How to treat nail fungus when running the form?

It is quite difficult and lengthy may be the treatment of nail fungus in its advanced form. It can appear if it is not treated at an early stage or to use ineffective drugs. To prevent this disease, you should start treatment as early as possible.

The types of advanced stage and the possible consequences

Depending on what changes occur with the affected nail, it is possible to distinguish several types. If the nail plate loses its luster, change color and normal form, then this form of the disease is called hypertrophic. When there is rejection of the affected portion of the nail plate is atrophic. In normal scars the Shine and pink hue of the nail do not change, but it appear mottled.

Launched onychomycosis can lead to some complications. In the inflammatory process may be involved the nerve endings, causing the patient severe pain. The fungus can enter the bloodstream and then to other organs.

Methods of treatment of advanced forms of fungus

Treatment of advanced forms of nail fungus involves topical preparations and tablets, which will have an action on the entire body. But these drugs are quite toxic, with many side effects, they should take only strictly prescribed by doctors.

As the fungus suitable therapeutic ointments, creams, sprays and solutions. Before applying the nail necessarily polished nail file. If necessary, remove part of the affected nail plate and a small area that surrounds it.


  • Effective is ointment Mikosan, it efficiently eliminates the infection and leaves on the plate the so-called protective film.
  • In the form of ointment or spray applied and drug zistan, has excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Of antifungal drugs internal application often prescribe Metronidazole, fluconazole, or Terbinafine.
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Removing the plate

Laser treatment

Modern medicine offers new techniques for example laser treatment. Using the laser to remove the affected nail, and successfully fight the infection. This is a very effective method, but in spite of all the positive qualities, has its contraindications. This method is not recommended for patients suffering from skin, infectious and chronic diseases. It should not be used in diabetes, epilepsy or cancer, as well as women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The use of peroxide

In addition to the main treatment with medications is used effectively such known means as hydrogen peroxide. It has excellent antibacterial properties, which greatly accelerates the healing process. Before you start this treatment, it is recommended to carefully prepare the legs.

They should be well to steam in hot water, the skin on the feet should be very soft, so that it can easily remove all the affected skin.

Damaged softened the nail can be easily removed with a disposable blade, use it, re-banned, again, not to get infected.

Then take a piece of cotton pad, cut to the shape of the nail, wets it in hydrogen peroxide and apply to the nail plate. To peroxide does not evaporate, it can be fixed with an adhesive plaster, about an hour later the tampon is removed. The procedure is repeated at least 6 times a week, until you grow a new healthy nail. If during the procedure the patient will feel severe burning and pain, the tampon is removed, the leg is washed with clean water.

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The help of medicine

In some cases, if the doctor will allow, you can try treatment of advanced forms of fungus folk remedies. They will help to deal with this problem in pregnant and lactating women, because many drugs can easily be absorbed into the bloodstream, which can be dangerous for the baby.


The traditional recipes often use the treatment with iodine, which can successfully deal with many types of fungus. This remedy kills bacteria while protecting delicate cuticle from possible irritation. The tool is used in its pure form, they lubricate the affected plate, while grabbing the cuticle and side bolsters. Before greasing the nails be sure to steam and wipe off. This medication is inexpensive, but quite effective.


To use antifungal foot baths used propolis. To 1 liter of warm water will need 1 tsp of 20% tincture of this tool. The duration of the bath about 10 minutes, then the affected nail carefully applied to the propolis, put on socks and go straight to bed. Repeat the treatment every day to get rid of the fungus.

Fir oil

In folk medicine used as a compress and fir oil has antiseptic properties. Cotton swab dipped in it and applied to the affected plate for 30 minutes. This procedure can be carried out every day.

All folk remedies for nail fungus allow to minimize the pain and accelerate the healing process. How to treat fungus running and which tool to choose, it is necessary to agree with the doctor to avoid serious complications.

Treatment advanced stage of fungus will require a lot of time, it would be good for all this time to follow some rules. Starting treatment, you should refuse to visit bath, sauna or pool until the completion of therapy. All footwear, including home, should be disinfected. Old socks will have to go and buy several pairs of new cotton, because they will have to be changed regularly, at least 3 times a day. How to treat fungus, it’s up to the doctor, all medicines it selects depending on the severity of the disease, not to run the pathology even more.

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