How to cure nail fungus without the pills?

Some people, for some reason, you do not have the ability or desire to be treated with traditional medicines. It can be patients suffering from allergic reactions to medications or taking too many different drugs. But is it possible to cure nail fungus without the pills? Let’s try to understand this question.

Symptoms and effects of disease

Fungus of the toenails is manifested primarily by changes in the structure and color of nails: brittle, flake, color is yellowish-gray, you receive a specific odor and itching between the toes. Often there is a thickening and detachment of the nail from the nail bed.

It is very important to start the treatment, after launching the fungus to cure much harder. The consequences of this seemingly harmless disease will be very serious. If treatment is not started in time, as a result of penetration of infection in the internal organs, the immune system weakens, and perhaps the development of such severe diseases as diabetes or asthma.

The toxins produced by fungi, gradually poison the whole body.

Fungus treatment proven home remedies

Traditional medicine has accumulated extensive experience in the treatment of various diseases proven tools available in almost any home. With regard to fungal diseases, if the disease is not running, home pharmacy will come to the rescue. For people who are not too loving of drugs, this is a great way out of the situation.

Here are some recipes of home remedies, which help you to cope with the disease at the initial stage:

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