How to treat fungus with kerosene?

Treatment of nail fungus kerosene — old-fashioned way, but a very common and effective. Used this stuff for decades for the treatment of many infectious diseases. Although the kerosene originally used only for lighting.

A quality product is not colored, transparent, has a slight yellowish tint with a blue tint. It produces a particular typical smell of oil, but it is not too sharp. The net is considered to be aviation kerosene. It belongs to low-hazard 4 hazard class of harmful substances.

Nail fungus is an infectious disease, complicated shapes which are difficult to treat. kerosene can help at the initial stage.

Official medicine does not believe this product is a drug, therefore, to find in pharmacies «medical» or «purified» kerosene will not work.

The action of kerosene

Pharmacological popularity and effectiveness of the drug is justified by its availability, efficiency, low price. Pills, ointments and lacquers for the treatment of fungus costly for them to go to the pharmacy, and kerosene, many always at hand. Moreover, this method was used by our ancestors and became convinced of its effectiveness.

Kerosene has disinfectant and irritant, capable of dissolving lipids. He also reduces pain, dries, anti-inflammatory effect, improves lymph flow, can penetrate deeply into tissues.

During the use of applications on the basis of kerosene or preparations containing it, fumes will be emitted which can penetrate into the organism through respiratory tracts, through the skin into the bloodstream and gastrointestinal tract. The patient will be exposed to drugs, local-irritating effect. Kerosene also causes nephrotoxicity, hepato-, pnevmiticheskoe action.

Therefore, the treatment of nail fungus applications on the basis of kerosene should be carried out in a well ventilated area, necessary to protect hands with rubber gloves. Also possible is recommended to secure the airway.

Kerosene do not recommend to use under these conditions:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • children’s age;
  • allergic reactions;
  • liver disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • cardiovascular failure.
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Recipes tools

Important: during the heating of the solution need to be outdoors or in very well ventilated area.

Kerosene can be infused walnuts. This is a powerful tool to combat fungal infections of the skin and nails. Walnuts contain a lot of iodine, tannins, have anti-microbial action.

To prepare a tincture can be at home. Kept it for a long time and in the required time at hand.

Need young walnuts milk ripeness grind in a meat grinder, placed in a glass jar (3 l) so that it is filled two-thirds full. Pour purified kerosene. Cork tightly with a lid and put in a dark place with room temperature for 3 weeks. Then tincture should be filtered through several layers of cheesecloth. Then it is poured into a new clean container, sealed and put in a dark cool place where it can be year and during this time it will not lose its medicinal properties.

Used in the form of compresses and lotions.

Modern drugs

On the market there are special extracts of petroleum-based, which can be easily, quickly, comfortably to cure fungal nail.

Are drugs, Todollars or Todikamp. They are a tincture of walnut or black American walnut purified kerosene factory production. For the treatment of mycosis of nails they are used in the form of compresses.

New can only be done in 3-4 days, when the redness. 4-6 is enough compresses. It is necessary to observe improvements. It is possible to RUB the preparation into the affected nail 2-3 times a day, taking breaks in one day.

Will help to get rid of the fungus lotion. Normal tissue is not removed, and from time to time add a little money on the dried.

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Treatment of mycotic lesions of the nail plate must be under the supervision of experienced and qualified physician. Traditional methods can only be secondary, but not primary.

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