How to get rid of warts and print at home

Folk remedies for getting rid of warts

What is a papilloma, little is known, but when they say a wart, once it becomes clear what will be discussed. Most warts disgust, because associated with something dirty and not pretty. How to get rid of warts is interested in all the people who point this defect. This is not strange, because sometimes they prevent to wear shoes, pants or to wear a short skirt. To indulge in such mundane things, modern man is hardly ready, and therefore tries to remove a wart at home.

  • Folk remedies
  • Salicylic acid
  • Celandine
  • Garlic
  • Iodine
  • Vinegar

Folk remedies

Externally papillomas are a seal on the skin, but it should be mentioned that the appearance of tumors is not always preceded by a lack of hygiene. Cause these benign tumors papilloma virus, which are diagnosed every third person on the planet. How to treat virus modern medicine doesn’t know, but there are plenty of ways to reduce the wart — a characteristic symptom of this disease.

If you decide to get rid of warts folk remedies, you should be prepared for the fact that repair is only one of the symptoms of the virus, the centers of which are situated in deep layers of the skin, you are working. It is likely that after some time you will again face a papilloma, but at a different area of skin.

If such an outcome you are satisfied, you can test one of the methods of treatment from traditional healers. It is best in combating skin growths proven:

  • salicylic acid;
  • the celandine;
  • iodine;
  • garlic;
  • vinegar.

Each of these products, familiar to us from everyday life, the majority even had no idea that garlic is able to kill the virus in the skin, and the vinegar layer by layer to burn the tumor. Traditional medicine is fraught with many secrets get rid of warts, and sometimes they give results much faster than medicines purchased at a pharmacy.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid in the removal of warts is very common, because it copes with its mission. For the first time salicylic acid derived from willow bark, the synthesized aspirin and acetyl acid, which exhibits excellent antiviral and anti-inflammatory action.

External application of salicylic acid helps to suppress the activity of the sweat glands and eliminates inflammation. One of the most common reason for the activation of HPV and recurrence of the disease is excessive sweating. If you RUB the area of inflammation, wart remove, for just a few weeks.

See the warts on hands by using the compress, you need to moisten a cotton swab in a solution of salicylic acid and applied to the surface of the skin at night. Morning wrap removed, and the wart washed with warm water. How get rid of a wart using salicylic acid, you can in detail to tell the doctor. This is a very aggressive tool that can burn healthy skin, so before using, it is better to consult a dermatologist. In addition, hypersensitive people may develop allergies to some component of medication that will further exacerbate the problem.

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Pharmacies to potential patients also suggested that salicylic ointment, it is a more gentle method of how to remove wart at home. It can be used even for children from 2 years. You just need to apply a small amount of ointment on the tumor, and the top covered with cotton wool to wrap the night film. Use ointment recommended by doctors after surgical removal of growths on the skin. Thanks to the active ingredients, the drug capable of restoring the integrity of the skin and remove the marks that often remain on minimally invasive procedures and surgical treatment.


How to get rid of warts, knew even our grandmothers. They have successfully coped with any skin blemishes celandine.

This plant is poisonous and the regular use or internal use may cause serious intoxication. The composition of the plant includes more than 20 toxic components, but if used correctly, you can get a huge benefit, especially if there is a question how to get rid of warts.

The active substance contained in the composition of plants, impact on the tumor at the cellular level, they gradually dissolve the wart, and thus does not affect healthy, adjacent tissues. There are several methods how to quickly get rid of a wart at home with the help of celandine:

