How to eliminate nail fungus with copper sulfate?

In the fight against infections, specialists prescribe a different treatment, from folk to medication. Used copper sulfate from fungus nails, who recently was only used as a poison for insects.

Properties and applications

This chemical has the appearance of blue crystals. Previously, it was used as antiemetics, but soon its ingestion was banned because of its ability to cause serious poisoning, even death. It is effective as an antiseptic providing during therapy positive results:

  • quickly relieves pain;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • enhances immunity;
  • protects against infections, fights parasites that cause athlete’s foot.

Sulfate is used as a disinfectant drug, reduces the risk of re-infection. With it being treated:

  • sciatica;
  • epilepsy;
  • arthritis;
  • injuries.
  • chemically bonded copper;
  • sulfur atom;
  • oxygen.

Sulfate has a pronounced odor and is highly soluble in water.

Important! The tool is toxic: it is a small amount on the skin can cause burns, and inhalation of the substance is easy get poisoned. In this regard, the sulphate should be used with caution.

In regards to nail fungus it:

  • relieves itching and discomfort;
  • eliminates pathogenic microorganisms;
  • prevents the spread of athlete’s foot;
  • removes plaque and peeling.
  • the substance does not tolerate direct sunlight and stored in a dark place;
  • preparation of the concentrate should be carried out in plastic dishes, in water at room temperature;
  • sulphate can be dissolved for the future and store in bottles of plastic or glass for no longer than one month;
  • in the process of treatment should not inhale the vapors of the substance, and also use it in food;
  • when interacting with sulphate use medical mask and applying a sticking plaster;
  • when using do not smoke;
  • keep the vitriol is recommended away from food.
  • a slight tingling sensation;
  • rash, redness and burning sensation, usually occurring in problematic lesions;
  • rather painful.
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In the first case, you should continue to use sulfate for 10-15 minutes. At the onset of symptoms described in the other two situations, the treatment stops. When the therapeutic process is completed, the affected area is thoroughly cleaned and applied anti-fungal ointment. This is done by means of a special spatula, after which the treated area are Packed with plaster. The ointment should be absorbed, so it is best to carry out the procedure for the night.

To achieve a more effective result of the copper sulfate from fungus of the nails used in conjunction with other restoration options:

  • immune system of the body and multivitamins;
  • antimykotika;
  • antimicrobial agents for local use.
  • teaspoon of vitriol diluted with one liter of boiled water, cooled to room temperature;
  • the solution is poured into a plastic bottle and stored in a dark place;
  • made from it foot bath.

At the scheduled treatment time will need:

  • to heat the water;
  • add a teaspoon of prepared solution;
  • to hold the feet for 15 minutes.

To make the process better daily before bedtime. Usually the duration of treatment is three to six months. You can cook the ointment on the basis of the vitriol:

  • make a mixture of yellow sulphur and goose fat (one teaspoon);
  • blue stone protolith in the pan;
  • mix it with the first ingredients.
  • a liter of water mixed with a tablespoon of the powder;
  • a cotton swab moistened with the composition, they cleaned the affected area;
  • when it dries, the nails are applied in a porridge of finely chopped onion;
  • secured with gauze and cellophane;
  • insulated socks or woolen fabric;
  • left for the night.
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In the morning feet are washed and wiped dry. The course of treatment lasts two weeks.

The use of copper sulfate effectively while respecting all security measures. With the appearance of metallic taste in mouth, abdominal pain, vomiting, loose stools, headache and yellowing of the skin requires urgent consultation of the doctor. Treatment of nail fungus with copper sulfate in compliance with all security measures should not be a reason for this.