How to treat diaper rash in newborns?

Newborn babies are prone to skin ailments from the first weeks of his life. Many moms are concerned about how to treat diaper rash in newborns?

Doctors call this condition of diaper dermatitis. Treatment of infants with this diagnosis is a serious matter and quite difficult. A child thus worried about skin irritation, itching, and other negative manifestations.

Many young moms are inclined to blame the appearance of diaper rash in infants modern diapers are, however, reasons for the emergence of this disease mass. In any case, to quickly cure your baby only with the help of a pediatrician. The doctor will examine the child and prescribe safe and good tool. Yourself to buy a variety of drugs from this disease is not necessary, it is likely to aggravate the situation.


The major cause of diaper rash in infants, this increased moisture content. The folds of baby’s skin the most susceptible to this condition. The skin of newborns is very gentle, allowing harmful bacteria is easy to damage the epidermis – the surface layer of the skin.

As for diapers, they are really able to harm young children, irritating the skin of the priests. It is important to consider that the redness and other symptoms can occur with improper use of this product or if it is of poor quality. In addition, it is necessary to perform all hygiene procedures the baby to his skin is not injured in a diaper.

Most common causes:

  1. The friction of the diaper or tight clothing. If the skin of the child is the friction, the parcel undergoes diaper rash for a short time.
  2. Increased body temperature of the baby. Children are usually warm when their body temperature rises. It is the sweating causes a negative skin reaction.
  3. Stool. The newborn Kal is already very harmful to the skin, as it can erode it very quickly. If the acidity of this substance is increased, then the rate of corrosion is vastly increased.
  4. Untimely and improper care. After defecation or if the baby has wet himself, it should immediately be washed with baby soap, diaper rash otherwise the newborn will occur on the same day.
  5. Allergic reactions. These symptoms can trigger many issues. Children prone to allergies, especially in infancy. Improper hygiene, change of diet, introduction of solid foods and other factors, easily cause a negative reaction.
  6. Poor quality tap water. If you wash the baby rusty water, his skin will react to a diaper rash. In the case when this situation arises, it is better to use bottled water.
  7. Diarrhea. Frequent discharge of liquid stool consistency, irritating the skin of babies infants.
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Diaper rash in newborns is treated fairly quickly, if the drug for combating this skin condition should be carefully chosen. In addition, when the child reaches the age of 2 months, this problem becomes irrelevant, as the skin of the child has already reached a certain maturity. Prevention of diaper rash in infants, will allow all to avoid this problem.


The site of the damage:

  • neck area;
  • palm;
  • any folds of skin;
  • the area of the armpits;
  • between fingers of feet and hands;
  • place elbow and knee bends;
  • ears;
  • in the area of the buttocks, between.

To cure diaper rash as soon as possible, as they strongly disturb the kid. Itching and tingling affect the sleeping and waking child, he becomes nervous, not eating and screaming. Externally, these problem areas can look different, depending on the extent of this skin ailment.

Extent and types of manifestations

There is a classification of this state by degrees. Cream is assigned to each child, depending on the lesion size and its depth.

  • 1 degree. This situation is not considered serious and may occur in almost every child. The skin visible small areas of redness in the problem areas, most often in the groin and neck;
  • 2 the degree. This condition is more severe, the newborn experiences severe discomfort, stating that crying and poor appetite. The area of redness are quite significant and severe. In addition, affected areas merge into one big spot and covered with small cracks and bubbles. Sometimes such wounds are markedly pus and fluid, and the skin constantly wet;
  • 3 degree. This stage is the prevalence of pathological process in the skin of the baby raises serious concerns. The affected areas of the skin covered with erosions. In addition to the cutaneous manifestations of the baby body temperature rises, it behaves petulantly yells, as experiencing intense pain. How to treat this degree of destruction, can be solved only by a doctor. It is impossible to randomly smear the child with drugs, because it is fraught with complications. Note, the higher the degree of diaper rash, the harder it is to cure. You need to smear the skin of a baby’s only means low-fat, because fatty film on the inflamed area will not dry him, and it’s necessary.

