How to soften toenails and your big toe with fungus

How to soften toenails?

Against the background of fungal diseases in nails changes the structure and form, causing them to thicken, become rough and overly strong. Treatment is difficult because medications do not penetrate to the required depth, and to cut nails is a huge problem. That is why many seek the answer to the question of how to soften toenails with fungus? There are a few options people can use special funds sold in the pharmacy or traditional treatments.

  • Pharmaceutical preparations for softening the nail plate
  • Cream Fluconazole
  • Multivit
  • Other pharmaceutical medications
  • Baths at home to soften the nails
  • Popular methods of softening of the nail
  • The use of homemade ointment

Pharmaceutical preparations for softening the nail plate

Of course, the problem of thickening of the nails causes a lot of discomfort. However she faced by many people due to fungal infection or age-related changes in the body. In the pharmacy many options than to soften the nails. Ideally, you need to choose a product that not only provides a softening, but fights against fungi.

Cream Fluconazole

Fluconazole in the form of a cream is means «two in one». The drug helps soften the nail of the patient, while fighting the cause of the thickening, i.e., detrimental effect on pathogenic fungi. Has an antifungal property that provides a deodorizing and antiseptic effect, prevents further spread of the fungus. The composition components are:

  • Salicylic acid helps remove dead sites damaged skin;
  • Potassium iodide eliminates inflammatory processes;
  • Zinc oxide is soothing and dries.

It consists of extract of oak bark, extract of celandine, and other components that help solve the problem. Cream for softening the nail plate applied in accordance with the instructions for use. Applied to clean nails several times a day.

Important: as a result of intolerance to the active ingredient or mixture as a whole develops an allergic reaction, such as rash and redness in the area of application.


Multivit – softening of nails. Not a pharmaceutical antifungal effect, so no effect on the causes of the pathological state. Action tools depending on the components composition:

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  • Urea is the active ingredient that helps to soften the nails, then they are easy to trim.
  • Tea tree oil has disinfectant and antiseptic properties, promotes rapid regeneration of damaged cover.
  • Beeswax fights infections.
  • Reviews from patients indicate that the cream is effective. However, how quickly it softens nails, opinions differ. Some have only one manipulation, others required several treatments.

    Before using the drug, your nails need to steam through a foot bath, the liquid temperature is 34-35 degrees. In bath you can add soda. The agent should be applied gently solely on the nail plate, is strictly prohibited on skin – the medication is aggressive against healthy cover, leads to burn.

    The cream is applied thickly, rubbing is not necessary. Top close with a band-aid, you can wear socks that will protect against accidental withdrawal. Duration of manipulation varies from two to four days. The patch is not removed.

    Other pharmaceutical medications

    Pharmacy «tenderisers» nails are available in wide range. Definitely, to select the best option, it is better to read reviews of consumers, to study the opinion of doctors. Consider the most effective drugs:

    • Potassium permanganate is used for baths, it helps to soften the affected fungus nail, disinfects the skin. The solution is prepared in accordance with the instructions. Dosage increase is fraught with burns;
    • Salicylic acid helps soften the nail plate, which affected fungal infection. Using make a compress;
    • Vishnevsky ointment provides rapid softening, thus effectively fights inflammatory and chronic pathological processes;
    • Euroderm – ointment to soften the nail. Composed of urea, which works gently on dead skin area. Applied twice a day a thin layer. If simultaneously applied antifungal agent, apply 30 minutes before using it.

    Tip: when working with toenails affected by fungus, you should wear disposable gloves to prevent spread of infection to the skin of the hands.

    Baths at home to soften the nails

    How to soften the nail on the big toe? To cope with the task will help a foot bath. In alternative medicine there are many different recipes that include simple and effective components.

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    Basic rules of water procedures:

  • The liquid should be just a comfortable temperature to 38 degrees.
  • The duration of a single manipulation ranges from 15 to 20 minutes, unless the recipe otherwise stated.
  • After bath to dry your feet. It is recommended to use paper towels, which will prevent the spread of infection.
  • To soften thick nails apply lemon zest or lemon juice. To 50 ml of fresh juice or minced peel of one fruit to add to five gallons of water a comfortable temperature. A prescription is not recommended if the integrity of the skin, has sores, wounds and scratches.

    Recipes for softening the toenails:

    • Two tablespoons of chamomile, pour two liters of boiling water. Cover the container lid, allow to stand for 120 minutes. To filter, to carry out water procedure. As the cooling water can pour hot liquid;
    • Essential oils added to the water, helping to soften the rough nails, use lavender and rose oil, extract of orange blossoms and roses. To the liquid add 5-8 drops. Duration of procedure not more than 10 minutes;
    • Grate half of a piece of antibacterial soap added to the water. To send the same three tablespoon of baking soda. Well to prevent that the components have dissolved, dip your feet in a foot Spa.

    Important: trays cannot be added and sea salt, these components lead to the opposite effect – strengthen the nail plate, making it hard.

    Popular methods of softening of the nail

    How to soften toenails for cutting? Consider the options, which have a large number of positive reviews.

    Recipes of compresses and lotions:

  • Apply to a cotton swab 9% solution of vinegar, to fix on the leg band. Importantly, the liquid does not come into contact with healthy cover. You can pre-stick the finger with a band-aid. The duration of the manipulation of two hours. After you wash your feet with warm water, the nails can be cut without much effort.
  • Mix in equal proportions of iodine, vinegar and glycerin. Then to the mixture add water twice. Dip the swab to fasten, as in the previous embodiment. Leave on all night. In the morning you can proceed to the treatment of nails.
  • To take a leaf of aloe, cut. To attach to fat nail, wrap with a bandage or band-aid. Leave for 12 hours. In the morning remove the poultice, to treat the nails. Aloe Vera has antifungal activity, so that during manipulation does not only soften the nail plate, but also destroy the n-th number of fungi.
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    Lotions and compresses well suited in cases when there is no time to do bath or not possible (e.g. bedridden patients).

    The use of homemade ointment

    In some situations, you can not acquire a specialized product in the pharmacy network. But this is not a problem. At home you can prepare the drug of the local action, which practically does not differ from the pharmaceutical drugs.

    To prepare you need the following components:

    • Beeswax – 10 g;
    • One clove of garlic;
    • A small onion;
    • 20 g of butter.

    Peel the onion and garlic, chop them with a blender to obtain a homogeneous mixture. In it add the oil at room temperature, the wax. Put on fire, boil 5 minutes, constantly in the way. Allow to cool. The cooled product is applied to the affected area, after the foot is wrapped with polyethylene or wear a fingertip, leave for the night. In the morning, the nail plate becomes soft and pliable.

    Softening and removal of the nail on the background of the fungus is a necessary part of treatment. Thickened nails provoke pain, discomfort when walking, reducing the effectiveness of conservative treatment. When using folk remedies should remember that they are only making the nails soft, but not affect the cause of the disease.

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