How to get rid of Wen in the home and how to withdraw

Classification of talc and how to get rid of them at home?

Before discussing how to get rid of Wen at home, you should understand the problem. Wen – a benign type, developing under the skin. Title education is fully consistent with his nature – lipoma develops from the adipose capsule and can occur on any area of the body. To get rid of white bumps optional, health risks of tumors do not carry. But for aesthetic reasons, the increasing size of a lipoma can deliver a lot of inconvenience. In addition, the lump on the back, neck or arms will interfere with basic hygiene procedures.

  • The causes of lipomas
  • Classification of Wen
  • Is it possible to remove a Wen by yourself?
  • How to remove a fatty lipoma home
  • Pharmaceutical preparations
  • People’s ways
  • Prevention and precautions

The causes of lipomas

Doctors could not determine the exact cause of the lump. It is only known that the accumulation of adipose tissue in the capsule is due to blockage of the sebaceous glands. Subcutaneous lump may appear due to the following factors:

  • Hereditary characteristics;
  • A metabolic process of the body;
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys, have a negative impact on the function of hematopoiesis;
  • Hormonal disturbances.
  • Important! You should not remove a lipoma at home before you clarified the exact cause and diagnosis. Education are not dangerous, however, if the formation has a value more than 1 cm and located deep under the skin, you will need the help of a surgeon. Inept actions would lead to subsequent blockage of the glands, growth of lipomas and other unpleasant consequences.

    Lipoma, or Wen called small seal with clear visible boundaries. Soft substance pressed with the fingers, sometimes the lump move when pressing. Palpation is not painful, but in the spread of Wen touch can cause discomfort. Such lipomas should be removed and better to do it in a hospital or laboratory.

    Important! Strictly prohibited to get rid of the white bumps formed in the abdomen, on the chest or on the genitals. Nature lipomas may be different, respectively, require a careful analysis and accurate diagnosis.

    What can cause attempt to remove a fatty lipoma at home:

    • Without adequate measures of hygiene will be a subcutaneous abscess cavity, to cure which it will be difficult;
    • Self-examination has a high risk of setting the wrong diagnosis, resulting in the deletion of the lipoma will cause any life threatening diseases;
    • The removal of the Wen in the eye area in danger of loss of vision.

    Despite the fact that a lipoma does not cause pain on palpation, increasing education puts pressure on adjacent organs that interferes with normal functioning. The most dangerous are considered to be education «with the foot», as the twisting leads to tissue necrosis.

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    Classification of Wen

    Depending on the structural component of talc are distinguished by the following:

  • Lipoferum education with a soft texture, consisting of fat cells. Can form wherever there is fat tissue.
  • Fibrolipoma – a solid education, including in addition of fat cells by fibrous tissue. This files most often forms on the butt, legs, hips.
  • Angiolipoma consists of muscle, adipose tissue. Education grows in blood vessels developing inside the organs or muscle tissue.
  • Melipona like angiolipoma, but rather is formed in the deeper layers of the muscles.
  • Myelolipoma occurs in the abdominal cavity, or certain areas of the body where there is bone (blood-forming) tissue and fat cells.
  • A blockage of the sebaceous glands can lead to azithromy is a rounded education is not more than 5 cm in diameter, dense and lively. A distinctive feature is a dark mark in the spot of the blockage of the gland. Is formed under the skin due to thickened secretions or obstruction of the sebaceous duct.

    Is it possible to remove a Wen by yourself?

    Whether to remove lipomas at home? Yes, but only when accurate diagnosis, and taking all precautions. However, in some cases to remove the lump does not – a lipoma is not always connected with the outer duct, so that a free exit fat accumulation is not expected. In addition, education has a blood supply, even minimal intervention in the integrity of the tumor may have implications in the form of bleeding.

    Deletion of the education in the outpatient setting involves the use of anesthesia. The doctor makes a careful incision opens the capsule and remove the contents. However, cleaned of connective tissue, supportive education that prevents the build-up of the new Wen. The procedure for removing simple, but here at home it is not recommended – too great a risk of negative consequences.

    Attempt to pierce the knot and pull the solidified fat is not always a success – to ensure complete sterility of the house is unlikely to succeed. This squeezing out Wen akin to voluntary infection. If the lipoma accidentally punctured, you should immediately treat the puncture site by any antiseptic and as quickly as possible to a doctor.