  • fresh juice used 4 times a day. It should be applied to the area of education, as a rule, quite 3 weeks lubricating juice to the wart turned black initially, and then completely disappeared. Fresh juice from the stem of plants can be mixed with glycerin. This will give the opportunity to use the fluid for a long time. Juice from the stem can be used only once, if it be squeezed in a glass, then he go bad after a couple of hours and will lose its healing properties. It should be mentioned that this method of removing warts at home is effective in dealing with eczema, acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis;
  • extract of celandine, you can prepare yourself or buy ready-made. For cooking, you need to mix freshly juice from the stem with alcohol or vodka. Calculation make 50ml of juice 100g of vodka. The tool recommended to insist two weeks in a dark place, and only then, apply to the skin;
  • if you don’t know than get rid of a wart, you can use prescription ointments on the basis of celandine. It is effective for mass lesions of the skin, even with prolonged use it has no side effects. First, how to remove a wart at home, you need to cook pork netorna fat. It drowned on low heat until you get a homogeneous mass. In this mixture, add the juice of celandine, a handful of dry sage and cook over low heat until the mixture turns yellow. Further cool to room temperature, as a compress, applied to the affected area. Keep the compress at least 3 hours. It is best to carry out therapy before going to sleep.

It is very important not to grease at one time more than 5 warts. The load on the body and the skin is significantly increased, the effect of toxic substances that are in composition of the juice increases and possible side effects.

If you point a strong redness on the skin after tried to get rid of a wart at home celandine, immediately consult a doctor, it is likely you have a personal intolerance of this plant, or you overdid the dosage.

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There is another way to get rid of warts home. For this purpose suitable conventional garlic. This is not surprising, because it is not only a spice but also a powerful antiviral agent. Garlic is very actively used in the fight against viral respiratory illnesses, why not test his strength in the fight against papilloma. To remove warts at home with garlic is very simple; you just need to grind the product on a grater, and apply the pulp on the 25 mine to the build-up. This is enough time for active components of garlic have started to destroy skin cells that began to mutate under the influence of HPV.

To remove warts on the hands, but directly on the fingers, you can cut garlic in half and attach the middle to the papilloma. On top, some healers recommend to impose on a particle from the peel of a banana. It enhances the anti-bacterial effect of garlic and contributes to the rapid destruction of the affected cells in the skin.

It is not necessary to keep the garlic and mush it on the skin for longer than 30 minutes, it is likely to burn. The blister on the skin from the garlic coming off a very long time, and it can cause additional discomfort to the patient.

Conduct a wart using garlic, cooking facilities for domestic reception. It is known that the reason for the activation of the virus there is insufficient resistance of leukocytes, the cells of the virus. To increase the immune power in the body, can be simultaneously exposed compresses, use a decoction of milk and garlic. At first glance, these are not compatible products give a striking effect. Garlic should be crushed and the Gulf of milk, simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. Next, the liquid filter and drink 50 g before meals. You can see the warts, using an infusion of lemon peel, garlic and ginger. Products are crushed and mixed among themselves. When they let the juice, with pulp, drink 1 tablespoon after meals three times a day.

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The most simple option to get rid of warts at home is the application of iodine. This medication in the medicine Cabinet of every person. Before you bring the wart to soften the skin, it is best to steam it in a warm soda bath. Iodine applied not only to the tumor but also in adjacent skin, it will reduce the likelihood of relapse. With regular application, the iodine helps to remove a wart on the foot, hand and other parts of the body, three weeks of application. It is very important not to abuse this liquid, because, as in the case of garlic, you may get burned.


How to quickly get rid of warts says a lot of folk prescriptions, but is particularly well proven options, how to quickly get rid of a wart that is based on vinegar. It is affordable for everyone method of treatment of skin growth. If there are warts, and how to get rid of them with vinegar, you don’t know, are guided by the following instructions:

  • Apply a small piece of tissue or Apple cider vinegar, and attaching to the damaged area, cover the compress with plastic wrap;
  • After 2 hours, remove the poultice and wipe the skin with an antiseptic;
  • In the evening, before bedtime, applied new poultice, but it is already crushed with the master’s soap and vinegar;
  • The next morning, remove the compress and immediately take a hot bath the affected area of the skin.
  • According to statistics, week this treatment allows how get rid of a wart on your finger or on extensive areas of the body.

    Pondering on what is possible to show warts, you are already putting yourself at risk, because HPV is very often transformed into a malignant tumor, and cancer traditional medicine is powerless. Should not neglect your health, if you are in pain, the wart is increasing in size or just the way to wear your favorite clothes, go to the doctor will tell you how to get rid of warts permanently without significant damage to their health.

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