HPV — how to get them on the body and whether it is possible to remove at home

How to remove papillomas at home folk remedies?

Papillomas – benign tumors which have the appearance of papillae, protruding above the surface of the skin. Growths caused by human papillomavirus, which is located in the body of every 7th person. Because of such prevalence, many wondering how to remove the papilloma. In this article you can learn how to remove papillomas at home using folk remedies, whether to remove papillomas and what can be complications after the removal of papillomas.

  • Remove wart at home
  • Folk remedies
  • Contraindications
  • Whether it is necessary to remove growths?

Remove wart at home

The removal of warts at home involves just removal of skin growth, without affecting virus. Before you can remove papillomas at home you need to consult a technician to know whether it is possible to remove a papilloma and whether it will lead to serious consequences. The most effective ways to remove the growths at home:

  • Adhesive tape. Adhesive tape, impregnated with a special solution, sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Part of the tape bonded to the protuberances, leaving the skin 5-6 days. Before removing the tape wetted with water, we see that the tumor is removed together with the tape. If build-up remains, repeat the procedure. What to do after removal of papillomas? Usually after a growth withers in its place is a funnel-shaped area on the skin that must be well lubricated with solutions of iodine, brilliant green, potassium permanganate. Disinfecting these tools will help to get rid of the risk of penetration of secondary infection in the wound.
  • Aloe. How to remove the papilloma with aloe? A piece of plant cut off, divide in half, squeezing the juice. A cotton swab dipped in is derived from the malleable leaf juice, fasten to grow up, fix with the patch. Every 4 hours, changing the cotton swab. After 3-4 days growth withers.
  • Alcohol tincture of dandelion. Heads of dandelions placed in a jar, pour eau de Cologne, sealed, allowed to infuse in a dark place for 2 weeks. Soaked in the tincture with a cotton swab lubricated with growth 4 times a day until the disappearance of the latter.
  • Ointment on the basis of garlic. 1 teaspoon of minced garlic mixed with 2 teaspoons of the selected cream. The resulting ointment is applied to the fabric, adjusts to the desired area, fix the patch. After 3 hours remove the cloth, wash skin area with water. Using this procedure it is possible to remove papillomas within 2-4 weeks of applying the remedy 1 once a day. After removal of papillomas you can’t prematurely rip off the crust, to violate its integrity. Most often it provokes excessive bleeding, inflammation, infection.
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  • Oil. How to remove warts with oil, which oil is suitable? For the treatment of tumors suitable tea tree oil, which is applied to the affected area of the skin daily, until the complete disappearance of the growth. Also use castor oil. Apply the oil before bed, washing out skin area in the morning, the process of removing the outgrowth with the use of castor oil is less than a week.
  • Onion peel. A quart jar filled onion skin, pour vinegar, insist 2 weeks in a dark place. Take out the husks, allow to dry. Dried husks obvorachivany in gauze, adjusts to the affected area, fix the patch. Better the procedure is done before bedtime. In the morning remove the gauze, the skin lubricated with vaseline. Care after removal of papillomas in the skin is to avoid contact with alcohol, the alcoholic solutions to the skin.
  • Besides these methods you can find many other, which enables to remove the growths at home. But these methods can ensure that after removal of papillomas healing of the skin is normal, skin scars are not formed, in addition to care for previously affected skin areas, no needs.

    Folk remedies

    Is it possible to remove papilloma, using traditional medicines? Traditional ways have found its application in the treatment of the clinical picture of HPV:

  • The celandine. Fresh celandine grind, squeeze the juice, evaporated to a thick extract, daily lubricates the neoplasm obtained means. For best results, the growths can be lubricated 3-4 times within 2 minutes. The tumor will wither in a few days. What to do after removal of papillomas? It is best to consult a doctor to prescribed remedies to improve the tone of the immune system, antiviral drugs to growths no longer bothered.
  • Cream with walnuts and kerosene. Green walnuts divide into 4 pieces, pound, passing through a meat grinder. Fill a quart jar to grind nuts, pour kerosene, tightly close the jar, allow to infuse for 3 weeks. After the infusion was filtered through 4 layers of gauze cloth, the residue pressed. The liquid is drained, the resulting ointment treated the build-up before he disappeared for 2 times a day. What to do after removal of papillomas? Exclude contact with household cleaning products, alcohol, scrubs chemically active substances, giving the previously damaged area of the skin to «breathe».
  • Potato juice. How to remove the papilloma with potato juice and than treat the skin after removal of papillomas? Make juice of red potatoes, thoroughly washed it, cut out the eyes. Potatoes RUB on a small grater, squeeze through 2-3 layers of gauze fabric. The resulting juice take half a Cup (in severe cases, full Cup) 2 times a day, 30 minutes before a meal. The course of healing takes about 2 months. Potato juice helps to fight viral infections that help in the inhibition of the activity of HPV, the toning of the immune system. Recommendations after removal of papillomas contain information about the need to restore the elasticity of the skin, its mechanical protection. To do this, use solutions containing vitamins a, B, minerals, hyaluronic acid. After removal of papilloma treatments gentle exfoliation using glycolic acid, which removes portions of necrotic tissue, smooths healthy skin areas.
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    Is it possible to remove papilloma using traditional methods? Using traditional methods and proper care for the previously affected area of the skin you can get rid of tumors, but whether it is necessary to remove papillomas on the body, what are the contraindications to the removal – of the issues that will best help specialist.


    It should be remembered that many ways to remove the growths at home using traditional methods have contraindications. For example, potato juice is forbidden to drink people who have low stomach acidity, a severe form of diabetes. Also alcohol tinctures, oil infusions can not be applied to sunburned skin. Inflammatory areas of the skin, the presence of herpetic lesions of the skin near the location of the growth, so you cannot succumb to the processing means on the basis of alcohol.

    Is it possible to remove papillomas at home using physical methods? Is strictly prohibited single-handed removal by a physical method at home because of the high risk of development of benign tumors. The scar after removal of papillomas – not the worst thing that can wait for the person. The wound after such removal long heal, treatment with antiseptic agents does not guarantee protection from inflammation, redness occurs. Papillomas can introduce its DNA into the genome of human cells, causing benign tumors can turn into malignant.

    In the presence of a malignant tumor home treatment will not bring any effect, can cause deterioration of the patient.

    Whether it is necessary to remove growths?

    Many people live with the growths on the skin for a long time, they do not interfere with their daily lives. So whether you want to remove papillomas? Many doctors say that removal of the growths is necessary, because over time, possible risk of cancer. Tumors after removal at home unable to return, because traditional methods do not affect the virus that causes the development of growths on the body.

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    The decision about whether to remove papillomas than their smear, must take man himself, and it is not depends on the papilloma it bother you where they are located. It is important to know that HPV can be removed, because if the virus starts to progress, the growths spread throughout the body, you can go to the doctor or use home treatment methods to relieve yourself and your body from build-up.

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