Run this disease to the last stage is very difficult, you just need to neglect methods of hygiene for a long time. Every kid needs regular and frequent washing and wipe with special means, areas of the body that are especially vulnerable to this defeat.

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  1. Psoriasiform. Lesions acquire a distinct form, and flakes.
  2. Herpetiformis. Problem areas there are bubbles that can merge into one wound, when they burst, it turns solid erosion.
  3. Common. Considered a serious form of the disease, as the lesion covers a large area of the body, from the armpits of the child to the buttocks. Doctors often this form is diagnosed as seborrheic dermatitis, and treat it carefully.
  4. Granulomatous. This form is the most rare, as it occurs on the background of a weak immune system. The manifestations also differ from the look of a normal diaper rash. The skin rash found in a dark wash, which formed the nodes in dark blue, in the shape of a semicircle.

To prevent diaper rash should be lubricated folds of a newborn from the first day of life, it is possible for this purpose to use a special powder.

Treatment of diaper rash in infants

From diaper rash in infants, if the disease is only 1 degree may be suitable decoctions of medicinal herbs. Wipe affected area with this tool and a couple of days from disease will not remain a trace. It is important to remember to protect your child from this disease, it is necessary to frequently change diapers and make baby air baths, so the oxygen will be supplied to aprely plot, and the skin dry.

Treatment for:

  1. Methyluracyl ointment.
  2. Tannic ointment.
  3. Brilliant green (purulent lesions).
  4. Ointments containing talc and zinc.
  5. Baby powder is for babies.
  6. A solution of potassium permanganate.
  7. Solution hlorofillipta and miramistina (at last degree of the disease).
  8. Panthenol.
  9. Sudocrem.
  10. Bepanten.

Sometimes the treatment involves a combination of drugs, which is necessary when severe stage of the condition. Giving tips on how to get rid of diaper rash, the doctor will tell you about all the events that help to solve this problem.

Bathing babies need to carry out with the addition of decoctions of herbs. Succession, oak bark and other plants perfectly heal and soothe baby’s skin. After each wash the child needs to wipe, gently, without rubbing the delicate skin, DAB the wet areas of the body.

Traditional methods

  • bathing is best done with the addition of water, weak manganese solution. This will help to prevent the development of diaper rash or pricesit already affected areas;
  • a solution of iodine. 1 drop of this stuff added to a glass of boiled water. Handle swab soaked in this liquid, all the problem areas that will have a healing and drying effect;
  • a decoction of eucalyptus. It takes about 80 grams of this plant pour boiling water and leave to infuse for about 2 hours. After decanting and pressing, and the obtained means to lubricate oprelye place the child;
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Any folk remedy cannot be applied without the advice of a doctor. If you experience a yeast diaper rash but the doctor will prescribe proper therapy. Almost every kid are so much trouble, mom can easily cope with these problems, without a doctor. But, you must remember to fully protect your child from complications or allergic reactions cannot, therefore, consultation with a paediatrician is needed. Data skin ailments are not very dangerous, they will disappear altogether when the child reaches a certain age, however, they need therapy.

Prevention methods

Observing all the manipulations to prevent diaper rash, moms don’t have to get rid of this skin lesions. Enough as often as possible to wash the baby and change his diaper, to the skin clean and not inflamed.

Things to remember:

  1. Bedding baby it is necessary to wash and handle only hypoallergenic baby powder.
  2. Buying oilcloth in bed, you need to make sure she was breathing.
  3. As often as possible to allow the baby to lie without a diaper.
  4. In the room where the baby should not be hot.
  5. Carefully monitor the diet of a breastfeeding mother and baby.
  6. To wash newborn after each act of defecation.
  7. To prevent friction on baby’s skin, clothing, or diaper.
  8. It is impossible to regularly use baby powder, only if necessary.
  9. The fabric of the clothes of the baby should be only natural.

To treat diaper rash it is much more difficult than to observe preventive measures. In the case of small redness of the skin of the baby, you should immediately begin treatment. Many do not realize the importance of such a defeat, and it will give the child a lot of discomfort.

Young children are very delicate, their skin is like velvet, so it is easy to damage. It is necessary to avoid provoking moments that the child was full of energy and cheerful.