How many days lasts chickenpox in children and how many pours

Chickenpox in children: how long is and when is it?

Despite the fact that chicken pox get sick more often in children of preschool age, can get sick adolescents and adults who have not experienced with this herpes virus. If you have chicken pox, how many days you’re going to be hurting in a lot depends on your age, the form of the disease and the fortress of the immune system. Can also vary the timing of the incubation period and timing of the lesions.

  • Clinical features
  • The duration of the rash
  • The period of infectiousness
  • Factors affecting the duration of the disease
  • The total duration of the disease

Clinical features

If you want to understand how many days lasts chickenpox, it is essential to understand the nuances of the course of the disease. Thus, the latent period of the disease, called incubation, begins with the penetration of the virus into the body until the first symptoms. The average duration of this period is 7-21 days. However, there is one feature. The rash of chickenpox in children usually appear on the eighth-tenth day after the child is actually sick. As for adults, the rash of chickenpox, they may appear in 20-21 days after infection with the virus.

Important! The duration of chicken pox in adolescence and adulthood may exceed the duration of illness in children.

Moreover, until there were spots with chicken pox and has not started the temperature rise, the child may feel great, be active and appear healthy. However, throughout the incubation period, the baby will be contagious. Particularly dangerous it is for others in terms of the spread of infection in the first two days before the rash appears.

Chicken pox makes itself known a few days before the formation of rashes. In this case you experience the following symptoms:

  • Impaired or completely lost appetite.
  • Appears General weakness and malaise.
  • Can sometimes headache.
  • The temperature increase observed.
  • The disease contributes to the moodiness of the child, he can’t sleep.

Answering the question of how many days you get chicken pox children is to say that on the second or third day after the appearance of initial symptoms begin to arise the first eruption. Initially this pinkish flat spots on the body. Then they transformirovalsya in a small blisters filled with clear content. To understand how long the itch of chicken pox, you need to understand that the first rash of flat reddish spots do not cause any discomfort or itch. But a rash in the form of small bubbles already heavily scratched.

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The duration of the rash

If rash occurs during chickenpox in children, there is a rise in temperature. Every two days there may be new bubbles. Every appearance is accompanied by a fever, that’s why mom is concerned about how long the rash of chicken pox. Usually lasts windmill at the child from three to ten days. Then, how long does the rash depends on the shape of the disease, the age of onset and the immune system.

Now let’s find out how many days it takes a chicken pox in children. As a rule, on the fifth day since the formation of the bubbles they spontaneously opened, the contents poured out, and in their place formed a dry crust. The crust does not need to strip. They will disappear after a week. Otherwise the baby can get infected, and then this place will remain scarred. That is why it is so important not to itch during chickenpox and treat rashes green paint.

However, we are still not given the final answer to the question, how many days pours chickenpox in children, because after drying crusts at first, the rash follows the stage of appearance of a new rash, which is again accompanied by fever and General malaise. This cycle may be repeated several times. While in the active phase of the disease on the skin there are all types of rashes:

  • reddish flat spots;
  • small bubbles with the liquid;
  • ruptured blisters with scabs.

The period of infectiousness

If a baby has chicken pox, how much it needs to be isolated from the house team, you can check with your doctor. A specialist knows exactly what is the duration of chickenpox in children. We can say that the child will be contagious for the entire time, how many days throws the chicken pox. It is believed that on the sixth day after the complete cessation of rash toddler is absolutely not contagious and may attend children’s team. At this point, the body has fully developed antibodies to the virus and the disease is completely defeated.

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It is important to add how many days are kept quarantined in a children’s preschool institution in case of illness of one of its members chickenpox. Because in each case it is impossible to say exactly how much time you get chicken pox children, because this period is in the range of 4-13 days, the period of quarantine in POS is not less than 14 days.

Attention! Stipulating the period of infectiousness the child should not forget that it is important not that how much you get chicken pox, but when an infection has taken place, because during the whole incubation period, the baby will be contagious.

Factors affecting the duration of the disease

It is impossible to answer the question, how long does the chicken pox in children. Duration of disease depends on many factors:

  • The virus can strike at any age, but teenagers and especially adults are sick is heavier and longer compared with the number of days of sick children. Therefore, to move this disease better in children having persistent lifelong immunity. For example, in Europe, children with chicken pox for this reason, is not isolated from the group of children.
  • How much treatment for chickenpox in children, depends largely on the form of the disease and peculiarities of the manifestation of the rashes. Thus, atypical forms of the disease with the formation of lesions in the oral cavity, throat and internal organs are treated longer and occur with complications. That is why children suffering from chickenpox mild and without complications, recover faster that any comparison is not with the how long is chicken pox in adolescents suffering from longer, heavier and often with complications.
  • The age of the patient is of great importance. More than 60 percent of patients diagnosed in adulthood, the disease had complications and was noted for a prolonged period.
  • You also need to consider the immune system. Weakened immunity the disease will be brighter and harder to occur, and the time of recovery will have to wait longer than usual.
  • Should know: people who recover from chicken pox, but having a weakened immune system due to cancer, chemotherapy or chronic diseases, can be re-infected with this kind of herpes. These people are not more than 3%.

  • In the event of the accession of complications of the disease can last for a longer time.
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    In risk of disease a long and serious form of chickenpox include the following categories of people:

    • pregnant women who were not ill and have not been vaccinated (risks associated with serious abnormalities of the fetus);
    • newborns who were born from non-vaccinated mothers;
    • adults not vaccinated.

    The total duration of the disease

    Parents of the sick kid interested in not only how long is the chicken pox itself, but how much cannot be child led to the garden. About 10 days into chickenpox in children, how much time will be spent on the termination of the rash may differ and is 5-8 days. Recovery starts at the moment when will be new bubbles. Throughout the period, with the rash the patient is the source of the virus and can infect others.

    The duration of the disease in stages:

  • Latent period of the disease is 9-22 days.
  • Prodromal period, when there is General malaise and fever, but no rash – about one or two days.
  • Disease in the active phase with lesions – from three to ten days.
  • The healing process – about five days.
  • Severe form of the disease may last for three weeks, and the light passes in seven days. The quarantine is not less than ten days. Early in the disease is recommended bed rest. Severe forms are treated only in a hospital.

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