

  • Causes of warts in men
  • Symptoms
  • How to detect HPV in men?
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Causes of warts in men

What is the human papillomavirus known to few men, respectively, have no idea how to protect themselves from the disease. HPV infection in men appears as a result of unprotected sex with a sick woman. In the process of intimacy, the cells of the virus penetrates through the mucosa and provoke the mutation of healthy cells. Under the influence of the virus, they begin to rapidly divide and form growths — warts on the genitals.

Papillomavirus in men may develop after a single sexual contact with a sick woman. HPV in men can appear during oral sexual relations, and when the kiss, if in the mouth there are micro cracks or untreated teeth.

Allocate the risk of infection with the papilloma, which includes men:

  • with diabetes and disorders of the endocrine system;
  • abusing alcohol;
  • with inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland;
  • emerging from surgery;
  • held, catheterization;
  • frequently changing sexual partners;
  • with a lack of a vitamin in the body;
  • with the disease of the genitourinary system and associated infections.

People from these groups suffer from reduced immunity, namely the lack of adequate protection, triggers the reproduction in men the virus if it was dormant, or makes his body vulnerable to pathogens if had contact with an infected woman.


The first signs appear only after several weeks after sexual contact. Papilomavirusy infection may not have symptoms to pass is hidden, to be in a sleep state until, until reduced immunity.

In men, the symptoms are limited to the development of genital warts and warts on the external genitals and inside them. Looks like a papilloma, it is possible to look on the Internet. In most cases, it’s a small tumor that is located on the glans penis, mucous on his part or extremely the raft inside. The human papilloma virus in men can be localized to the scrotum and affect the area of the anus. Externally, papillomas resemble bumps flesh-colored, soft to the touch. Rarely warts are formed on the inner part of the urethra. Their diagnose tool way. Warts in the urethra delivered the strongest discomfort for men, it a burning sensation, impaired urination, weak stream, and frequent irritation of the urinary opening. External genital warts, rarely bring itching, burning, or pain, they cause aesthetic discomfort.

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How to detect HPV in men?

First, how to treat HPV in men, you need to conduct a full examination of the patient and to accurately determine which strain of the virus a man has. All, there are more than 120 types of disease, among strains there are viruses with a high probability of malignancy and there are types that do not pose a threat to health. Treatment of human papillomavirus infection in men begin, only after studying the results of these analyses are:

  • Cytology and histology smears from the urethra;
  • mollekulyar-biological survey;
  • a biopsy;
  • PCR diagnostics.

Modern methods of diagnostics allow to exactly understand at what stage to be virus when it was infected, and what is the risk of development of malignant tumors in a particular organism.

It is very important in the development of treatment of HPV in men to exclude the presence of other infectious diseases, sexually transmitted. A constant companion running papillomas, is chlamydia, Ureaplasma, gonorrhea and herpes. If during the study a patient’s blood or a smear from the urethra, was discovered these torch-infection, initially handled their elimination, and then the doctor chooses how to treat and how to treat HPV in men.


How to treat the human papillomavirus is individually determined by a doctor, he chooses the appropriate remedy. In most cases, eliminate papillomas means on the basis of acyclovir. Treatment for HPV in men, the drugs contains of several groups, often prescribed cytotoxic funds — Kondilin and Podophyllin. Shown chemical medicines — Solkoderm, Fereol, as well as the means to restore the immune system — Neovir, Cycloferon and Alfaferon.

With extensive infected skin treatment of human papilloma virus in men be performed using minimally invasive methods of surgical intervention. The simplest and most effective of them considered to be laser correction skin. Treatment for HPV in men this method, is the impact on the tumor to a laser beam of a certain length. The laser burns the layers of cells that form the wart and leads to its complete destruction. In the process of removal, there’s no blood and pain. An hour after the procedure, the man can go home.

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No less effective is the treatment of warts in men the procedure. To the wart is exposed to liquid nitrogen. The tumor, as it freezes, and nearby tissues begin to die. On the site of the warts formed a crust which itself disappears in a few weeks. To tear it is not recommended, it is possible to provoke the strongest bleeding and exacerbation of the disease.

Treatment of papilloma in men may be performed using radio waves of a certain frequency and electric current. These treatment options a little outdated but continue to be used in hospitals where no facilities for cryotherapy and laser correction. Cardinal way, how to treat HPV in men, there is complete surgical excision of the warts. Perform the procedure under General anesthesia, after the operation shown hospital stay, the rehabilitation period is 2 weeks. The former site of skin lesions formed a scar.

Folk remedies

How to treat a papilloma in men, can learn from people’s methods, they, of course, all the illness will not eliminate, but can improve the body’s ability to resist disease. As is evident papilloma, you now know respectively can use the drugs to eliminate the exterior symptoms of genital warts, and affect the disease from the inside. To eliminate warts, it is recommended to mix juice of celandine with alcohol or buy a ready-made solution at the pharmacy. Liquid rubbed warts in the genital area, three times a day. If there are growths on the mucosal parts of the penis, using tincture of celandine on the water, not alcohol.

Onion crushed to mushy state, and pour the vinegar. In the morning pozhivayut and rubbed the resulting liquid papillomas, but pulp can be use as a compress on the night. Eggshell is also able to eliminate warts, it should be heated in the oven and grind into powder. The powder is applied to the papilloma, top gluing with an adhesive plaster.

For taking internally, it is recommended to use three times daily chopped ginger root mixed with grated lemon zest and sugar. You can also add this tool in the green tea every time you want to drink. Boosts the immune abilities of the person and cranberries you can use fresh berries and fruit, jam or juice.

In any case, don’t try to tear growths or listen to crazy advice, and apply garlic to the genitals. Garlic is a powerful antiviral agent, but the mucous membrane of the penis, it will burn, causing not just physical suffering, but also a number of negative consequences.


By itself, the papilloma does not pose a risk to humans, unless it is a highly oncogenic strain of the disease. The threat to life appears when the tumor is injured. Torn warts may cause bleeding, and degeneration in the tumor. If the warts located in the anal passage, can be Oncology the large and small intestines, as well as inflammatory diseases of the anus. If the warts in the urethra, marked cystitis and urethritis. Not rarely papilloma virus is one of the provocateurs of inflammation of the prostate gland and BPH. Enlarged inner genital warts, can compress the ejaculatory ducts and disrupt the ejaculation during sexual intercourse, accordingly reduce a man’s ability to conceive offspring.

Despite the rapid development of medicine to cure the papilloma is impossible, if you are once diagnosed, the cells of the virus will forever remain in your body. All that I can do the doctors, that for some time to slow down the development of infection and reduce the intensity of symptoms.

Today, 70 percent of the world population are carriers of the virus, and some even suspect that the sick. This moment once again confirms the appropriateness of the adventures of a preventive medical examination at least once a year. If you got papilloma, about the same time, be sure to tell your partner, as you both need treatment.

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