How to apply Clotrimazole from nail fungus?

Clotrimazole from nail fungus — an effective local drug spectrum of action, developed on the basis of vaseline. The main action of the medicine is aimed at suppression of pathogenic microflora and the relief of the unpleasant symptoms of the disease of the skin and nails.

How it works ointment?

The action of Clotrimazole suppressing the growth and reproduction of fungal flora. The drug has a broad spectrum of action and exerts a depressing effect on most known pathogenic flora. A solution of clotrimazole is used when infected by fungi, yeast, helps with blastomycosis, the presence of coccal infection and Corynebacterium. The remedy has antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic effects on the skin. Frequent manifestations of fungus, Clotrimazole can be used to prevent.

The main action is to slow the growth of pathogenic microflora, providing fungistatic, which leads to the destruction of the fungi at the cellular level because of damage to membrane integrity. Ointment fungus Clotrimazole violates vital processes in organisms of pathogens, adversely affecting their cellular structure, proteins, fats and polysaccharides.

The active ingredients enter into the relationship with enzymes of the fungus, increasing the cell concentration of hydrogen peroxide, that’s why they rapidly begin to die. Types of pathogenic fungal microflora, which could resist the action of the cream does not exist. Indications for use:

  • The foot fungus treatment with this medicine should be agreed with the doctor to avoid the development of undesirable reactions of the organism. Includes cetyl and stearic alcohols, wax, water. The main active ingredient — clotrimazole.

    Cream ointment or solution?

    Clotrimazole vs nail fungus the medication has 3 mold release — ointment, cream and solution. What form to choose, tell the attending physician, all depends on the type of pathogens and the severity of the manifestations of the symptomatic picture.

    Clotrimazole cream dosage form that is used only for external treatment areas of the skin that were affected by pathogenic flora. The duration of therapy and frequency of application depend on how global are lesions on the skin. As a rule, to treat various types of dermatitis need 1 month, elimination of depriving takes a few weeks. On average, the frequency of use should not exceed 1-2 times a day. With more frequent application may be a manifestation of adverse symptoms.

    Solution from nail fungus Clotrimazole is used for treatment of various infectious diseases on the skin. It has a local effect on the negative microflora, and therefore it must be applied only to the damaged areas, slightly touching the healthy part of the skin, to prevent the spread of the cells of the pathogens. To use the solution is necessary within a month after was completely cropped symptomatic picture of the disease.

    Use during pregnancy

    The pregnant woman’s body is constantly prone to various fungal diseases because of a weakened immune system and hormonal changes. As a rule, to use any pharmaceutical drugs during pregnancy is not recommended, as their active ingredients can penetrate the placental barrier and harm the fetus and the expectant mother. To use Clotrimazole when nail fungus on feet during pregnancy is not recommended, as there is a risk of negative reaction on the part of the body.

    But there are exceptions. It can be used in cases when other drugs that have a gentle effect on the body, do not give positive dynamics. To apply this drugs to pregnant women only after he was appointed the attending physician. Independent use may lead to adverse symptoms.

    In the period of breast-feeding to treat fungus Clotrimazole is prohibited. Although clinical studies proving the negative impact of the medication on the child’s body was not held, for security purposes, it generally is not prescribed.

    If other medicines have a positive action and there is a need to take Clotrimazole, women are recommended to temporarily stop breastfeeding.

    Application notes

    Clotrimazole to treat nail fungus — strong enough drug that it is recommended to use only after the approval of his appointment with the doctor. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the symptomatic picture and the type of fungus. Solution cure for fungus toenails should be applied 1-2 times per day, ointment and cream — no more than 2.

    Excess usage may cause adverse symptoms. Patients who use too often, this medicine is capable of deal with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, nausea, development of erythema, allergic rash on the body, itching and a burning sensation.

    Instructions for use of Clotrimazole required reading before using. If the patient takes other medications to treat concomitant diseases should inform the doctor. If foot fungus or fingernails Clotrimazole to be applied simultaneously with the polyene antibiotics, its effect will be greatly reduced, which will lead to a lack of the desired result.

    The benefits of using

    The klotrimazola from fungus on the feet and hands can be used in various dosage forms, the main condition to achieve the effect of the drug must be correctly applied. The main component means having a negative effect on the production of the substance ergosterol, causing pathogenic microorganisms cease to grow, to multiply and resulting in dying.

    Treat the fungus with a drug is recommended and due to the fact that when applying the cream, ointment or solution on the skin creates a protective film that prevents the penetration of infection and does not continue to spread pathogenic cells. Struggling with fungal infestations, the active ingredients of the drug have a negative impact on the infection, which can penetrate the damaged skin, causing additional inflammation.

    Using solution or ointment for nail fungus Clotrimazole, do not expect that the effect of this drug will be very fast. In the first place, will be relieved of unpleasant symptoms, and then another few weeks to use the drug to completely destroy the pathogens.

    You also need to remember that the surface of the skin are not themselves pathogenic cells, but only a manifestation of their vital activity. Therefore, the ointment worked, it is necessary to penetrate through the pores of the epidermis. The drug is superimposed with light massaging movements. After application, the limb should not be covered by clothing or shoes.

    Data on overdose due to excessive use of drugs in medicine were identified. Any negative reaction on the part of the body do not pose a threat to human health and easily dealt with by symptomatic treatment. Before using the drug you must see a doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

    Some patients, seeing on the hands or feet unpleasant symptoms, I think it’s a fungus, and pick their own medication, although similar symptoms can have other diseases of the skin, which use a completely different medication.

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