How to get rid of chafing between the toes?

Diaper rash between the toes is the inflammation of the skin, which appears due to prolonged exposure to sweat.

In General, diaper rash, are a manifestation of fungal infection in areas of skin folds, namely:

  • between the fingers of the hands and feet;
  • between the legs;
  • in the armpits;
  • under the Breasts;
  • between the buttocks and thighs.

It’s a common enough ailment that can be observed in the adult and the child.

Causes of diaper rash

Often diaper rash is formed due to the adverse effects of environmental factors. For example, between the toes regularly rubbing occurs due to heavy physical exertion. Besides, if this process occurs in shoes where there is excess humidity, such an environment is ideal for the emergence of fungal infection. In the end, the formed diaper rash.

The most common source of diaper rash include:

  • sweating by overheating the skin of the feet;
  • excessive activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • a variety of diseases (diabetes, vascular diseases);
  • insufficient ventilation;
  • fever with prolonged fever;
  • allergic to socks and cleaning supplies.
  • high humidity as a result of insufficient drying of the feet after washing;
  • neglect the regular observance of rules of hygiene;
  • damage to the skin when wearing uncomfortable or poor quality footwear.

It is known that chafing of the feet often appear among overweight people. This is because obesity increases the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands. Their regular effect on the skin between the toes is irritating. Microcracks and wounds, which can easily penetrate any infection.

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The signs of diaper rash depend on the stage at which the disease. There are the following stages:

  • The initial (mild). In most situations, slight peeling occurs between the third and fourth toes or around his little finger.
  • Development or squamous gipertroficescoy form of the disease. This stage is characterized by redness and flaking of the skin, the big toe takes a yellow color, felt itching and burning feelings.
  • It is important to start treatment of the disease, especially if they are children. Otherwise you can permanently be without nails. This will lead to the fact that the fingers will be unprotected from external environmental influences. Also significantly harmed the appearance of the legs.

    In identifying the rash on the legs assigned to antifungal agents. For the treatment of this disease the child can use a children’s cream that nourishes the skin and stimulates the healing process.

    Treatment of diaper rash between the toes of an adult begins with the application to the affected area medicinal creams and ointments. It can be candid, Clotrimazole, Mecasermin and other drugs. To correctly select the right tool will help the dermatologist after visual inspection and examination of the patient.

    Local treatment with antimycotic preparations is carried out in two stages.

    1. First and foremost, to get rid of the diaper, the affected skin is treated with antiseptic and a well dried. If you use wipes, it is not recommended to vigorously RUB the skin because such action may provoke the penetration of infection into the deeper layers.
    2. On dry clean skin apply a thin layer. The ointment should be applied carefully, without touching the healthy parts, because some of the drugs are too aggressive. Then the foot is superimposed a retentive bandage.

    This method allows to increase the period of the funds and allows it to drain. Most often the drugs for the local therapy of diaper rash are applied twice a day. In certain cases, your doctor may prescribe to use a cream or ointment more times per day. And sometimes, specialists recommend to apply the gel just before going to sleep. The course of treatment is 2-6 weeks. The result is usually visible after a few days of using the cream or ointment. If after a week no improvement is observed, it is necessary to change the tool. But if the symptoms already exist, the treatment should be continued up to the time which is prescribed by the doctor.

    In some situations, to completely get rid of diaper rash may require more than one week, in this connection, you need to try not to bring the disease to the appearance of bleeding sores. Often people do not understand the seriousness of the disease and self-medicate. Because of this fungal infection spreads, and the condition of the skin on the feet is getting worse. In order to prevent such situations, at the first sign of rash should visit a qualified physician, who will prescribe the right treatment.

    Preventive measures

    Diaper rash between the toes is much easier to prevent than to cure. To avoid this disease, you must follow certain rules:

    • every day should wash the folds between the fingers under running water;
    • on the skin you need to apply emollient creams;
    • wear only clothes made of natural materials;
    • you should not wear uncomfortable and low quality shoes;
    • on the beach, in the baths and saunas, as well as in other public places need to walk in the shoes;
    • you cannot use the shoes of another person;
    • once a month it is necessary to disinfect shoes antimycotic spray;
    • pedicure should be done only in the audited stores and experienced craftsmen.

    With regard to prevention of diaper rash in infants, be sure that the baby’s leg was always dry and buy them socks from materials of natural origin.

    The implementation of these recommendations will allow you to avoid chafing between the toes.

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