    Whom to contact? Of course, the surgeon. Lipoma removal takes a bit of time in a few days we can forget about the fatty lipoma forever. Today, clinics offer to remove the lipoma with laser, ultrasound and other advanced means. Technologies belong to the category of minimally invasive and significantly improve the ultimate results of operations.

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    How to remove a fatty lipoma home

    Despite the warnings of doctors, many patients prefer to remove the lump yourself. To remove a Wen at home you can use the pharmacy drugs or folk remedies. The principle of action of all drugs is based on the softening of tissues and increased vascularity. Selecting the most suitable option can be to remove the fatty lipoma in any part of the body, but it is not recommended to apply any funds in the mucous membranes.

    Pharmaceutical preparations

    Quickly enough, you can remove a lipoma, applying medication pharmacy means of over-the-counter:

  • Shaving (cream, ointment) – contains extracts of natural origin having anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative effect.
  • Only need to apply a small amount of cream on gauze and fixed on Wen. The bandage is replaced by a fresh as the drying of the composition. The duration of treatment depends on the size and depth of the lipoma, education usually resolves within 2-4 weeks.

  • Medistim – cream that breaks down the lump that leads to a decrease or complete disappearance of education. The bandage with ointment is superimposed twice a day. The duration of treatment is determined individually. Be sure to carefully read the user manual: the product is contraindicated in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Vishnevsky ointment is one of the most affordable means to get rid of the lump itself without the help of a surgeon. The drug causes the blood flow to the formation also has antimicrobial, astringent and drying properties. The ointment is applied on the region of the lipoma and covered with a napkin. Once the layer of the ointment dries up, the area is washed with warm water, and a bandage is applied again. As a rule, superficial lipomas dissolve over 4-6 days.
  • Important! The product contains birch tar, increases the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. That’s why you can’t use on exposed parts of the body, especially in the warm season.

  • Besides the guarantee of complete freedom from Wen if you apply the product twice a day. The ointment has a high wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that helps soften the skin and quickly eliminate.
  • Important! All ointments should be used with caution in skin ulcerations, scratches, sores.

  • You can make a lotion out of iodine and 6% vinegar in the ratio of 1:1. Apply the composition should be three a day, helps the lotion in the atheroma.
  • To fight with lipoma can be hydrogen peroxide. Lubricate the education you need in the morning, evening or compress on sleep.
  • If you have decided to cut out a lipoma at home, it can be punctured with a sterile needle and after lubricating puncture with ointments of the Tetracycline type, or Levamisole. Means disinfect the wound and help heal quicker.

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    People’s ways

    Knowing how to remove a fatty lipoma at home pharmacy drugs, you can look for means of deliverance in home storage. To get rid of lipomas help the following herbs:

  • Leaf Golden mustache, you need to take fresh. Mash the leaf and apply to the Wen, covering the top with cellophane and a warm cloth. Lipoma pass, if you do the compresses for 12 hours for 12 days.
  • Aloe or Kalanchoe is also a great help in fighting formations. If the house is a fresh leaf or other plants, the question of how to integrate Wen, will not occur. Need to grind the leaf to a pulp and put a compress on the night. The duration of treatment is determined individually, most often lipoma absorbed for 5-7 days.
  • If the home is vodka, output Wen is quite simple: mix one part vodka with one part vegetable oil and apply the compress on the lipoma. Keep 12-14 hours, changing the compress as it dries. The treatment lasts sometimes up to several weeks, but a way to get rid of lipoma forever.
  • How to remove talc subcutaneous fat and garlic: mix in a blender with the bacon (2 pieces), garlic (1 part), to strike, and the resulting mass is applied on the area of the lipoma 2-3 times a day. In a day appear a noticeable improvement, and after 3-5 days education can resolve completely.
  • Prevention and precautions

    There is no guarantee that cut education will not appear again. Therefore, it is important to observe all precautions: personal hygiene, maintenance of immunity, stabilization of metabolic processes in the body.

    As for precautions, then knowing how to remove a Wen by yourself, you should only care about testing medicines and folk remedies. It is best to apply a small amount of the mixture on my elbow and wait 25-35 minutes. If no adverse reaction, you can begin treatment.

    Traditional methods are good, but not always. Consultation with a specialist will help you learn how to remove the lipoma and may choose the alternative option of surgical intervention.

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