How to treat fungus of the toenails?

The presence of nail fungus on the feet causes a lot of inconvenience to the person. The disease known as athlete’s foot, does not pose a risk to the body. Nail fungus is quite common. The disease is recorded approximately every fifth person on the planet. Often to determine the presence of lesions is quite difficult due to the fact that the pathological process develops in each person differently. Accordingly, how to treat nail fungus on the feet, depends on the stage of the disease.

Features of the disease

Before considering the question, the better to treat fungus of the toenails, you should refer to the characteristics of this pathology. In particular, the need to establish what is causing the disease.

So, what is nail fungus? This is an infectious disease that is transmitted mainly through everyday life. Among the pathologies of fungal lesions of the feet the most common. The disease is classified into several types depending on the type of agent:

  1. Mold fungus

Molds nail plate mainly occur in people with a weakened immune protection. The affected area over time, changes its color. Treatment of nail fungus of this type takes about two months.

  1. Dermatophytes

The toe nail fungus this type is characterized by the appearance of yellow spots or stripes on the affected plate. They are mainly localized near the edge, but unable to move to the middle last. If not promptly determine what to treat fungus and do not take action, nail plate completely depart.

  1. The yeast

For the yeast form of nail fungus is characterized by the bending of the affected plate. It becomes yellowish or brownish tint. At the initial stage of development of pathology appear foci of suppuration. If the detection of fungus toenails is not to determine what to treat the disease, then the plate fast enough will do.

It is important to understand that this pathology in the presence of predisposing factors recurs. How to beat nail fungus on the feet, fully knows only doctor. It is not recommended to engage in self-selection of medicines. Not all of them effectively kill the fungus. When choosing a treatment regimen it is important to establish the type of infection and the area of its distribution. Even in the case that cured the nail appears completely healthy, it is likely that the fungus remained one of its parts.

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Causes of disease

Infection with nail fungus and skin is the main cause of development of this pathology. However, when such diseases requires the presence of factors creating the appropriate conditions for penetration of microorganisms.

Nail fungus occurs in people who are diagnosed with:

  • old age;
  • weakened immune protection;
  • active sweat glands (hyperhidrosis);
  • vascular pathology;
  • the slowing of the metabolism;
  • congenital or acquired deformities of the feet;
  • failure to comply with rules of hygiene;
  • pathology of the nervous and/or endocrine systems;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • diseases causing immunosuppression (HIV, etc.);
  • chronic infectious disease;
  • poor circulation in the lower extremities;
  • other diseases of internal organs.

After mechanical damage (trauma cuts) toenails become more prone to the infection of fungal diseases. In order to avoid infection of the body is recommended when visiting the public baths, saunas, pools wear appropriate shoes and use only their own products.

The danger of the disease

After Contracting nail fungus on the toe plate gets an unpleasant appearance. However, fungal infection may cause more serious consequences. If not promptly to treat nail fungus on the feet, it will lead to the development of:

  • of diabetes;
  • allergic reactions;
  • bronchial asthma.

To explain this fact seems to be that in the absence of treatment of nail fungus penetrates deep into the tissue of the lower limbs and spreads through the bloodstream to other organs. Moreover, the pathology creates favorable microflora for re-infection of the body. Among the complications arising from the fungal infection, there are also psoriasis and eczema.

On the background of reduced immunity against nail fungus on the feet and the whole body suffers. Pathogenic microorganisms under these conditions, actively growing, and the liver can not cope with deducing of toxins and other metabolic products of microorganisms. The result is a strong intoxication. In addition, the waste products of the fungus provoke the body’s response to allergies. The latter, in turn, worsens the General condition of a person.

All told testifies in favor of the fact that curing nail fungus is necessary when the first signs of mycosis.

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When to consult a doctor

The disease is accompanied by the following phenomena:

  • the nail takes on a murky hue;
  • the nail plate gradually peels off and crumbles;
  • affected nails lose its original shape;
  • the interdigital space of the feet cracks;
  • skin on the feet scaly;
  • between his fingers itch.

The appearance of these symptoms should cause a person to be cured from the fungus.


Today, the fungus on the nail plates of the toes is treated with two types of drugs:

  1. The first group includes drugs that have a local impact. These drugs are mainly used at the initial stage of the flow of mycosis.
  2. The second group consists amniotic systemic action. These drugs that destroy pathogenic microflora, inhibit the further spread of the fungus. In addition, amniotic have a long action.

How to effectively and cheaply to fight the signs of athlete’s foot, you can find out by consulting to the doctor. In the initial stages of the disease usually is assigned to the following antifungals local action:

  1. Batrafen. The drug is a medical the varnish should be applied on the affected area for one month every two days. If at the expiration of this period Batrafen does not destroy the fungus, the treatment is ongoing. Later, however, the varnish is applied every three days. Together this means you can use Ciclopiroxolamine with similar properties.
  2. Mikosan. A serum that kills pathogens by creating unfavorable conditions for its development, it is recommended to use for at least 28 days to fully cure athlete’s foot. Mikosan should be applied twice a day.
  3. Nogteva. In the product contains substances which facilitate the removal of the affected nail and stimulate the growth of healthy. Before applying means of the infected area need to steam and thoroughly dried. Nail with Nohavica closed with a bandage for four days. At the conclusion of the specified period the infected area again steams, and then the varnish is scraped off together with a detached plate. The treatment lasts until the site of the diseased nail will not appear healthy.
  4. Lamisil, antifungal means broad-spectrum. The drug is indicated for identification of extensive zones of destruction. Before applying Lamizila the area of infection clean and dry. The tool is applied no more than twice a day.
  5. Terbinafine. Available in the form of creams and ointments that are applied no more than twice a day. The duration of treatment Terbinafine is two weeks. This ointment is considered good enough in terms of fighting against the fungus due to the fact that its components gradually accumulate in the body, and for a long time inhibit the development of pathogenic microflora.
  6. Lamital. Available in the form of spray that has a depressant effect on the majority of known fungal infections. The duration of treatment takes about a week.
  7. Mycosoral. Ointment can suppress the symptoms and signs of mycosis. During treatment the product is applied twice a day. Therapeutic course is determined by a physician and is 2-4 weeks.
  8. Drug zistan. Available in the form of cream. Drug zistan contributes to the suppression of inflammatory foci, prevents the development of germs and relieves itching. The drug is used not more than times a day, and the treatment takes up to six months.
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If topical preparations have not had the desired effect, and pathology acquired a serious nature, then the treatment is intake of preformed drugs. Among the most effective medications include:

  1. Orungal. The scheme of treatment is determined by the nature of the lesion of the nail plate. Through therapy Orungal held until the fungus is completely gone.
  2. Diflucan. Another effective medication used against the running fungus. To suppress the fungal infection you need to drink daily one capsule of Diflucan. The treatment takes about 36 weeks.

At home to eliminate nail fungus help alcoholic solution of iodine, garlic, propolis, vinegar and other means. The choice in favor of drugs traditional medicine can be done only after consultation with your doctor. Treatment success is determined by how accurately a patient follows the recommendations given by the specialist.