How to treat foot fungus

Foot fungus is quite a common disease. It is called pathogenic fungi, this disease is diagnosed in one third of people on the planet. Most often, the fungus is common in the elderly, patients with diabetes and reduced immunity.

Symptoms of foot fungus

First symptoms of the fungus are taken for ordinary dry skin. Between the fingers the skin begins to sweat, itches, you may be peeling. At further stages of development are already visible sores and cracks, there is a strong and unpleasant smell, when walking the patient feels discomfort.

The foot fungus treatment should begin at the early stages of the disease, can not run. How to treat fungus will be determined by the physician in the treatment, self-medication is prohibited, especially in cases if it is diagnosed diabetes and athlete’s foot.


The foot fungus treatment is long and complex. Antifungal agents difficult to penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin, and with the defeat of the nail treatment it becomes like a vicious circle. The fact that nails are a constant source of infection must be treated first.

If you are interested in the question how to get a foot fungus, an integrated approach is necessary. Medical treatment with modern drugs should be combined with traditional methods, which work well. But, in any case, when carrying out any therapeutic interventions needed to consult with the attending physician in order not to aggravate the situation.

If we talk about how to treat fungus drugs should be chosen individually. Most often, the treatment regimen as follows:

  • drugs antifungal activity (local and General);
  • drugs to improve circulation and blood supply to the tops of the feet;
  • treatment of opportunistic diseases, the normalization of the General condition.
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Also, keep in mind the range of special measures to prevent recurrence. Should correctly handle clothes and shoes with special preparations. So you can reduce the risks of re-infection.

Treatment at the initial stage

If the skin between the toes cracks or weeping blisters, the affected area is recommended to lubricate the special solution, and then have to handle the antifungals.

With timely treatment ointments and sprays, local effects have a good efficiency. To remove nail fungus, you should regularly use these drugs and get treatment for completely. In any case, you can’t stop treatment at the first positive trends, this may lead to the opposite result.

The course is necessary to pass through, then the risks of recurrence are reduced. Sprays, ointments and antifungal gels aimed primarily at suppression of the activity of the fungus and restore the skin of the feet. Along the way, you must use special tools to handle things, and, most importantly, shoes.

Treatment at advanced stages

If treatment is over-the-counter medicines are not given proper effect, in this case, can be assigned to drugs for systemic effects. What drugs to give preference must be decided by the doctor depending on the stage of the disease, concomitant diseases and medical history of the patient. Selection of suitable medicine is selected after the examination and visual inspection.

The foot fungus treatment with moderate and severe treatment done using drugs from the group of azoles and allylamines. In severe can be treated with antibiotics and drugs for oral administration. Also mandatory assigned special diet, medications that boost your immune system, vitamins. Such complex approach to the removal of fungus on the nails and has a maximum efficiency.

Traditional methods

How to remove nail fungus with potassium permanganate? This tool from a home kit for many is essential, because it helps with many diseases. It is quite able to deal with a fungal infection on the feet. Rasparte feet well and apply on the affected areas with a compress soaked with solution of potassium permanganate. Leave it for several hours, preferably overnight. You can also treat affected areas with normal iodine. He dried the skin and have antibacterial and antimicrobial effects.

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Propolis is an excellent means of traditional medicine. Effectively making these packs daily. Boric acid is also well proven in the treatment. Solution to lubricate the affected places. Well as for lubrication you can use ammonia.

For treatment you can use and products that can usually be found in any refrigerator:

  • garlic — chopped slice to make a compress;
  • wine vinegar is suitable for treatment of the feet;
  • baking soda is a paste and apply on the whole foot, after thirty minutes rinse with warm water.

We should not forget about the healing property of herbs. Used for the treatment of the bath with the decoction of the following herbs — series, St. John’s wort, chamomile, burdock, calendula. We should also highlight the celandine. The juice of this plant cuticles of the foot, to make compresses, decoctions for baths. Be careful — celandine poisonous, it is suitable only for outdoor use.

How to treat?

For the effective treatment and get rid of foot fungus you need to know a few rules and follow the recommendations. First of all, it is worth remembering that all medicines are applied only on clean and dry skin. Remember that treatment must be timely, because the foot fungus dangerous to people around you.

If you self-medicate and over the past two weeks, the disease has worsened, can no longer be postponed — contact your doctor.


Re-infection of athlete’s foot is common. All because it is not enforced preventive measures. Remember that fungus can live on clothing and shoes for several years, therefore treatment is mandatory.

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If you visit public places — baths, basins, be sure to use Slippers. They will help to protect against fungus. Never use other people’s hygiene. Sometimes a person is a carrier of the disease and may not even be aware of the danger.

  • After the treatment provide treatment of the feet.
  • Avoid humidity, clean the foot with special antiseptic solutions.
  • Don’t forget to treat your socks and shoes.
  • Never wear wet shoes, it is better to use for drying special devices.
  • For disinfection of shoes, you can use a special solution or prepare it at home — take 40% acetic acid, 40% formalin solution and 1% chlorhexidine. Mix in equal proportions, dampen a swab and put yourself in the shoes after you place it in a plastic bag and tie tightly.
  • Pay close attention to the choice of shoes. The best option — good shoes of good quality leather, it is breathable and does not create favourable conditions for the breeding of bacteria.

The implementation of preventive measures will help you prevent infection and the development of mycosis. At the first symptoms is recommended to consult a doctor to avoid complications.